Fight Me  <canceled> [Spin offs with creds welcome]

Fight Me <canceled> [Spin offs with creds welcome]

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-G.F. By Coffee_filled_souls Updated Aug 02, 2016

New acc DastardlySoul is where i will be revising, editing and reposting my novels check that shit out. im starting with Hidden Behind an will move onto Fight me, BPFOF and Strong

Jessica Westlake. Two words that basically meant nothing to any body.       

Black Lightning, the only girl underground street fighter that just happens to be the champion. Well known and feared.       

Theses two seemingly unrelated people are the same person.      

Well, until last year.   

 After her mother dies in a accident and leaves her 16 year old and a 1 year old baby boy.          

Now, a year later, Jessica just focusses studies and her job to keep a roof over her and her brother's head.        

But, Jessica soon finds herself getting involved with a notorious gang leader Clayton Marshal.                

At least that's what they say at school.    When she is forced to tutor the 'bad boy', what will happen?          

Well, her life spiraled out of control once she said those long lost words she hasn't said in to long.          

"Fight me."