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Just a game. (No Game No Life Sora x Shy! Reader) by DayDream103
Just a game. (No Game No Life Day Dream
This is a No Game No Life story. This is my first story please no hate...!!! This is a Sora x Shy reader and I imagined this in my head..
Hit and Run (BumbleBee x Reader) by Baba-Yayga
Hit and Run (BumbleBee x Reader)by Sam
When a simple run to the library in the rain goes wrong, the young woman known as, (F/n) gets a surprise of a lifetime.
The Billionaires Little Girl by Graywrites06_
The Billionaires Little Girlby Graywrites_
Y/n Stark the daughter of the Tony Stark. Y/n is like Tony being very smart but other than that they are completely different, Y/n is quiet, sweet, and humble. What hap...
𝑯𝒊𝒔 𝑷𝒓𝒆𝒚 - Yandere! Creeper X Shy! Reader by BrokeInGlass
𝑯𝒊𝒔 𝑷𝒓𝒆𝒚 - Yandere! BrokeInGlass
You've been running. All that you know to do is run. The Creepers behind you, watching you, waiting for you... Why, you ask? Because you're ...
Pirate Nurse ♡ ONE PIECE X Reader | UNDER HEAVY EDITING by luffyxtaro
Pirate Nurse ♡ ONE PIECE X xcsvz xcsvz
Shy!Reader x OP (slight yandere and will include others but *y/n's main interest is the ASL brothers* ^^) my first book ever so will have mistakes!!!!!! characters will...
That One Cute Marine ♡ LUFFY x shy!READER by luffyxtaro
That One Cute Marine ♡ LUFFY x xcsvz xcsvz
y/n is a marine working for the government. she's a rookie and is still very oblivious to many things, including pirates. "garp... where did you find this idiot?&q...
vulnerable ~ tom riddle  by strxwbxrrysweetheart
vulnerable ~ tom riddle by lia
the new fourth year sparked an interest that tom had never felt. he craved her every move, yearned to see her soft, innocent hand be held by his own, more sinister one...
Yang Xiao Long X Male Reader: Breaking the Shell by Super_Human456
Yang Xiao Long X Male Reader: Super Human456
After an unfortunate accident at Shade Academy, you were forced to move to Vale. Unknown to you however, this change would be for the best. Disclaimer: I do not own R...
Serendipity by kawaiikat7
Luck does not suit the fourth Matsuno brother well. At least, that's what he thought... This is a Ichimatsu x Shy!Reader [School AU] story I created from the support of...
Ciel x Shy! Reader. Lemon included. by LadyHylian
Ciel x Shy! Reader. Lemon LadyHylian
You are a shy maid who works for lizzie. But what happens when you meet Ciel?
Hell's Bells (Dante x Y/N) by Al3x_Estrella
Hell's Bells (Dante x Y/N)by Al3x_Estrella
⚠️I do not own the characters in this story. This is an AU fanfic of the Hell's Bells series on Tiktok by the user @Sea.Ya.Later⚠️ (for the cover I just grabbed the firs...
Blake Belladonna X Shy Male Reader by Super_Human456
Blake Belladonna X Shy Male Readerby Super Human456
Idea came from @dragothe What happens when a cat obsesses over one of the most shy and humble creatures in all of Beacon. We're about to find out. Disclaimer: I do no...
What Happened to You? {Bad Sanses x Abused!Child!Reader} by YourNekoNekoKneecaps
What Happened to You? {Bad YourNekoNekoKneecaps
You didn't live the best life. Scratch that, you had a MISERABLE life. Most of the time you either was hungry or in pain, but you couldn't understand. You were only 5 af...
Blind eyes (Donniexreader) COMPLETED!  by Nightmare_creeper
Blind eyes (Donniexreader) Nightmare_creeper
In a coma of 3 years, you finally wake up in a whole new world from what you last remember You meet April O'Neil, along with Casey Jones, you then meet four unlikely pe...
Ichimatsu/Choromatsu/Osomatsu X Reader (Mastuno Brothers x Reader) ♡♡ by nuggetpuff
Ichimatsu/Choromatsu/Osomatsu X Emmi chan
The cheeky Matsuno setuplets start using an app, plotting to seek ladies by exaggerating who they really are. That is soon ended by futile attempts and never getting any...
Supernatural x FtM/Male reader oneshots by SuperWhoLock_AKF
Supernatural x FtM/Male reader MishCon
Title explains everything. Hope you enjoy! [Highest ranking #1 in ftm and ftmreader]
Opposites| Komori x Fem!Reader by jeonginscheese
Opposites| Komori x Fem!Readerby jeonginscheese
When two people with opposite personalities fall in love. Kageyama Y/N, sister of Kageyama Tobio, transfers to Itachiyama Institute where she has multiple encounters wit...
Naj Au X Reader by LorainDuck
Naj Au X Readerby LorainDuck
Your a very pretty,kind and shy person. Your mom and Dad decided to transfer you to new school cause your old one was alot of fakers that only wanted to be your friend c...
MINE by 13586137902Rashi
MINEby perfect
what if wizard king had a daughter and every male is crazy about her dosnot matter if he is younger or older, let's see who she has her happy ending with This story is i...
Shy Soul !MyHeroAcademia X Male reader! by izukukurosaki0456
Shy Soul !MyHeroAcademia X Male Grim Eater
(Y/n) Is a shy 16 years old boy hoping to be the number one hero after his father and mother disappeared can this soft hearted teen make his way into UA that rhymes