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Coffee Beans //Todoroki x Male!ghoul!reader! by Briana_Cita
Coffee Beans //Todoroki x Male! Cita_
Todorkoi x Male Ghoul Reader ~~ Y/n was a happy child in till the pro hero came, burning his house down along with taking down his parents, not to mention CCG still afte...
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Reasons to Love Kuki Urie by superphantomjane
Reasons to Love Kuki Urieby Nico- chan
Dedicated to my bae, Kuki Urie. Requests are deeply appreciated.
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Grab It By the Throat (Abused Half-Ghoul x DxD) by Dracopyre321
Grab It By the Throat (Abused Dracopyre321
Y/N Kaneki. As a child, you were beaten senseless by your parents. You always cried out for help, but nobody came. Eventually, you were turned into... something else.
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What It Means to be a Hero (BNHA x Tokyo Ghoul) by Nerdwithnolife63
What It Means to be a Hero (BNHA Nerdwithnolife63
Kaneki gets transported to a different dimension with his dying friend Hide. A world filled to the brim with aspiring heroes. And villains. Will he find help in his time...
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f i x a t i o n {kankei ken x reader oneshots} by danatephil
f i x a t i o n {kankei ken x danatephil
kaneki ken x reader oneshots -includes kuro!kaneki shiro!kaneki & akaneki! -includes fluff, drabbles, smut/lemon, angst -requests open started 8.30.2016
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Tokyo Ghoul x Reader One Shots by stopshippingthings
Tokyo Ghoul x Reader One Shotsby Emi
One shots , mainly Fluff and Angst, written for several characters in TG! Said characters are: - Kaneki - Hide - Haise - Ayato - Nishiki - Arima Requests welcome!
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Kaneki's Little Sister (Ayato x Reader Fanfic)  by _xLilyx
Kaneki's Little Sister (Ayato x xLilyx
Well all know the story of Kaneki Ken, but what if our protagonist had a little sister? Even more so, she were to be involved with Ayato Kirishima. Follow the story as y...
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The Sister {Kaneki's Little Sister Sequel} by _xLilyx
The Sister {Kaneki's Little xLilyx
Sequel of Kaneki's Little Sister
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paint it red // haikyuu x tokyo ghoul by rottnfics
paint it red // haikyuu x tokyo jackson
the crows, the pair of ghouls who roamed an area near sendai. the binge-eater, an unnamed ghoul who was known prefecture over for constantly bingeing on human bodies. an...
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UtaxReader (OneShots) Tokyo Ghoul by PicachuWithAC
UtaxReader (OneShots) Tokyo Ghoulby Quite Lovely
"Loving someone else could just be the key to loving yourself." ________________________________________________ I do not own Tokyo Ghoul or any other characte...
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Ghoul | bts au by awkward_silence
Ghoul | bts auby hyunjin ☆
"You're shaking... I know when someone is afraid of me." Being a ghoul all your life, you want to connect with humans. Could these seven people change your out...
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Tangled Fates {Tokyo Ghoul/Seraph of the End} by -Glassy_Sky-
Tangled Fates {Tokyo Ghoul/ Glassy Sky
Kaneki Ken was taken from his parents by the Hyakuya Sect at the young age of five years old. Years later, he was transferred to Hyakuya Orphanage where he met Yu, Mika...
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Forever My Human Girl by stopshippingthings
Forever My Human Girlby Emi
Ayato Kirishima hated humans with a burning passion... Well, except a handful of them, one of which was you. Of course, he didn't like you right away which proves that K...
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Unravel [Dororo | Reader Insert | Book 1] by MaiOnmyoji
Unravel [Dororo | Reader Insert | 舞妓мaι-ѕan
《■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■》 Your life took a huge turn, you are a human that is slowly turning into a demon. You never wanted this fate at all but now you have to live with...
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Anime One Shots - Male Inserts by partywizard
Anime One Shots - Male Insertsby wendy
I've just fallen in love with you. what is your name, and please tell me you're gay?
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My Demon (Demon Yoongi X Reader) by 16Anime_Lover16
My Demon (Demon Yoongi X Reader)by 16Anime_Lover16
It all started when you where at a club for your friends birthday and made eye contact with the wrong person. You try to hate him, but deep down you loved him. (This sto...
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Hills by FantasticFlapjacks
Hillsby Female Lady
Izuku, Shinsou, and Eri find themselves in an unlikely predicament as two Pro Heroes take the three troublemakers to live with them.
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EGOiST (Ayato K x OC) by KotaKuraiyoru
EGOiST (Ayato K x OC)by Kota
When night falls in the 11th Ward of Tokyo, nothing can be hidden from Aogiri Tree; not even those that want to hide are safely concealed by the darkness. High-schooler...
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HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU | K. BAKUGO by detachedfrozenwaffle
Ishi Lee. She's not a hero, she's a fighter. To win, not protect. She's from below the Earth but she was gifted with the skies. WARNING: strong language potential sexual...
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Mad Hatter //Tokyo Ghoul// by Cursedhappiness
Mad Hatter //Tokyo Ghoul//by S A R A K I
"Mad Hatter, Mad Hatter, we all went mad." One of the most terrifying, maddest, and gruesome ghouls in the 20th ward, is the female ghoul herself, Mad Hatter. ...
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