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Stonebrook High School by CrystallizeFlower
Stonebrook High Schoolby Crystal Flower
Highest Rankings: #1 in lukesse #2 in jetra #1 in mcsm #4 in minecraftstorymode #122 in minecraft #71 in shipping (LOL) Thank you so much, everyone, fo...
Royalty: An MCSM Fan Fiction  by JordanLoomis
Royalty: An MCSM Fan Fiction by MCSMJesseFanGirl
What if Jesse was secretly a princess before she met Axel and Olivia? Everything was going great for the Order, the Portal Network problem now over with. There was noth...
MCSM: Ghost of Her Past [COMPLETED] by stardoesnthaveaname
MCSM: Ghost of Her Past [COMPLETED]by Heccin ree
Jesse can't sleep. While being haunted by nightmares of Reuben's death, and failing her friends, she is being hunted. She must now find a way to save the world before it...
MCSM - Reader Insert - Needs A Title by Fandom-Children-Life
MCSM - Reader Insert - Needs A Tit...by Hey it's Me!
It's all platonic. Reader is Gender Neutral so everyone can read it if they want.
Reflection by mcsmfangirl1
Reflectionby mcsmfangirl1
After defeating the admin the order goes their separate ways leaving Jesse in Beacon town. Jesse thought staying in Beacontown and helping her town recover was the right...
A Journey's Destiny by XxTheDarkBeatXx
A Journey's Destinyby
This story contains Jetra, Lukesse and light signs of Axel x Olivia Petra had gain feelings for Jesse during the Witherstorm incident, and when the storm was defeated sh...
I Was(a lukesse fanfic) by clementine103
I Was(a lukesse fanfic)by clementine103
Had Jesse chosen heads, she wouldn't have fallen down the stair case on her way to get the camera from the library. She wouldn't have hit her head hard enough to knock a...
Settling Down In BeaconTown by chloecaufield42
Settling Down In BeaconTownby chloe.kalopsia
Jesse stands at the edge of Beacon Town looking at Petra begin her journey on her own, but she knows she made the right decision as she turns to Lukas and smiles, 'settl...
From Past To Present [MC:SM] by _Mary_531_
From Past To Present [MC:SM]by Mary
It's been seven months since Jesse and Petra left for advetures but they decided to return in Beacontown for Christmas, where a surprise is waiting for them. But there i...
Will we ever see each other again? by XxTheDarkBeatXx
Will we ever see each other again?by
Jesse and her friends had everything they wanted. Treasure, fame, etc. But things change when she finds a picture of her with someone else from her childhood... Her twin...
MCSM Graduation Quotes by -jennarossity-
MCSM Graduation Quotesby Jenna Claire Ross
I've been inspired by some of the most hilarious and clever "high school graduation quotes" while looking up memes on Google. A lot of them sounded relatable t...
Beautiful Writings(A lukesse fanfic) by clementine103
Beautiful Writings(A lukesse fanfi...by clementine103
Screw first loves. Let's hear it for the second loves. The loves that taught you how to love again. The loves that taught you that you can recover. The loves that taught...
Far away from home by Jesse-the-reader
Far away from homeby Jesse-the-writer
This is Female Jessies backstory (Not official) Don't worry jessie will be alright in the end! with a true home. More in the first chapter
Jesstra Oneshots by Masterofair
Jesstra Oneshotsby Asher.Draws
I felt there was a lack of Jesstra content in the community so I decided to make this. Honestly I think Jesstra is the least popular of the four main Jesse ships. Let's...
Broken: A Collection of MCSM Fan Fictions by JordanLoomis
Broken: A Collection of MCSM Fan F...by MCSMJesseFanGirl
(First Wattpad Story, It's bad I know.) Jesse really didn't like Romeo. But what if it was something way more personal than you expected? Before she met her friends, she...
Minecraft Story Mode Oneshots by b1on1c-drop-trooper
Minecraft Story Mode Oneshotsby You Know the Music... Time to...
A book of oneshots and short stories for Minecraft Story Mode, featuring either romantic or platonic moments with different characters/ships. There won't be reader ins...
Visions 「A Romesse Fanfiction」[Finished] by FandomsAreMyFuel
Visions 「A Romesse Fanfiction」[Fin...by magic man
Visions. Visions of her and her loved one. Visions of joy. Visions of death. Visions to the ones who realize how lucky they truly are. Jesse finds herself in a dimension...
Forgetting and Forgiving (Minecraft Story Mode fan-fiction) by Sam2000_
Forgetting and Forgiving (Minecraf...by Sam2000_
(WARNING: This book is based off of an actual game named Minecraft Story Mode and does contain spoilers! If you haven't played and or watched Seasons 1 and 2 first then...
Wither Sickness by mcsmfangirl1
Wither Sicknessby mcsmfangirl1
What if Jesse gets wither sickness after she destroys the command block? Find out in this story. Will Jesse be able to overcome this sickness or will she never be the sa...
Another Lukesse one shots book (and Jetra) COMPLETED. REQUESTS CLOSED by Golden_Infinity_luv
Another Lukesse one shots book (an...by Golden_Infinity_luv
This is my first ever Wattpad book, hope you like it. Thank-you all SO much for giving this book a try! :D (Lukesse forever💖) Link to the cover: https://66.media.tumbl...