Fake It | ✔️

Fake It | ✔️

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Fallon Elizabeth By BornToWrite47 Completed

Sugar McKenzie has a loving, weird family and friend. 

Twenty-four years old, she searches over the internet after a long day at her full-time paramedic job. You know the usual FaceBook stalking, checking out what her "friends" are doing. 

Dates. Concerts. Marriage. Children. 
All the "milestones," that everyone experiences, but Sugar hasn't. 

Lonely, she does the unthinkable. She opens her heart up. She goes to online dating. 

Multiple identities: Oliver, Leo, Sebastian, and many more. Women are at his disposal. His dashing smile displays on their computer screens, wins over women's hearts and a few men. He gives thanks to social media for the easy access to making new accounts.

August Wakefield is his real name. He is best know for being the fourth place winner of a reality television show: Champion. He indulges into small projects like commercials. That's not enough.   He takes a whole year diving into online dating. 

Then he meets Sugar. 

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