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Nothing But Trouble by grouchyqueen
Nothing But Troubleby grouchyqueen
Blake Ren simply wishes to get her senior year of high school over and done with. She's never particularly cared for the education system; perhaps that's why she's hardl...
Falling Apart, Barely Breathing by Bobbiejelly
Falling Apart, Barely Breathingby bobbiejelly
In Which Addison meets Meredith in a bar. Things spiral from there.
PSYCHO ― John B. Routledge ✓ by cIeopatras
PSYCHO ― John B. Routledge ✓by ☾ ⋆* inactive-ish
❝ sure thing, norman bates ❞ ❝ oh, fuck off, you pogue ❞ JOHN B x MALE!OC OBX SEASON ONE Cover by @brieIarson!
Chasing Butterflies by Bobbiejelly
Chasing Butterfliesby bobbiejelly
Of all the sights Meredith Grey will see in her lifetime, the one she has least expected is THE Doctor Addison Forbes Montgomery, legs wide and eyes closed her hand movi...
Bubble by Bobbiejelly
Bubbleby bobbiejelly
Addison Forbes Montgomery is trapped for 28 days with only Meredith Grey in her house in Seattle. Will they stay enemies? Will they become friends? Will they become 'mor...
And I ache [Zadr] by plushdolll
And I ache [Zadr]by hii
[aged up characters! They're in high school] Dib is growing up and he's beginning to realize many things- such as how chasing Zim is no longer something he wants to do...
Paper fans and lavenders by Kitaoblaze
Paper fans and lavendersby Kitaoblaze
Sasuke Uchiha, 17, rich and popular; who can get away with not giving a damn about anything. Hyuga Hinata, the gentle yet confident Heiress; who's moved back home after...
We Meet Again by dreckigeskinderiegel
We Meet Againby ❝ I'm gonna stab you with a M...
[GxG] Kayla and Isabella are enemies. Ever since they first met in high school, they'd hated each other. But what if that wasn't always the case? What if they knew each...
Sex With A Ghost. [PurpleMike] by casualbananablaze
Sex With A Ghost. [PurpleMike]by Vincent
Two old friends reunite underneath the rising sun, or more likely called a dayshift, six weeks of the exact same routine ends with both men stuck together, in more ways...
PLAYLIST || TsukiKage  by 8starrr
PLAYLIST || TsukiKage by Remy
This is one of my favorite rare ships so this is going to be fun. There will be angst but the right amount 😈‼️ also let me know if there is anything cringe because I'lo...
NICKNAMES, sambucky by wintcrfalcon
NICKNAMES, sambuckyby liya
it first started as a joke. it was supposed to be some dumb nicknames to tease and rile each other up during their typical banter. so how did things escalate to this poi...
Smile for the Camera || Morishige x Yoshiki by NoBetaWeShipLikeMen
Smile for the Camera || Morishige...by No Beta, We Ship Like MEN!
What if Yoshiki and Morishige had ended up in a closed space alone together... Or are they truly alone? A reimagined version of Corpse Party: Blood Covered, where Yoshik...
Don't mind if I keep your tie (and your heart babe) by _BeccaMae
Don't mind if I keep your tie (and...by Rebekah Alderson
The Eighth year common room has a parrot in it, courtesy of McGonagall and her mad search for interhouse bonding. Most of the time, it's just there, until one day it rep...
Desire - Isaac Lahey ¹ by 28habits_
Desire - Isaac Lahey ¹by depressed but well dressed
❝I won't hurt you❞ ❝Well, I won't hesitate to hurt you❞ Other than her friends, Florence Martin has always known about the supernatural in Beacon Hills due to growing up...
Dance with the Devil.  by NuggetsNotDruggets
Dance with the Devil. by Otto Fritz Young
Theo's the prince of heaven. When he's forced by his father to marry the Prince of hell, Dusk, he figures he's in for a life of misery. Though maybe it isn't so bad.
Broken Mask And Fun Band-Aids (Oc x Hunter) by judraw9
Broken Mask And Fun Band-Aids (Oc...by Judraw
"Leave me alone! I'm not joining any coven!" The witch shouted as they were being dragged by one of the big guards. "You have to follow the Emperor's law...
Transparent Soul (Bakugou X OC) by JessTheMess25
Transparent Soul (Bakugou X OC)by JessTheMess25
"So uh.. you can't stand me, I assume?" Silence. "I can't stand most people, so what's your point here?" "My point is- wait..come again?"...
Hymn of the High Seas by marchchildd
Hymn of the High Seasby marchchildd
Sirens, creatures that sing men to their deaths at the bottom of the sea. Jung Wooyoung, after joining the Aglaea's pirate crew, expected terror in the form of screaming...
The Most Impossible Soulbond by StellaStarMagic
The Most Impossible Soulbondby StellaStarMagic
Being rescued from a horde of Dementors by Gryffindor's resident hero Harry Potter was all good and well until Pansy Parkinson had to suffer the direst consequence of th...
Worlds collide by Tntgoal24
Worlds collideby teso
Inspired by a pin I saw. Alexandria Marie Thammavong uses her bedroom window to get away from the messed up reality she lives in. She can climb out of her window and si...