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Visions by just_being_me_today
Visionsby Bekah
When Ezra has a vision directly before an important mission, things start to change, and Sabine starts to feel things towards him she can't--and isn't sure she wants to...
The Return by cianhandley1
The Returnby cianhandley1
After 5 long years of Ezra being out of her life, Sabine Wren prepares to go hunt down her missing friend however after such a long time she feels something a lot more t...
Best Friends Book 1: Falling For You[ON HOLD] by _UniqueFilipina_
Best Friends Book 1: Falling For - RM -
Ever since I'd met her, I knew there was something special about her. The thing is, she's....different. But I knew she would never even have the slightest interest in...
The Mandalorian way by ibirdnow
The Mandalorian wayby Ian the Birdman
When Thrawn attacked chopper base he was relentless, so few survived the attack there was no one left for the kyrkna. Out of the few who made it to their ships even fewe...
The Rough  Battles  ( Star Wars Rebels) by CODYARMY
The Rough Battles ( Star Wars CodyW7
The ghost crew has a new member they will be tested physically and mentally to survive the war, Love will be reborn for one in more than one way, they will each face dif...
Star Wars Rebels: Sanity's End by LeviBennett1
Star Wars Rebels: Sanity's Endby Deathwatch 427
Weirdmageddon has begun. With Bill Cipher in the realm of the living, it's up to the crew of the Ghost as well as their temporary allies to destroy him once and for all.
Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Dream Demon by LeviBennett1
Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Deathwatch 427
Eons ago, he was sealed. All traces to him were wiped from existence. Yet he made a prophecy that he would return and ravage the Galaxy again. Now the time is close at h...
Showdown with Maul by scorch5555
Showdown with Maulby ALPHA SCORCH62
sequel to Trapped on Lola Sayu. 3 months past since Ezra and Sabine were rescued from the Citadel. Ezra and Sabine were a couple but in secret because of the ongoing war...
Sabezra Oneshots by NatalieGeorge171
Sabezra Oneshotsby CaptainRex11
Hey guys! So as most of you know I wrote a book called the next chapter which is a sequel story to star wars Rebels. I am making a sequel to that but im still brainstorm...
For Better Or Worse - A Sebezra Story by jakegreenier1
For Better Or Worse - A Sebezra jakegreenier1
Erza Bridger. Lothrat, orphan, and Jedi Padawan. After joining the crew of the Ghost, Ezra began his training. Kanan always knew Ezra was gifted. But what happens wh...
Ezrabine/Sabezra vol 2 by NOVADAN99
Ezrabine/Sabezra vol 2by NOVADAN
This is the second in my series of volumes, we must read and earn of the shocking revelations of enemies once warned, as always there is hope for the future, and help in...
Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Different Worlds by SabineWren5
Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Sabine Wren
Sabezra Ezra is in love with Sabine but Sabine doesn't like how Ezra changed after she was with her family. Sabine likes Ezra but only as a good friend or brother. And t...
Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Future of Mandalore by SabineWren5
Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Future Sabine Wren
Some Sabezra moments. It's been years since the Empire destroy Chopper base. Kanan and Ezra trained much more than before. Hera was promoted to the leader of the Phoenix...
Return of an old friend by cianhandley1
Return of an old friendby cianhandley1
set 5 years after the season 4 finale of Star Wars Rebels where Sabine is now looking for her lost friend story completed
A new friend by Star-Wars-Dragons
A new friendby Fawn Bridger
A creature is shot down in the night on Yavin. Ezra finds the animal which is a Night Fury trapped in bounds. Ezra can't bring himself to kill him and sets him free. ...
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After ✔️ by lothcatwillow
After ✔️by ✨ Wil ✨
"I can't wait to come home." Sabine Wren knows that Ezra Bridger is counting on her to bring him back. With the help of Ahsoka Tano, that's what she's going to...
Love (Complete) by FullerK75
Love (Complete)by FullerK75
Ezra and Hera Start Dating After Sabine Rejects Ezra And Begin A Secret Relationship. How Long Can They Keep Their Relationship A Secret From The Rest Of The Crew. Find...
Sabezra Sex/Random story(complete Story) by SpartanLeader
Sabezra Sex/Random story( TheArbiter
Ezra x Sabine sex story or one shots. maybe some power rangers too or random thing's I don't know.
Ezbine forever by AshWriter19
Ezbine foreverby Ash Solo
Sabine and Ezra love each other and neither one knows it at first but over time, they realize it.