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The Robber Knight's Love by RobThier
The Robber Knight's Loveby Robert Thier
Ayla has uncovered a terrible secret: the man she loves is in fact her worst enemy. As a mighty army gathers to destroy her and her people, she must ask herself: will he...
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The Robber Knight's Secret by RobThier
The Robber Knight's Secretby Robert Thier
The final battle for love, life and liberty has begun! Ayla has had to defend her people in the past, but this time, it is no mercenary rabble outside the gates of her c...
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The Robber Knight by RobThier
The Robber Knightby Robert Thier
When you are fighting for the freedom of your people, falling in love with your enemy is not a great idea. Or is it? Ayla has to defend her castle and her people all on...
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Minecraft Story Mode Jokes by Theredthunderwolf
Minecraft Story Mode Jokesby wose
Jokes about MCSM.What else? (Cover art by Random_Rengeki ((Hope I spelled that right))
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Falling by BreeBerrie
Fallingby Bree
Reuben dreams of a life that she can never have. Once upon a time she had it all - family, home and love. But now that's all gone and the only thing keeping her at it is...
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You Know You're a MCSM Fan When... by phoenixdrop__
You Know You're a MCSM Fan - ̗̀ har ̖́-
Basically everything a MCSM fangirl/fanboy does daily. XD Original Idea. Please give credit if you decide to recreate. All characters and plot belong to Telltale Games...
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A Dangerous Wish by YinYangHeart
A Dangerous Wishby 生きがい
Jesse is mourning about the loss of her best friend, Reuben. She wakes up in the middle of the night because of nightmares she has of Reuben. Even though she is happy wi...
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Summer Love: Before the Spark by mcsmfangirl1
Summer Love: Before the Sparkby mcsmfangirl1
Jesse, a misunderstood rebel, is reunited with an old friend that quickly changes her life. But her life is a huge mess and Highschool isn't making her life any easier...
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Regret [COMPLETED] by Petrafied101
Regret [COMPLETED]by deep in oblivion
A MCSM Fanfiction. Happiness emerges triumphant in the new Order of the Stone, or does it? All seems well for Jesse, who finds herself falling in love. But with whom? S...
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Trashy art that's good for the soul by cjs-arts
Trashy art that's good for the soulby Razzle dazzle
My art. average quality. (mostly mcsm)
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Revenge (Minecraft Story Mode) by DaphneBoyden
Revenge (Minecraft Story Mode)by Yuri-chan
All seem great for Jesse and the Order. They got home, Em joined the team, and Ivor is going on his first date with Harper! If you think that means everything's going to...
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MCSM One Shots  by Ultra_Serendipity
MCSM One Shots by Kitty Silver
Cover drawn by good friend: Fanfictional Warrior! <3 Gawd, Reuben and Jesse are so cute together! Look how happy they are together! Look at Reub's smile and happy cur...
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RecedingSerenity's Art Book by RecedingSerenity
RecedingSerenity's Art Bookby ✩Rise✩
Just a collection of my crappy artwork! Most of it is mcsm art, but I'll be uploading a lot of other things!
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Minecraft Story Mode Oneshots by DaphneBoyden
Minecraft Story Mode Oneshotsby Yuri-chan
Requests are open. Tell me which ships or something you want me to do.
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Love Is Trust (Minecraft Story Mode) by DaphneBoyden
Love Is Trust (Minecraft Story Yuri-chan
There can't be love without trust. Being trustworthy is all that matters. (A Jesstra Fanfic) This starts in episode 1 after Petra saved Jesse in the woods after finding...
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later | ryder mclaughlin by infatuuated
later | ryder mclaughlinby mar
(on hold)
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The Past (Minecraft Story Mode) by DaphneBoyden
The Past (Minecraft Story Mode)by Yuri-chan
After finding a new temple, Jesse found a treasure that belonged to her. That's when Jesse need to find out her past. While that's happening, Aiden and the Blaze Rods...
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The Aftermath  by actually_star
The Aftermath by the puns never die
"All that she could think of right now was that Reuben was gone, and it was all her fault." ••••• This story is basically what happened during that &quo...
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Minecraft: Story Mode - Aiden x Reader by EmilyDash_266
Minecraft: Story Mode - Aiden x Emily 🐳💜
You and your friends, Jesse, Olivia and Axel are face to face with your number one enemies: the Ocelots. But when disaster strikes, and Ivor, who scams someone out of a...
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Pieces Of Us - Minecraft Story Mode (Collab) by Ultra_Serendipity
Pieces Of Us - Minecraft Story Kitty Silver
--- Cover & all Chapter Banners are made by this Book's Co-writer: Fanfictional Warrior. ---- When Ivor unleashed a Wither Storm on top of everyone's head, it brought th...
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