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Coffee & Nerves (boyxboy) by wonderingwhyy
Coffee & Nerves (boyxboy)by Leah
NEW VERSION IS PUBLISHED "He squints his eyes at me with an intense glare that makes me squirm. I don't know if it's the intense pain in my shoulder or his stare, b...
!! First Girl !! by Blighttastic
!! First Girl !!by
A wlw story about a teenage girl who goes too ____high-school! where she has her first in person girlfriend. Contains smutt.
Not a normal teacher  by WickedIsNeverGood
Not a normal teacher by Wicked
|| AFTER ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM|| It has been many years since Koro-Sensei was killed by Nagisa Shiota. None of the students has really moved on from such a great teach...
Hymen [Yoonmin] by Ilove1D1237
Hymen [Yoonmin]by Ilove1D1237
"I want you to break my hymen." "Jimin, you do know men don't have hymen's, right?"
MY STRANGER DADDY by zawzaw1334
အမှောင်သီးသန့်သာပါမည်ဖြစ်သောကြောင့် အမှောင်ကြောက်သူများနှင့်၁၈+မုန်းသူများ မဖတ်ရန်လေးစားစွာပန်ကြားအပ်တာတယ်ဗျာ အဆဲစကားလုံးများ ရိုင်းစိုင်းစွာပါနိုင်သည်။ "Daddyကြော...
Bakudeku love  by its_bakudeku
Bakudeku love by bakudekufan_13
Au third year Bakugo and Izuku Bakugo has apologized for bullying Midoriya, and they have become friends, but as it turns out for one of them it's more than just a frien...
Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️ by Fr0gsSayHi
Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️by Fr0gsSayHi
{COMPLETED} Axel Miller is the smartest guy in school. Or well, he used to be. Ever since his parents left, everything's been going downhill. Jayden Williams, the school...
Forget Me, Not by DORWrites
Forget Me, Notby DD writes
Hey everyone! Welcome back! Please make sure to read the introduction! As normal this is purely a work of my imagination using character likeness. This is a no way shape...
Sunshine In The Moonlight [Dogday x Catnap] by Burntrapp
Sunshine In The Moonlight [ Catnap 🌙
Dogday's best friend, Catnap, has disappeared ever since he and the other critters graduated from Elementary to middle school. At this point, Dogday is in high school...
Out of the Shadows: A Solangelo Fanfiction by fandom-trashhhh
Out of the Shadows: A Solangelo Sammy <3
-COMPLETED- Nico di Angelo is stuck in the Infirmary for three days with a stubborn son of Apollo named Will Solace. Who knows what's going to happen? On the other hand...
Again || Banginho/Minchan by Febreze_Is_Tasty
Again || Banginho/Minchanby I LOVE UYU
minho and chan had been married for almost twenty years and had a cute and crazy family with four children... everything was going on normanlly (not really lol) until...
Spideypool (one shots) by myherokeith
Spideypool (one shots)by Dragneel
Because who doesn't love spideypool, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and crazy merc with a mouth Deadpool having fun and living life to the fullest. Fluff, smut...
Lost Souls (Huskerdust)  by TheMufinn
Lost Souls (Huskerdust) by don't even
Idk I'm sad so might as well put my sadness into doing something that will cause me to get made fun of if anyone found out. But whatever.
My Mate |Yoonmin|✔️ by Mai_Spring
My Mate |Yoonmin|✔️by Mai
Min Yoongi is secretely a werewolf who soon discovers who his mate is. But, how will he feel about his new discovery, seeing that his mate is also his band member? ...
The Light And The Darkness [Catnap x Dogday] by Burntrapp
The Light And The Darkness [ Catnap 🌙
This book is primarily fun shenanigans with Catnap and Dogday [the main focus] as well as some others such as Kickin and Bubba! Some connected, some aren't. All charact...
Ciel [Yoonmin] by Ilove1D1237
Ciel [Yoonmin]by Ilove1D1237
"Touching you is touching heaven. Even if you're the devil in a pretty package."
Rental [yoonmin] by Ilove1D1237
Rental [yoonmin]by Ilove1D1237
"How about I give you 50 and you give me a kiss on the cheek?" where yoongi uses an online website to create the ideal boyfriend which happens to be park jimin.
Exploring My Gay Side (TaeKook/Vkook) (Completed Short Story)  by CatNipplesCollector
Exploring My Gay Side (TaeKook/ Mo
"I broke our kiss and started working my way down his neck, as I pushed him back and climbed on top of him....." (Completed)
HINATABOWL (Yaoi Smuts) by Soraruuu14
HINATABOWL (Yaoi Smuts)by Soraruuu
A story about Haikyuu Characters having a crush on Hinata Shoyo and about him getting fcked and pass around by players, Hinata is being the best sl*t instead of being th...