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The Robber Knight's Love by RobThier
The Robber Knight's Loveby Robert Thier
Ayla has uncovered a terrible secret: the man she loves is in fact her worst enemy. As a mighty army gathers to destroy her and her people, she must ask herself: will he...
The Robber Knight by RobThier
The Robber Knightby Robert Thier
When you are fighting for the freedom of your people, falling in love with your enemy is not a great idea. Or is it? Ayla has to defend her castle and her people all on...
Nothing Built can Last Forever... But Your Imagination can by GAMGAM_23
Nothing Built can Last GAMFMX 23
You died and got reincarnated... Yes I know VERY original. (Minecraft Story Mode Fanfic) Minecraft is not mine Minecraft Story Mode is not mine Artwork is not mine The o...
The Robber Knight's Secret by RobThier
The Robber Knight's Secretby Robert Thier
The final battle for love, life and liberty has begun! Ayla has had to defend her people in the past, but this time, it is no mercenary rabble outside the gates of her c...
eleven men ⎪one woman con-artist, danny ocean, has recently been released from jail. he needs a team of brilliant cons, like himself, to pull off the biggest heist in La...
Regret [COMPLETED] by Petrafied101
Regret [COMPLETED]by jae
A MCSM Fanfiction. Happiness emerges triumphant in the new Order of the Stone, or does it? All seems well for Jesse, who finds herself falling in love. But with whom? S...
Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Episode 1-4 {Lukas x OC} by Crystal34345
Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Crystal Gem
*COMPLETED* "Nothing build can last forever. And every legend no matter how great, fades with time. With each passing year, more and more details are lost, until al...
Minecraft Story Mode- A New Evil by YangTheWarrior
Minecraft Story Mode- A New Evilby Yang
Its all over. The witherstorm is gone, the command block destroyed, and everything is back to the way it should be. The new order protects the world from everything the...
RecedingSerenity's Art Book by RecedingSerenity
RecedingSerenity's Art Bookby ✩Rise✩
Just a collection of my crappy artwork! Most of it is mcsm art, but I'll be uploading a lot of other things!
Tsunshine by SlippingSanityDTW
Tsunshineby SlippingSanityDTW
(A Minecraft: Story Mode retelling thing. I'm so sorry.) Jesse despises Lukas and his whole Ocelot gang with a firey passion of anger and vengeance. He can hardly look a...
Bearable (A Minecraft Story Mode Fanfic) {Completed} by Theredthunderwolf
Bearable (A Minecraft Story Mode wose
Cover art by Shimmer832 WARNING SPOILERS FOR MCSM! Bringing back the dead is impossible.Trying to is stupid. Believing you can is only a dream. "But we can," S...
When You Realise It's Real by Theredthunderwolf
When You Realise It's Realby wose
At first, I wasn't sure. I was there, then here. I thought I had eye problems. Then my best friend said he was seeing it, too. I punched a tree. Then I realised, it was...
Minecraft Story Mode Memes, Headcanons, Etc.  by sky_glimmer1
Minecraft Story Mode Memes, Glimmer
Because why not Notice: All of the pictures here are not mine and credits to the real owners of the picture. :D
the troubling sandwich situation by Fandomfrenzy625
the troubling sandwich situationby Fandomfrenzy625
what would ever happen if experiment 625 AKA Reuben was unable to create or eat his prize possessions (sandwiches)? How would he react? the answers lie within this book
Experiment 630 [Reuben x OC] by AllisonGeorge8
Experiment 630 [Reuben x OC]by Allison George
After many of adventures upon the islands of Kawaii. All six-hundred and twenty-five of Stitch's cousins, Jumba's illegal genetic experiments had been captured, turned f...
Summer Love: Before the Spark by Untold_Eulogy
Summer Love: Before the Sparkby Untold_Eulogy
Jesse, a misunderstood rebel, is reunited with an old friend that quickly changes her life. But her life is a huge mess and Highschool isn't making her life any easier...
Lilo & Stitch the Series: Season 3 by FluffyChocolate777
Lilo & Stitch the Series: Season 3by FluffyChocolate777
Lilo and Stitch are back at it again! Along with Jumba creating more experiments that are meant for good (sometimes bad... maybe not that bad, but naughty)! A new evil s...
Minecraft Story Mode Jokes by Theredthunderwolf
Minecraft Story Mode Jokesby wose
Jokes about MCSM.What else? (Cover art by Random_Rengeki ((Hope I spelled that right))
Taken Over by MCSMGamerGirl
Taken Overby MCSMGamerGirl
(This story takes place after Episode 8 and before Season 2 with some changes to the original story line) After returning home from the Portal Hallway, the gang return...