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THE FIGHTERS by xo_carola_xo
She's been ditched and hurt. But she's a fighter. He's the new fighter in town that got it bad for the girl. Do they get together? And if they do is it gonna be easy? O...
Fight Me by bubblygirl9721
Fight Meby Bri
Jessica Westlake is unknown, while Black Lightning is a famous underground street fighter. What most don't know is that they are the same person. After her mother dies...
Sakura by jimincherry
Sakuraby jimincherry
A 17-year-old girl who has been left alone by everyone. She is a girl with the ability to control all elements. Yes, she has superpowers. But that's not all. She is the...
His Ghetto Flower by IzzyRam
His Ghetto Flowerby <3 Izzy
Isabel has a hard time trusting anyone, especially guys. Seeing her mother go through relationship after relationship and how they treat her mom has made her think that...
Finding The Ace by Mhaz123
Finding The Aceby AZ
Scarlette Hartley was a normal 18 year old teenager, getting good grades in school, dating her brother's best friend and having the time of her life with her two best fr...
Fighter Chick by woahitsjackie
Fighter Chickby woahitsjackie
"Hey babe" "Fuck off" ------------------------------------ Roxy Burns, a.k.a Spotty Roxy is a chick who loves to fight. All she wants to do is gradu...
Geek With Three Men by raven_queen117
Geek With Three Menby raven_queen117
Her past, Her Present, Her future Three different people Three different important people Meet Alice your ordinary nerdy girl The girl who can't never pick a fight Wit...
Girl Fighter by HoneyBlossomx0x0x
Girl Fighterby Honey Blossom<3
I'm Alice and I'm pretty much alone in this hectic world besides my 2 pet ferrets. I learned how to fight at 12. Now I'm 17 and the top fighter and racer in the state! T...
Fighting The Infected by AWanderingGhost
Fighting The Infectedby Kat L.
Bex Weston has a choice to make. Fight for her life against the Infected or die. With everyone else being infected she only has a small group of survivors and fighters w...
The Girl Fighter  by sxrpreame_erxca
The Girl Fighter by sxrpreame_erxca
"Teach me Cole." I said. "I can't teach you Marley. You'll get hurt." He said. "Cole please." I said. I knew I would get hurt but it's the...
The Fighting Butterfly by shawnmendes-princess
The Fighting Butterflyby Keziah
She was like a monarch butterfly beautiful but fatal to hungry preditors. He was like Milkweed toxic to all but just beautiful enough that she couldn't stay away. He was...
Fight Me  <canceled> [Spin offs with creds welcome] by Coffee_filled_souls
Fight Me [Spin offs with creds -G.F.
New acc DastardlySoul is where i will be revising, editing and reposting my novels check that shit out. im starting with Hidden Behind an will move onto Fight me, BPFOF...
Tiger Lilly by Too-Gay-For-Santa-Fe
Tiger Lillyby Ace
Lilly is just your average girl. 5'7, brunette, stick straight hair, grey eyes, all that good stuff. She does well in school. The only thing different about her is she i...
On the Edge by Deweybunj
On the Edgeby P
The tattoo upon her back the last remainder of the memories that don't haunt her in her sleep. The memories before the fighting, before the struggles, before the death. ...
Perfect Partners by Hanzelll_ica
Perfect Partnersby haze.l
Life may be hard but its never the ending until you're truly happy.
The Portal by Motic_sea
The Portalby Lilacfire
Who knew life would change in just second's ? She was just a normal teenager living her normal life yesterday, but now she's fighting to save the world...
Mister Gray Eyes by Selena_Ramirezzz
Mister Gray Eyesby Selena Castanon
She was just your everyday girl. Long blue hair, green eyes, about 5'10. She worked in a small coffee shop in town. She lives with her mother, younger sister, and twin b...
Beauty in Disguise #wattys2018 by CPearl89
Beauty in Disguise #wattys2018by C
"Who are you?" the guy asked. "Why don't you look a littler closer?" I asked and his eyes immediately widened. "You are H-huntress, the a-assass...
Titled Hearts (Coming Soon) by IzzyRam
Titled Hearts (Coming Soon)by <3 Izzy
A boxing love story of a girl fighter who loves to fight and a boy trainer who hates the sport. She needs to fight. Will he help her prepare for the fight or will he ma...
Wolf Of Fire by OliveOtamz
Wolf Of Fireby OliveOtamz
People used to say that whoever beheld the darkness of the Alpha never stayed the same. The locals whispered amongst themselves that the aura he emitted was strong enoug...