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Angelica Nightingale:Enoch O'Connor by BlossomQueen420
Angelica Nightingale:Enoch O'Connorby BlossomQueen420
Good and evil Ying and Yang Light and dark Angel and devil One cannot live, without the other. And sometimes the devil isn't always bad. Sometimes the angel isn't alwa...
The Moon Fang Hero by Yatengami_Skullz_21
The Moon Fang Heroby 『ĐØ₥ł₦₳₮łØ₦』
A baby with no name lost his parents when he was born and raised by his parent's uncle and aunty. Eventually, he decided to took a name that his auntie heard from his mo...
I Am King  (Bleach Series X Male Reader) by MyNameIsChrisForSure
I Am King (Bleach Series X Male R...by MyNameIsChrisForSure
Y/N Is just a normal 16 year old boy from Karakura Town.... But not all is as it seems. The blood running through your veins has a great amount of power in it, and with...
Insanity of Betrayal by Fangirlhime
Insanity of Betrayalby Fangirlhime
"You think five years isn't enough time to change your personality? Well think again. It just takes something small, and then the very people you helped climb the...
The First by knightmere253
The Firstby knightmere253
Hollowfication, it was a experiment performed by the 13th division of the court guard squads that heads R&D. The purpose of the experiment was to breach the gap between...
𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖍𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖔 by Batjumpie
𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖍𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖔by SithObito
Izuku Midoriya was born with a strange and powerfull Quirk, which made his life change completely. Suffering inside but showing no emotion, still wanting to prove the w...
Unexpected destiny( Fairy tail × Bleach) by Kay_Yuno
Unexpected destiny( Fairy tail × B...by Yuno H.
Koori Schiffer, younger sister of Ulquiorra Schiffer, was killed and sent to another world by Sosuke Aizen, leader of the Arrancar army. She was an espada, number 4 to b...
The Small Mistake (Bleach Fanfic) by colorqueen22
The Small Mistake (Bleach Fanfic)by colorqueen22
Ichigo died when him and his mother got attacked by Grand Fisher. His family was devastated by their loss. Ichigo though was lost he didn't know what to do but after his...
bleach x male arrancar (Hiatus) by brown_beef
bleach x male arrancar (Hiatus)by brown_beef
a vasto Lorde walks alone throw Hueco Mundo looking for some where to belong. also I don't own bleach or any of the pictures i use
Hollowed Soul by scrletfyre
Hollowed Soulby Elizabeth Vounce
Ichigo Kurosaki had died the night that Gran Fisher attacked him becoming something inhuman. Ichigo is taught by his father Isshin Kurosaki and Kisuke Uharara what he ha...
Yureru Soul Society by KuroshiXIII
Yureru Soul Societyby Serenity Grey
Kazega Kuroshi is the lieutenant of the 13th squad, he is a mysterious guy and almost no one know how strong he is. One day his underling, Kuchiki Rukia went to a missio...
Just One Word?  by Amber_Sweets
Just One Word? by Amber_Sweets
Y/n was different than everyone else in her town in Wales. After a certain event happened, she soon turned selectively mute. When y/n eventually found the loop, Miss Per...
Hollow Knight Oneshots/Scenarios (Currently on Hiatus/Hold) by Ravenpoint
Hollow Knight Oneshots/Scenarios (...by A Random Ace
I like this fandom. - v -. There will probably be fluffs, skits, ships, sibling bonding, x reader, etc. I need more oneshots. So I am adding to it myself. :)
A Hollow With A Heart. DxD by ZBX6779
A Hollow With A Heart. DxDby ZX
Rias tells Issei the truth about everything by mistake because he was afraid to confess. He flies away and encountered a hollow, it bit him. What will happen to him now?
All I Want by allijuana15
Rory Gilmore grew up in a loving , happy, middle class home with her mom Lorelai in the quaint town of Stars Hollow. Tristan Dugray grew up lonely, unhappy and rich as...
Strange Worlds [Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children] Enoch O'Connor by Isle-Of-The-Lost
Strange Worlds [Miss Peregrine's H...by ashley
What if Jacob Portman was born a twin. A twin which was stronger than him in both peculiar and physical ways. Join Sophia Portman along with her twin Jacob through a sto...
Hollow Knight Lord of Shades  by Matthew653505
Hollow Knight Lord of Shades by Matthew653505
This takes place after the embrace the void ending, and shows you the story of what happened after the death of the radiance, and shows us the birth of a new god, and a...
The Black Wolf of Death (HIghschool DxD X Maliketh reader) by secret_nine10
The Black Wolf of Death (HIghschoo...by SomeguythatWrites
"I Malikath am the protector of death I am the Kannushi of Izanami-sama..... .......yet I am alone in this shrine that I protect, alone in my mission, and alone at...
The Ex-captain's return (bleach harem x futa ex-captain reader) by Jaxread
The Ex-captain's return (bleach ha...by Jaxread
(A/N: I love bleach and I went passed the bount arc, and I did a lot of work on this one I made my own character for this one and the looks for this one and zapokto, exc...
ICY EYES. by SiriuslyStilinski
Logan Huntzberger. Playboy enthusiast, life and death brigade participant, witty banter activist, left winged political idealist, heir to the Huntzberger newspaper emp...