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Selly si recuperarea printesei by carolbearine
Selly si recuperarea printeseiby carolbearine
Mai bine citesti cartea ca e greu de explicat =)))
Transexualul din 5GANG by AnonimdinBucuresti
Transexualul din 5GANGby AnonimdinBucuresti
Secretul Dianei C. in decursul dezvaluirii sale socante.
Slightly tempered  by rkumii
Slightly tempered by lia
a Tempered man who slowly but surely falls inlove with a woman who despises him, but in the end she ends up falling for him too. ••• Rosé Ellis a 22 year old college st...
Smart Yet Naive by NightHowler912
Smart Yet Naiveby NightHowler912
Being the smart one in class isn't always easy. My bestie Nicole is living proof of that. Being neglected her whole life drove her to losing who she really is. Once, sh...
5GANG si Luiza by roxi1roxana
5GANG si Luizaby roxi1roxana
Luiza il uraste pe Selly
Trail of a soul by pmanoharan87
Trail of a soulby Soulmate
Trail of a soul leaves behind a bitter story which everyone ought to realize in their life.
αrcana// by Ssynth
αrcana//by Riot ‘χ
The exploitation of strong weapons didn't end at items alone. Those who wished to be strong reached for an ideal that wasn't ideal at all. For those who grew too strong...
The Assassin by CeanaKings
The Assassinby Ceana A. Kings
Violence and Death. The only prevalent idea in a person's mind under the law of Assassination. Love. The intangible notion that most being are aware of, but there are so...
Journal by bibliophilic_sam77
Journalby 𝕾𝖆𝖒𝖕𝖎𝖙𝖆 𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖆
Venting in Cursive. (A long abandoned collection.)
Broken by anu71292
Brokenby anu71292
A short poem about being exploited by your blood. Hope, despair, disgust, anguish all emotions at once. The feeling of inflicting self harm, blaming oneself for sufferin...
5GANGBANG by par-a-normal
5GANGBANGby semilunatic
Eu si Gami Os by cristianaKNastasia
Eu si Gami Osby cristianaKNastasia
Hey eu sunt Crystyna am 15 ani sunt fin București Cea ce este scris în aceasta carte este adevărat😂😍❤️ Citește și vei afla beby😂😍❤️
a hacker's story by antoenee
a hacker's storyby antoenee
in the city if Chicago a hacker goes on a journey to find revenge. Will he face certain doom or will he reach his goal?
5 gang by ANTONLUPAN1908
5 gangby ANTONLUPAN1908
Exploit by aka184
Exploitby Alex
Living in the year 2406, people 400 years ago believed life was going to get better...little did they know, that did not happen. The city that was once called New York i...
Siren by mrxegas
Sirenby -N
Nimue isn't your average mermaid. Well of course, she knows that. Being half human, half mermaid definitely doesn't put her in the category of average. But what happens...
He could hear voices by fatgoat21
He could hear voicesby FatGoat21
A very short narrative I wrote for school using the 'Show not Tell' technique about a person with schizophrenia but nobody believes him.