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Meet Me At the Gala/ n.a by mattsmarnss
Meet Me At the Gala/ n.aby mattsmarnss
Who thought living in the Upper East Side of New York was hard? When Blair Waldorf's childhood best friend: Raylen Gennings moves back to live with her supermodel mothe...
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A Proposta by rafsuede
A Propostaby rafaela
Chuck Bass é um talentoso ator mundialmente prestigiado, mas sua conduta pessoal está interferindo na vida profissional. Ele precisa urgentemente mudar a opinião pública...
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Hypnotic → Nate Archibald [1] by watermelonstyles-
Hypnotic → Nate Archibald [1]by ☆
❝ Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated ❞ [GOSSIP GIRL] [1x01 - 3x22]
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~The Royal Wolf~ EXO by Fartlord_rainbow
~The Royal Wolf~ EXOby Fartlord_rainbow
A girl named Yoo Se Mi that is 16 years old. she grew inside an orphanage then when she was 12. she left the orphanage and lived alone. she doesn't know where her parent...
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Aeipathy» C. Baizen [1] by rorydev
Aeipathy» C. Baizen [1]by SebastianHolland
"All great love stories end in heartbreak." "You can't keep dancing with the devil and asking why your still in hell." "You don't choose who you...
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Eventually → Nate Archibald [2] by watermelonstyles-
Eventually → Nate Archibald [2]by ☆
❝ But I know that I'll be happier and i know you will too ❞ [GOSSIP GIRL] [4x01 - TBA]
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™Playboy••Exo Sehun by jadaautumn
™Playboy••Exo Sehunby #ExoSavedMyEdges
Sehun is the most popular guy on campus and he could have any girl he desired. And one day a new student was welcomed into his class. She looked innocent and different f...
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What I See In You (BWWM) by AyitiCheri_26
What I See In You (BWWM)by Writer
Desiree is a nice sweet person. She faces challenges with dealing with family problems but manages to not let it faze her. After meeting Darius, she can't seem to know...
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message request iii • exo  by Deerbabolti
message request iii • exo by OSH
MESSAGE REQUEST 3 (THE LAST BOOK) Epistolary Story by Deerbabolti. ( read the book 1 and 2 before reading this if you dont want to be confused of my precious character...
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1} Crazy in love | Chuck Bass by justinstilinski
1} Crazy in love | Chuck Bassby justinstilinski
"Who he think he is? look at what you've done to me. But I still don't understand just how your love can do what no one else can." Roxy Delilah was always know...
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NOBODY LIKE YOU [N. ARCHIBALD] by direwolfnorth
ever since Arabella Humphrey and Nate Archibald bump into each other on the streets of Manhattan the two become fast friends which turns into a strong friendship which c...
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message request ii • exo  by Deerbabolti
message request ii • exo by OSH
Sequel of MESSAGE REQUEST. ©DEERBABOLTI #15 in Fanfiction 021718
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Roommates [Complete] by Princess_IDontCare
Roommates [Complete]by ᎪᏌᎡᎾᎡᎪ
"You're such a nerd!" "You're so fucking cute though..Ugh" "I love you toooo, now lets cuddle!~" "So innocent.
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EXO Oneshots & Imagines by kanghira
EXO Oneshots & Imaginesby Kang Hira
A collection of my EXO oneshot and imagines fanfics. Oneshot: ♥ Imagine: ♡ I'm still new in this so please comment so that I can improved. Some plot are taken from the...
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💜~Old Friends~💜 by LunaWolfstories
💜~Old Friends~💜by 🌙LunaMoone🌙
Cuco X Reader It's been years since you've last seen him. You find out that he has become a Musician of sorts in music that you think is tasteful. Will love spark? Maybe!
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Povs from @f.noah on tiktok by thisbihemptyyeeeet
Povs from @f.noah on tiktokby thisbihemptyyeeeet
these stories are based off of povs from @f.noah's tiktok! they aren't originally from me, make sure to go check him out! Enjoy!!
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Whimsical |Baekhyun X Reader| by FrozenSong335
Whimsical |Baekhyun X Reader|by Frozen
Y/N is a rude and different girl who was spotted by a new transferred student of her school Byun Baekhyun. Getting to know each other they find their secretes and pains...
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The Upper East Side (GOSSIP GIRL FANFICTION) by mrshxrrystyles
The Upper East Side (GOSSIP GIRL F...by baby g
When Quinn Van der Woodson Resurfaces On The Upper East Side. Who knows what secrets she will uncover. Breaking up Blair and Chuck? Maybe even going after nate. Will lil...
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Wolf Within -Wolf Within -Wolf Within Book 1- by xashphoenix
Wolf Within -Wolf Within -Wolf Wit...by xashphoenix
An unknown force is coming after exo and you. You have to train, become stronger and fight with exo to protect each other and your city from the evil power threatening i...
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i want it all - gg by waldcrf
i want it all - ggby 𝑠𝑒𝑙𝑒𝑛𝑒
GOSSIP GIRL IS BACK When lonely boy Dan Humphrey gave up his Gossip Girl website in turn for an honest life, Manhattan's elite thought they were rid of the prying eyes o...
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