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Madam Sir Season 2_ff by madamsir_fan
Madam Sir Season 2_ffby
What if Madam sir had a next season.. I know we all been waiting for one for so long, so here is a fan made one... Story continued from season one ...
Arrange marriage turned into love.                Nonu (Nishchay)XNoni (Reader) by galaxymate
Arrange marriage turned into galaxymate
so this is for triggered army's a ff of triggered insaan urf live insaan urf nishchay malhan urf prerna di aur Abhishek bhaiya ke bhai female lead - yn (your name)
My hope by talialily05
My hopeby talialily05
(COMPLETED) Y/N just left for South Korea. not knowing what to expect however, after meeting a few special people (7 to be precise) things are bound to get more interes...
The New Boy // Taehyung FF // Completed by thatbitchishere
The New Boy // Taehyung FF // thatbitchishere
When a shy boy is new to a school and slowly falls in love with a normal school girl. <3 When a normal school girl gets a new boy in her class that'll change her life...
Will be mine?!!! by kalee89
Will be mine?!!!by ka lee
"I will keep supporting u, and always be with u,..."-Jeon jung kook "Kau tak layak berkawan dengan aku,..."-Park Young Ji "Oppa akan jaga Youngj...
Red Roses -Weak Hero Class 1 . by 148_Avocado
Red Roses -Weak Hero Class 1 .by 148_Avocado
Hwang Haerin An gorgeous innocent looking girl. But not everyone knows what she is capable of.. Si-eun x Female oc (both gender school) She is new at Byeoksan High schoo...
My Jealous Crush [KIM TAEHYUNG FF] by BTSmyBais
My Jealous Crush [KIM TAEHYUNG FF]by taebear.lover
[COMPLETED] It is a short story about a girl YN. The storyline is as suggested by the title in which her crush confessed his love out of jealousy. It is my first ff, so...
The Element Alpha's (Yoonmin) (BTS FF) (Werewolf) by chachisworks
The Element Alpha's (Yoonmin) ( ☾Ḻℐ✞ ☾Ḻℐ✞ ☾Ḻℐ✞
Don't touch what's mine or else you might get hurt real real bad because that's my property now if you'll excuse me I've got someone to catch with let's just say he's ge...
My Idol, My Man  by YoOnJisHUGEclit
My Idol, My Man by Namya
Kth= I still love you Y/n =but you betrayed me Kth=I am your man you can't do this with me Y/n = correction Mr Kim taehyung you were "my man my idol" But not...
friend || Haruto x reader✓ by bellyache_okioh
friend || Haruto x reader✓by ୨୧katt◡̈♡
Kim (y/n), 17 y/o student from Hanlim Arts High School meets new person while in hurried to go home after finished class duty. You can call it mysterious, unknown, out o...
Miyagi's Cafe by erinssz
Miyagi's Cafeby erinssz
(I suck at descriptions btw!!) Oikawa, Kenma, Sugawara, Komori, Nishinoya, and Hinata all start to live together, thanks to Kenma's family! Because of this, they have to...
CAPTURED  by thvbangtan301995
CAPTURED by @bangtan
In this cruel world many type of people live may be some are really good hearted and some dangerous an extremely dangerous creepiest scariest.... so what will happen whe...
Yet, I Love You! (Jimin FF) by Jiminsha5
Yet, I Love You! (Jimin FF)by ~jiminsha ♡
I opened my eyes immediately. "See you tonight" he kissed my hand. |This is my first fanfic. So, I really hope you all will enjoy reading it♡|
Dangerous Mafia's shy wife  by bts_fanfiction_99
Dangerous Mafia's shy wife by Ada
let me tell you first thing that this is my first ff so please like it 😭😭 now story there is a shy and innocent girl she is beautiful and sweet and cute and pretty an...
Married To My Bias { Jungkook FF } by SuvoDas5
Married To My Bias { Jungkook FF }by JULIA DAS
enjoy the story I bet u will love it and pls support...😍😍this is my first ever fanfic plssss supppoorrtttt😘😘😘😘
I Love You to the Point I Cannot Breath. by muqingsnumber1fan
I Love You to the Point I Cannot muqingsnumber1fan
This book is a Kazuscara( xiaoven if you squint ) fanfic if you don't like the ship please do not interact with this book as u will pass away from the ship u don't like...
The Playboy and the Nerd  by jungkook_shhii
The Playboy and the Nerd by 𝐲𝐞𝐞𝐞𝐭
Taehyung is a sweet little innocent 18 year old boy who loves to study, take walks around the park, and play with little kids. On the other hand, Jungkook is a mean 17 y...
Argument With You Cold Husband  by READ-MY-STORIES
Argument With You Cold Husband by Secret
When your husband is always busy with his office work. One day when you went out with your friend, your husband gets angry and shouts on you. Then you have Argument and...
Arrange Marriage by Aera_Writes_22
Arrange Marriageby mahitha baskar
Hello guys!!.....This is my first FF which is based on the arrange marriage between Taehyung and his wife and how they fell in love....hope you guys enojoy this...<333