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Book One: Order of the Pig (Lukas x Reader)  by OneArtsyGamer03
Book One: Order of the Pig (Lukas...by Sabrina (: ❤
Nothing built can last forever... And every Legend, no matter how great, fades with time. And stories change and grow until they are either forgotten, or halftruths. Sim...
Royalty: An MCSM Fan Fiction  by JordanLoomis
Royalty: An MCSM Fan Fiction by MCSMJesseFanGirl
What if Jesse was secretly a princess before she met Axel and Olivia? Everything was going great for the Order, the Portal Network problem now over with. There was noth...
Minecraft Story Mode X Reader One-Shots by _Wubby_Dubby_
Minecraft Story Mode X Reader One...by No longer in Service
Ahem. Welcome all fans, both boys and girls (mostly girls), to the Minecraft Story Mode X Reader One-Shots. I'll try to do all characters. I will do gender-bent characte...
MCSM: Ghost of Her Past [COMPLETED] by stardoesnthaveaname
MCSM: Ghost of Her Past [COMPLETED]by Heccin ree
Jesse can't sleep. While being haunted by nightmares of Reuben's death, and failing her friends, she is being hunted. She must now find a way to save the world before it...
Betrayed (MCSM) by Pikachu_MCSM
Betrayed (MCSM)by Pikachu_MCSM
Jesse is betrayed by the people he thought were his friends. Over time, Jesse has to forget his past and move on to bigger and better things. However, those people who b...
Together (A Lukesse story) by TheRealCuddlyFox
Together (A Lukesse story)by CuddlyFox
Lukas lives with his family, Lukas parents don't know hes gay. Till he met Jesse and he fell in love and wants to be with him forever. Jesse also loves Lukas but has to...
Minecraft Story Mode Season 3, Episode 2: Friends and Foes by CassieRoseYoutube
Minecraft Story Mode Season 3, Epi...by Cassie Rose Minecraft Story M...
Jesse gets a tip-off from a friend that one of the Youtubers is working with the villain Hit the Target. Can Jesse deduce who the Youtuber working with Hit the Target is...
Jesskas: A Block And A Hard Place [Discontinued] by kimthedragon
Jesskas: A Block And A Hard Place...by kimthedragon
Nobody asked but here it is! ----------- Lukas and Jesse had been together for a long time, and somehow managed to ceep it hidden. Now it's time for them to come out cle...
Minecraft Story Mode: Ask Or Dare! by ReaTheMinecraftGirl
Minecraft Story Mode: Ask Or Dare!by ReaTheMinecraftGirl
The MCSM crew is trapped with me >:3 MWAHAHA! Ask or Dare them!
MCSM Memes: Volume 1 by TRJennings
MCSM Memes: Volume 1by gβ⭐トミーくん
Best rating: [#50 in Random, 30/08/2017] Because why not? Got any suggestions for what the captions ought to be? Go ahead! Made using imgflip and my unbeatable skills at...
Don't Listen by J_is_Typing
Don't Listenby J
After they have defeated the Witherstorm, the new Order of the Stone finally return home. But nothing is as it seems. After some convincing from Lukas, they all go sear...
Processing... by Nix7303
Processing...by Nix7303
An episode 7 twist where Jesse has been chipped by P.A.M.A., leaving the rest of the Order to scramble without their friend, without his support. Things quickly get on s...
Wither Sickness by Untold_Eulogy
Wither Sicknessby Aka mcsmfangirl1
What if Jesse gets wither sickness after she destroys the command block? Find out in this story. Will Jesse be able to overcome this sickness or will she never be the sa...
The star crossed lovers-A lukesse story  by Soren_MCSM_TrashBag
The star crossed lovers-A lukesse...by It's Turtle time 🐢
Lukas has lovedJesse and doesn't know she loves him 2 but when the wither starts attacking there world what will happen? Injures and sickness happen and when think all i...
Bearable (A Minecraft Story Mode Fanfic) {Completed} by Theredthunderwolf
Bearable (A Minecraft Story Mode F...by wose
Cover art by Shimmer832 WARNING SPOILERS FOR MCSM! Bringing back the dead is impossible.Trying to is stupid. Believing you can is only a dream. "But we can," S...
Settling Down In BeaconTown by chloecaufield42
Settling Down In BeaconTownby chloe.kalopsia
Jesse stands at the edge of Beacon Town looking at Petra begin her journey on her own, but she knows she made the right decision as she turns to Lukas and smiles, 'settl...
Taken Over by MCSMGamerGirl
Taken Overby MCSMGamerGirl
(This story takes place after Episode 8 and before Season 2 with some changes to the original story line) After returning home from the Portal Hallway, the gang return...
The Final Adventure by NeverEndingFanfics
The Final Adventureby #Potato451
Its been almost ten years since The New Orders first adventure, and after they defeated the Admin, they all decided it was time for them to go their separate ways. Lukas...
MCSM X Reader Imagines & Scenarios by GhostNeon
MCSM X Reader Imagines & Scenariosby GhostNeon
(Requests are OPEN~!) Decided to dive back into MCSM after not playing it for a while and decided to take a crack at some imagines! I take any suggestions including NSFW...
Incorrect MCSM quotes by qqtaacontecendk
Incorrect MCSM quotesby Sla man
Idk, still love Minecraft Story Mode