MCSM: Ghost of Her Past [COMPLETED]

MCSM: Ghost of Her Past [COMPLETED]

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the puns never die By X_EmLee_X Completed

Jesse can't sleep. While being haunted by nightmares of Reuben's death, and failing her friends, she is being hunted. She must now find a way to save the world before it's too late, even if it meant sacrificing her birthday and a well deserved day off.
     Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in other worlds. Harper and Ivor have been trying to repair Crown Mesa, but the town keeps getting destroyed by unknown forces. Ivor has his suspicions on who is causing the attacks. What do they want? What do Jesse and her friends have to do with it?
      When a secret society reveals themselves- a society meant to protect the world from this dangerous villain- Jesse is once again dragged into something she never had anything to do with in the first place. With a new adventure along the way, Petra, Lukas, Olivia and Axel must help Jesse complete her destiny. 

NOTE: Contains black haired female Jesse, some hinted Lukas x Jesse (but it is not main plot). I do not own MCSM or it's characters. I do own however, Amelia, the General, and a third guy who's name isn't mentioned

⭐️HUGE THANKS AND SHOUTOUT TO @RandlomFandlom for CREATING THE EPIC COVER FOR THIS STORY! They're awesome, so please check out their profile!⭐️


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RunePlays RunePlays May 31, 2017
This was so awesome @X_StarG4zer_X !!! I'll definitely be reading more!
ThatGamingKid45 ThatGamingKid45 Feb 18, 2017
I don't want to sound like a smarta** but.. It would technically be a potion of healing, not harming. Harming only works on monsters like creepers and spiders, not the undead like skeletons and zombies. 
                              Just a little Minecraft trivia that I wanted to share... 😅
WhyDoINeedAUsername4 WhyDoINeedAUsername4 Dec 24, 2016
Wow, I'm not really a big MCSM fan but this is really good. I'm planning on reading it all tonight so I'm sorry if I annoy you with notifications 😄
X_EmLee_X X_EmLee_X Dec 24, 2016
Lol thats fine as long as you're reading it! You're lucky because I just finished it today so you get to read it all at once!
MeltedCrayons14 MeltedCrayons14 Dec 10, 2016
I like your story! Details and descriptions. That's good. Keep up the good work.