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Save Me From Me (Jesstra) by RecedingSerenity
Save Me From Me (Jesstra)by ✩Rise✩
"Why can't it be you for once, Jesse?! Why can't you be the one suffering?!" As soon as those words left Petra's mouth, her own eyes widened. She's never said...
The Secrets Beneath the Lies (MCSM Fanfic) by FanfictionalWarrior
The Secrets Beneath the Lies (MCSM...by The Cliffhanger Queen
It's been two years since Jesse and Petra left Beacontown, to explore the great unknown. But when Jesse receives a message from Lukas, calling her back to Beacontown, sh...
Only for you. (Jetra fanfic) [Completed]  by Zctym33
Only for you. (Jetra fanfic) [Comp...by Zctym33
Everything happens during the episode 5 of the season 2. What if Jesse lost? What if the Admin won and, furious, kidnapped the hero? What if two friends got seperated, w...
MCSM: Drabbles 3 by ThatDeskInTheBack
MCSM: Drabbles 3by S
Because it's a trilogy.
Minecraft Story Mode Oneshots by DragonStarMusketeer
Minecraft Story Mode Oneshotsby DragonStarMusketeer
One shots of random stories or various ships. It may get very random, so you've been warned! My Otp is Jetra, but I also like Lukesse and Axlivia.
Something Lonesome About You (Hawkeye Pierce x Reader)  by AstralShadows
Something Lonesome About You (Hawk...by Evie Looshen
This is the story of a young, female doctor who goes to Korea to find her calling. She enlists and in put into the ranks of the 4077th M*A*S*H unit. There she will wor...
Love and War: Hawkeye Pierce X Reader by NicolePena1
Love and War: Hawkeye Pierce X Rea...by Nicole Pena
Fresh out of medical school, Captain Y/N L/N decided to enlist as a doctor in the hopes to help the wounded. After working at a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (or M*A*S*H...
Matt's Story [COMPLETED] by AlexTom123
Matt's Story [COMPLETED]by AlexTom123
Matt just wanted to be left alone. He hated everyone and everything and his life consisted of the same routine every single day. He liked it that way. That was until Kri...
My Art Book! 🍎by ❤️🌺❤️FatutiApples-Jesskas❤️�...
So this is just my Art book 📚 Digital and not digital...they are most MCSM Art!This will be the only art book and we be updated from time to time! 🕓 All drawn by me, F...
The Assassin's Curse by Jessesoftie
The Assassin's Curseby softie.andscene
"Her fingers... is that cobblestone?!" Following the events of MCSM: Season 2, legendary heroes Jesse and Petra race against time to find the cure to a strange...
Left Behind by mariosonicfan16
Left Behindby mariosonicfan16
A MC:SM story that I have written. This takes place after season 2, and is based on the ending where Romeo sacrificed himself. NOTES: This story might be heavy because i...
My favorite paw patrol ship  Skye x Chase by SubToSkeppyPls
My favorite paw patrol ship Skye...by wow im inactive like always :D
This story is about 11 pups named Marshall,Rubble,Chase,Rocky,Zuma,Skye,Everest,Tracker,Blazer,Gaby,And Storm. Skye and chase really like each other but they were too sc...
Forgetting and Forgiving (Minecraft Story Mode fan-fiction) by Sam2000_
Forgetting and Forgiving (Minecraf...by Sam2000_
(WARNING: This book is based off of an actual game named Minecraft Story Mode and does contain spoilers! If you haven't played and or watched Seasons 1 and 2 first then...
Minecraft Story Mode Season 3, Episode 1: Powerless by CassieRoseYoutube
Minecraft Story Mode Season 3, Epi...by Cassie Rose Minecraft Story M...
The day after Jesse and Romeo's battle at Terminal Space, Romeo is still trying to get over the loss of his powers. He's dragged to a party against his will, where he cr...
[MC:SM] Jetra Oneshots (Petra X M!Jesse) by RockStar_Foxy563
[MC:SM] Jetra Oneshots (Petra X M...by PST, I'M A NINJA!
Hi, foxes, it's my first oneshot book, so don't judge me c: Rules: -No lemons. (I SAID NO LEMONS!!!!!!!!) -I'm not taking F!Jesse x Petra requests, sorry. -Please enjoy...
Wolf in the Shadows (MCSM Fanfic - ON HOLD!) by Star-Raider
Wolf in the Shadows (MCSM Fanfic...by St⭐️R Raider⚔️
The world has become a much harder place for everyone. And one lonely, ordinary wolf, takes his first ever few steps into the world. When Jesse and friends saved the wor...
Blessed in Life and Death: A M*A*S*H Fanfiction by Materpc
Blessed in Life and Death: A M*A*S...by Materpc
A M*A*S*H short fanfiction: A new section of nurses have arrived at the M*A*S*H 4077 camp, among them is someone Captain Benjamin Pierce (aka Hawkeye) hasn't seen since...
Radar Fan Club (Minecraft Story Mode) by EmilyNeedsToGetALife
Radar Fan Club (Minecraft Story Mo...by emily, she/her
The Power Facility (Minecraft Story Mode) by DaphneBoyden
The Power Facility (Minecraft Stor...by Yuri-chan
What if: Jesse and the gang angered the Admin so much they are taken much farther than Cell Block X?... In a attempt to escape the Sunshine Institute, the Admin didn't f...
MCSM Petras secret: Part 1 Return of the white pumpkin by CrystalEmber
MCSM Petras secret: Part 1 Return...by CrystalEmber
Radar has disappeared. The new order gets involved in another murder mystery. And the white pumpkin is back! New friends, New enemies and more secrets.