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Exo Chatroom by SeokMyWoozi
Exo Chatroomby Jaeminie
Exo are baes and life. ♥♥♥ I am including Luhan, Kris and Tao since they were originally part of Exo. Luhan is my life ^.^
EXO Oneshots  by SweetLiesLove
EXO Oneshots by HoneyHun🐣
Will contain: Angst Smut Fluff Horror/Mystery
In A Relationship With Suho of Exo by thanks4dbrokenheart
In A Relationship With Suho of Exoby Close.
You called me a slut. Now why are you taking me back? © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart
The Star | KaiSoo (boyxboy) by tereselovlien
The Star | KaiSoo (boyxboy)by Terese Løvlien
These two males were drawn together just by following their dreams, and they didn't regret it one bit.
Fangirl - Exo Kai Fanfiction COMPLETED by joellecaroline
Fangirl - Exo Kai Fanfiction COMPL...by EXO KAI KIM JONG IN
Aria was sent to Seoul, South Korea together with her bestfriend, Ella as exchange students. They're big fans of Exo which surprisingly had an opportunity to meet them...
THE FEUD [ JISOO X EXO-M ] by sungrihyo
THE FEUD [ JISOO X EXO-M ]by sungrihyo
Kim Jisoo's mom married a businessman from China. Therefore, she was forced to move in Beijing and lived together with her soon-to-be brothers. Things went complicated w...
SHINee, EXO & SEVENTEEN One Shots {Closed} by Exo-rdinary17
SHINee, EXO & SEVENTEEN One Shots...by Jade T
Hey guys! I accept request but all the time! However, I do most of my imagines by order of the members, I don't do one member twice, back to back. But if you really want...
I Am That Idol's Babysitter( Completed) by xhanilace_khai
I Am That Idol's Babysitter( Compl...by Wife of Suho
EXO's dancing machine Kai was seriously injured in an accident. He was told that his injuries might affect his dancing even if it will heal. His loving mother asked one...
The Cassanova's Unwanted Wife by demonicprincess15
The Cassanova's Unwanted Wifeby Demonic princess
You thought that I'm a weak person but the truth is I'm more stronger than you. Try to mess with me and you will see hell.
Seducing LuHan (Exo Fanfic) by Yeolnee143
Seducing LuHan (Exo Fanfic)by Dayle Park.★
A girl named Apple was forced to marry a man named LuHan. Her mission is to seduce this man because LuHan's Mom thought that her son is a gay. Can Apple accomplished her...
Pain Love (Oh Sehun ff.) by Keii_Channy
Pain Love (Oh Sehun ff.)by Keii
In which SoYeon get's to arranged marriage with the most famous idol named Oh Sehun.. But will Sehun love her back like the way how Soyeon love him?.. While Soyeon knew...
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The Girl In The Glasses (EXO BAEKHYUN FANFIC) by vksujusnsd
The Girl In The Glasses (EXO BAEKH...by Vksujusnsd
Song Nani is just one of the typical nerds. But no one knew she was best friends with EXO's Byun Baekhyun- or that she was a trainee for SM Entertainment. But what if s...
EXO'S Bodyguard (COMPLETED) by MacRadioRebel_Kpop10
EXO'S Bodyguard (COMPLETED)by MacRadioRebel_Kpop10
A crazy ride with them... Can She SURVIVE? Or will she... DIE? ----------- Book 1: Exo's Bodyguard (COMPLETED) Book 2: Exo's Courting Their Ex-Bodyguard (Starting) First...
I Was Their First Snow(EXO X Reader) by AyraAkakurifu
I Was Their First Snow(EXO X Reade...by Ayra Akakurifu
Hmmmm.....This is a story about a reader who was loved by all twelve men, to them you were their first snow, first hope in happiness, first person who would come in thei...
EXO Sexy Imagines and Profiles  by mxrkmi
EXO Sexy Imagines and Profiles by Aemi
Your favorite biase(s) and you in bed. Plus, how they are with you...
EXO MEMES by exo_nescafe2001
EXO MEMESby khairun
This is my very first book. All memes were collect by me from my little dirty hands by screenshots, facebook, instagram and exo fandom app. Hehe. So all of this definet...
Fated to Love You (Chanyeol FF!)COMPLETED by Chanyeoli122
Fated to Love You (Chanyeol FF!)CO...by Kim YunSeo
Being a son of a father who never gave love nor attention is painful. Especially when he had been left all alone with him. The worst period of his life was when his belo...
Destined (EXO FANFICTION) by LoveStarHyerin
Destined (EXO FANFICTION)by audree
Kay is just an ordinary girl.. or so what you thought. Now that EXO comes into the story, her life gets harder. What will she do with these 12 dorks who are just followi...
Under the stars by jaetaime
Under the starsby jaetaime
Eun Ji is a transfer student who got enrolled into a new academy and start her school life. She met up with the school's most popular guy, Jeon Jung Kook and started to...
~The Royal Wolf~ EXO by Fartlord_rainbow
~The Royal Wolf~ EXOby Mai
A girl named Yoo Se Mi that is 16 years old. she grew inside an orphanage then when she was 12. she left the orphanage and lived alone. she doesn't know where her parent...