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Apartment 239 by elfordalley
Apartment 239by elfordalley
Abe Barrett is surrounded by ghosts - some of them are even his roommates! But now Abe's visions show something dark coming, and it wants Abe dead. ...
Creepy Things Kids Say by Alphawolf_16
Creepy Things Kids Sayby Booklander
Welcome to the world of horror. P.S. BASED ON TRUE STORIES.
Identity V | Fictober 2019 by CheneyTYX
Identity V | Fictober 2019by CheneyTYX
Inktober but for writing! This entire thing is dedicated to Identity V and I apologise if I miss a few days! If y'all ever want to play, add me! EU server: AniconicTea ...
Bukowski's Broken Family Band by awglen
Bukowski's Broken Family Bandby A.W. Glen
Paranormal horror-comedy with heart. Manic rock musician Jaymie Brzezinski claims to have been born at the moment of Charles Bukowski's death. Now the mad poet-incarnat...
Creepypasta Facts by sorenisalivingmeme
Creepypasta Factsby Soren
You ever wander what your favorite Creepypastas do during their time? What their favorite things are? Do you know some things about them that others don't? Well, for tho...
Springtrap and Deliah Comic by SabriaWoodal
Springtrap and Deliah Comicby Sabbi_Boo_Wood264
This is the first story I have ever made ok, but i do not own these pictures ok so don't blame me. But I thank you for choosing to read this story, I appreciate it very...
Mansion del Torres by Donya_Liz
Mansion del Torresby Maria Elizia
Mansion del Torres Isang lugar na binabalot ng kababalaghan sa loob ng maraming taon. Sa pagdating ni Samantha sa Pueblo Rosaros lahat ay magbabago at ang mga sikretong...
ꅏꑾ꒒ꉓꄱꂵꑾ ꓅ꄱ ꓅ꃄꑾ ꉓ꒐ꋪꉓꌇꇘ (Countryhuman AU) by inkndrawsstudios
ꅏꑾ꒒ꉓꄱꂵꑾ ꓅ꄱ ꓅ꃄꑾ ꉓ꒐ꋪꉓꌇꇘ (Countryhuma...by ☾ιηк☾
Back in 1975 A mysterious man comes to a failing town promises of a business to restore the town former glory. All he ask for in turn is permission to build a business o...
Erma x OP!Child!Male Reader by NexusGanon
Erma x OP!Child!Male Readerby Jake Smith
Erma, the ghost child of the girl from The Ring and another guy (I don't know their names so if y'all can tell me I'll update this), goes to a normal school like every o...
Sokeefe High School AU by Fabulous_Penguin77
Sokeefe High School AUby LonelyPenguin
Sophie foster had never fit in, always moving from school to school, city to city, depressed from losing her parents, abusive foster parent and she didn't even fit in be...
ABANDONED | SKZ 00 Line by 𝐞𝐦𝐦𝐲.
❛❛We could've been playing fortnite right now instead of running for our lives but do you listen to me? No!❜❜ In which four "friends" have to spend th...
Bouquet Of Love -The One Shot Series  by HappyShelf16
Bouquet Of Love -The One Shot Seri...by AnuWrites
Hello to all my lovely readers, This is a special space for one shots.I'll post here some beautiful fiction stories of Jenshad, crossover stories written by me.All will...
The week my granny tried to kill me by DeathBirdofRing
The week my granny tried to kill meby Gloom Night Elegy
My own story (based on popular game "Granny") of the day the protagonist's granny kidnapped the protagonist, and of course the rest of the week when she tries...
Unknown: A Derek Hale Fanfiction by dahale
Unknown: A Derek Hale Fanfictionby dahale
Elizabeth Blake, an out-of-the-ordinary 19 year old girl travels across California looking for a new home. She had to go as far away as possible from Los Angelos. That's...
WARMTH by itswhotevah
WARMTHby Kim Joseph
A Girl, a Murder, and Twelve Dreadful Children by NerissaMcC
A Girl, a Murder, and Twelve Dread...by Nerissa McCormick
Dani O'Shannon has only one goal in life: she's going to write a book on Magical History. The twelve children who've invaded her home have other ideas. Then a girl is mu...
Horror Stories by JaleneArmstrong
Horror Storiesby Is'raell's Treasure
*Cue ominous voice* ⚠ W̶ͤ̓͂҉̞̻͇̯̫̻͎Á͖̪̣̪̼̟͈̙̲͛̚͘͝R̹͈̭̖͔̭̐̆̿͘Nͨͭ҉̣̻̥̲̘̞̝͜͝I̪̖͚̊̀̋̉̓ͣN̨̺̺̎ͯ͐̇G̑͐̓͟͏͖̭̱͡ͅ ⚠ NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED. MOST PEOPLE WHO HAVE READ THIS HAVE...
One more bite by Tatsu_Thedragon
One more biteby Tatsu_Thedragon
Yori is a 17 years old,she's smart,helpful,generous and a social girl who've been sent to the sakamaki's mension but instead of being their pray she became their freind...
Raising Magic by MelissaSpagnuolo
Raising Magicby Melissa Spagnuolo
Daughter of two very powerful magic wielders, Katima struggles to gain control over her own immense powers. But when a horrible accident and a spell gone awry threaten...
The Return I kth ff by Aergul_Celestia
The Return I kth ffby Aergul Celestia Darcy
Not so your usual fanfiction. To what extent, can you go for the survival? All glitter is really not gold. All of sudden when Liza had to face him, what would she do...