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The Robber Knight's Love by RobThier
The Robber Knight's Loveby Robert Thier
Ayla has uncovered a terrible secret: the man she loves is in fact her worst enemy. As a mighty army gathers to destroy her and her people, she must ask herself: will he...
The Robber Knight by RobThier
The Robber Knightby Robert Thier
When you are fighting for the freedom of your people, falling in love with your enemy is not a great idea. Or is it? Ayla has to defend her castle and her people all on...
The Robber Knight's Secret by RobThier
The Robber Knight's Secretby Robert Thier
The final battle for love, life and liberty has begun! Ayla has had to defend her people in the past, but this time, it is no mercenary rabble outside the gates of her c...
Mengejar Asmara by signaturecoffee
Mengejar Asmaraby LOVEGAZER
"Sampai kapan sih Ra, lo mau terlilit cinta masa lalu elo?" "Udah move on belum" atau "Nggak capek lo kayak gini terus?" Itulah ungkapan te...
Royalty: An MCSM Fan Fiction  by JordanLoomis
Royalty: An MCSM Fan Fiction by MCSMJesseFanGirl
What if Jesse was secretly a princess before she met Axel and Olivia? Everything was going great for the Order, the Portal Network problem now over with. There was noth...
Bearable (A Minecraft Story Mode Fanfic) {Completed} by Theredthunderwolf
Bearable (A Minecraft Story Mode wose
Cover art by Shimmer832 WARNING SPOILERS FOR MCSM! Bringing back the dead is impossible.Trying to is stupid. Believing you can is only a dream. "But we can," S...
Minecraft Story Mode: ASK OR DARE by MayanoTheRatMouse
Minecraft Story Mode: ASK OR DAREby ❄︎★𝕄𝕒𝕪𝕒𝕟𝕠★❄︎
i saw a few people doing this so why not? and yes... i am embarrassed to say this but the art is mine. i never shown it before. i hope you enjoy it..
When You Realise It's Real by Theredthunderwolf
When You Realise It's Realby wose
At first, I wasn't sure. I was there, then here. I thought I had eye problems. Then my best friend said he was seeing it, too. I punched a tree. Then I realised, it was...
Minecraft Story Mode Shorts by JordanLoomis
Minecraft Story Mode Shortsby MCSMJesseFanGirl
I Read Fanfictional Warrior's MCSM One Shots books and I loved it. So I thought it looked like fun and decided to try something like that. (Even though I will most like...
Wither Sickness by mcsmfangirl1
Wither Sicknessby mcsmfangirl1
What if Jesse gets wither sickness after she destroys the command block? Find out in this story. Will Jesse be able to overcome this sickness or will she never be the sa...
Revenge (Minecraft Story Mode) by DaphneBoyden
Revenge (Minecraft Story Mode)by Yuri-chan
All seem great for Jesse and the Order. They got home, Em joined the team, and Ivor is going on his first date with Harper! If you think that means everything's going to...
The Wolf Girl And The Changeling: A BeastBoyxReader Story by KaydenceGirl683
The Wolf Girl And The Kaydence Girl 683
One day while in the park, Beast Boy sees a hooded figure in a bush. Curious, he investigates... And meets a brown-furred, caramel-brown-eyed wolf girl in a black-and-cy...
The Aftermath  by actually_star
The Aftermath by Heccin ree
"All that she could think of right now was that Reuben was gone, and it was all her fault." ••••• This story is basically what happened during that &quo...
MCSM OneShots by MCSMFan123
MCSM OneShotsby MCSM Shipper
Read my trash!!!!! Mcsm Oneshots requests open 😂😋😣😉😌😊😲😝😒😧😵😶😨😬😑
Guardian (MCSM) by Jessicanightmarewolf
Guardian (MCSM)by Jessicanightmarewolf
Jessie wasn't special, sure he would one day beat the witherstorm and become a member of the Order of the Stone. Sure he would go through the portal hallway and beat man...
Innocence (Minecraft Story Mode) by DaphneBoyden
Innocence (Minecraft Story Mode)by Yuri-chan
Warning: Feels! This is a What If: What if Hadrain got the right Reuben? Then Jesse would know what to do now, in order to save her beloved piglet. When Jesse failed, an...
the troubling sandwich situation by amazingmagicgames12
the troubling sandwich situationby amazingmagicgames12
what would ever happen if experiment 625 AKA Reuben was unable to create or eat his prize possessions (sandwiches) ? How would he react ? the answers lies within this...
You Know You're a MCSM Fan When... by phoenixdrop__
You Know You're a MCSM Fan - ̗̀ har ̖́-
Basically everything a MCSM fangirl/fanboy does daily. XD Original Idea. Please give credit if you decide to recreate. All characters and plot belong to Telltale Games...
Minecraft Story Mode Jokes by Theredthunderwolf
Minecraft Story Mode Jokesby wose
Jokes about MCSM.What else? (Cover art by Random_Rengeki ((Hope I spelled that right))
When She Went To Them by YangTheWarrior
When She Went To Themby Yang
MCSM had finally released episode five, and a brand new fan had just bought the game. She was amazed by the great reviews, and excited when the opening screen came up...