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Alone to Family  by cutypie5
Alone to Family by cutypie5
This book is about how a lonely girl lives her life and how she gets a lovely family To know more peep into the story
Maanvi Gowda - an introverted girl with a dream to achieve so many things she has ever wished for. When all the people around her took advantage of her kindness and her...
Can I hold you  by personasmiles
Can I hold you by persona
Love story between a fashion college student and a young daring police officer . Let me play the story of Avni chaturvedula and Karthik Rao , a story between two people...
Innocent Crush  by AngelDemon2131
Innocent Crush by A&D
In a dark room a girl was watching something in her iPad at 2am without any worries, but she has work in the morning. What is she watching or whom is she watching is a m...
DCP Sir ❤ I Luv U by rainlilly27
DCP Sir ❤ I Luv Uby writer RB
Love story of College going girl and a Police officer. Let's peep into the story and witness the journey of their life. Ramchandra Yendamuri---Mythili Reddy.
Destiny United Us  by Shandy2416
Destiny United Us by Shraeya (previously known as...
*Short Story* Mirunalni, an orphan yearning for love masks an introverted nature to survive in this cruel society. She struggles hard in her life and finally secures a j...
Caught In The Cyclone Of Love (COMPLETED) by oratiousreader22
Caught In The Cyclone Of Love ( Devimanju Mohan
**** Sanjana is a lonely girl with a complicated past, for whom life is never easy. After facing a major tragedy she moves to London in hope of finding peace. But no-one...
Mending Hearts by the_precisian
Mending Heartsby Preciosa🤍
'Pleasure of love' lasts a moment. 'PAIN OF LOVE' lasts a lifetime. Would have he said yes if I asked him? Did he ever thought of loving me? Whatever the case maybe...
Thief of my heart by infiniteflames_99
Thief of my heartby infiniteflames_99
Book of Yuktha and Indratan (AMS#3) Yuktha: An ever charming and ever-smiling person. A Gynecologist by profession and always wears her heart on her sleeve. Just like a...
Desi Imagines by KoffeeAddict
Desi Imaginesby Miss Filmy
A complete desi imagines collection with each chapter celebrating a different story. ** Chap 1 ~~ Prabhas , Anushka Chap 2~~ Mahesh Babu, Samantha Chap 3~~ Nith...
Whispers from Beyond: The Haunting Gift by Moon2003Shadow
Whispers from Beyond: The Moonshadow
In "Whispers from Beyond: The Haunting Gift," delve into the gripping world of Bhairavi, a captivating female lead with an extraordinary ability to see ghosts...
Unexpected love  by Sriprada_6
Unexpected love by Sriprada_6
A story where james black ( a highschool student )suddenly move to south India from south Florida and falls in love with Trisha will she love him back? Will he get accus...
Angels Must Go Down by deepuveer
Angels Must Go Downby deepu veer
Anne finally gets a power to take revenge from local mafia lord Deepu. She gets these power by trading with the dark knight demon Kawan. But as days pass by she came to...
Dira FF HER BROMOUS LIFE Nuvvu nannu prēmistunnāvā lēdā by shanaya1526
Dira FF HER BROMOUS LIFE Nuvvu shanzʕ •̀ ω •́ ʔ
What would you do when you are expecting new blessing in your life and just found your husband cheating on you The same story happened with Diya yes she is elder to him...
love quotes by NikhilaNalukala
love quotesby Nikhila Nalukala
all types of love quotes available
Solo Trip - Excuse for an escape by RigDhamma
Solo Trip - Excuse for an escapeby RigDhamma
The story is of an 18-year-old kid, who decides to take a solo trip soon after entering university due to his epidemic anxiety and what that trip awaits for him complete...
A Mid Winter Night's Walk, With a Dead Man... by Thiruvanchiam
A Mid Winter Night's Walk, With Nirmal Kumar
A humorous and thought-provoking narrative, of a young man, being pulled into a series of interesting events, which occur during his travels, to take care of a hospitali...