The Unit: Profiles by MiyHanStal
The Unit: Profilesby ミ☆
KBS's new idol rebooting project. Contestants' profiles, updates on the show and more! Highest Rank: #8 in Random 180213
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choke | park jihoon | by chanyoIk
choke | park jihoon |by jaena
where jihoon 'accidentally' sends a message to his fellow school mate and crush, jung chaeyeon #1 in dia #4 in yoojung #1 in chaeyeon #8 in daehwi
  • jihoon
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Meant To Be by chiielicious
Meant To Beby cil
No matter how impossible, unattainable, or unimaginable something may seem, if it's mean to be, it will be. meant to be. destined to exist. fated to be somet...
  • jaeyeon
  • ioi
  • romance
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Houseki no kuni one shots by GHouLexKiller
Houseki no kuni one shotsby I'm a mess
I won't take ocs x canon character I can take reader x oc of mine if curious I'm obsessed with the anime even if it's only one season so far. I'm sticking to characters...
  • bortz
  • landofthelustrous
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Youth Ent. {AF OPEN} by jinX_pdy
Youth Ent. {AF OPEN}by - ̗̀sᴀᴋᴜʀᴀ  ̖́-
YOUTH ENTERTAINMENT (청소년 엔터테인먼트) Is a South Korean label and Entertainment company established in 2010 by CEO Haru and CO-CEO Jae Hwa CO-CEO Chaemin.
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I never knew, it will be "You" by YouRiko31
I never knew, it will be "You"by Westdoor31
Watanabe You, a 2nd year student from Uranohoshi Girls' High School. A happy, energetic, always moving forward and supportive friend, is the most admirable student by he...
  • mari
  • watanabeyou
  • chika
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Pluviophile; Jaehyun Chaeyeon ✔ by haclouds
Pluviophile; Jaehyun Chaeyeon ✔by roro👼🏻
"if you love someone, let them go. If they returns, they were always be yours." © bleakpearl 2017 #141 in short story 29-4-17
  • jungkook
  • nct
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poco a poco ㅡ the unit by hangyulvevo
poco a poco ㅡ the unitby riri
a compilation of the unit fanfiction.
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Prohibited | Jun (U-Kiss/UNB) x Yebin (DIA/Uni.T) by kooyoon
Prohibited | Jun (U-Kiss/UNB) x Ye...by blackheart
He was holding her hand. Her small, warm hands. He didn't want to let go of this hand that he was holding right now. It all felt so right, but the stupid rules forbid th...
  • hojung
  • ukiss
  • unit
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Girl Group Reactions/imagines by twicemamapink
Girl Group Reactions/imaginesby SEA.4.LIFE
Doing a Reaction/Imagine! ( Request open ) Will be doing for the following groups: Blackpink Miss A DIA Pristin Gfriend RedVelvet Girls' Generation Twice Mamamoo Apink L...
  • girlsgeneration
  • eunha
  • blackpink
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Know Your Stars (Love Live School Idol Project and Love Live Sunshine Edition) by FlutterDashFan18
Know Your Stars (Love Live School...by km mk
Watch your favorite school idols get humiliated in the public eye when a disembodied voice says "true facts" (lies). This is basically a parody of "Know...
  • honoka
  • rin
  • yoshiko
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Diabolik Lovers x Reader: Angst, Lemons, And More! by SlyAngle66
Diabolik Lovers x Reader: Angst, L...by Lucinda A.
Like the other one this anime... changed my life! and I mean it! nope, still don't mean it. Hello! this is the second book to Diabolik Lovers x Reader Lemons, but I'm ad...
  • shin
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Rough by Liana_DS
Roughby Liana Dewinta Sari
Choi Yuna, seorang siswi yang tidak menonjol dari kelas 2-C, terkejut setengah mati begitu tahu dirinya menyabet peringkat pertama pada ujian kenaikan kelas tiga. Ia dan...
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Quotes by ayuweruningsih
Quotesby Ayyyxx_
quotes ini berdasarkan pemikiranku sendiri ,perasaanku sendiri dan masalaluku. #84 IN RANDOM (29/01/2018) #78 IN RANDOM (15/02/2018)
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FXCK IT ; ChaeKyul [PRIVATE] by Pikasquirtle
FXCK IT ; ChaeKyul [PRIVATE]by Hera Her
NC18+ OneShoot; ChaeKyul GS!Chaeyeon Sub!Kyulkyung /Jieqiong Pikasquirtle
  • genderswitch
  • ioi
  • chaekyul
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From Darkness to Light | James Kirk [2] by CrazyDreamGirl
From Darkness to Light | James Kir...by CrazyDreamGirl
MAJOR EDITING Dia and Kirk were back from the first adventure. Kirk and Dia were in a relationship, but that and everything else was going to change on the new adventur...
  • death
  • fiction
  • science
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always ; chaeyeon × jaehyun ✔ by taralanda
always ; chaeyeon × jaehyun ✔by firdanya hiatus
[Complete] Jung Chaeyeon ; Jung Jaehyun Ini cuma kisah kecil dari kehidupan sekolah Chaeyeon dan Jaehyun. Chaeyeon si primadona sekolah, dan Jaehyun si pangeran sekolah...
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Who Will I Choose!? |MusexReaderxAqours by YuriLover-senpai
Who Will I Choose!? |MusexReaderxA...by BEGONE THOT
Well this is my first time making a story so take easy on me now let go to the story You're just a new student from Otonizaka and you're a third year you thought you wil...
  • nico
  • nozomi
  • lovelive
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maps ; chaeyeon × jaehyun by taralanda
maps ; chaeyeon × jaehyunby firdanya hiatus
#1 Love Discover Series Jung Chaeyeon ; Jung Jaehyun Selama enam tahun belakangan ini, Jung Chaeyeon benar-benar merapatkan tekadnya untuk tidak menyukai seorang lelaki...
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  • jiho
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We Need Your Help(Rewritten) by Dean-9828
We Need Your Help(Rewritten)by Dean-9828
The aqous girls are in pure shambles no one is talking to anyone and no one has no idea this worries the headmaster(not mari) so she decides that she has to hire yuki to...
  • anime
  • ruby
  • aquas
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