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The Ants that Carried Us by minahava
The Ants that Carried Usby minahava
✵2019 Watty Winner! ✵ They say that the two things Shah Minos loves most are fire and spies, but what he actually loves most is order. Even if it is maintained through t...
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The Silent City Of Sound by CelinaAurum
The Silent City Of Soundby CelinaAurum
Ivory Canary has been living alone, since her mom died in a freak explosion at her work. Dodging social services and stealing to pay the rent have become a daily routine...
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The Hidden City  by carrot1998
The Hidden City by Carrot
Five teenagers who have never met before, trying to find out why they can do strange things, and make completely insane, crazy things happen. These five teenagers finall...
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The Blindfolded Move by Bing101
The Blindfolded Moveby Bing101
Elle and Belle were the trouble children of their neighborhood. After being sent off to summer camp, they come back home to find their houses empty. They are put on a pl...
The Soulless by jazzintas
The Soullessby jazzintas
When Tala's mother died to save her she escaped to the city called Aramoor down a flight of stairs hidden in her house. But when the Soulless, the creatures that killed...
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The Irony of Hope by maithalbusaidi
The Irony of Hopeby maithalbusaidi
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The Concealed world by Radfantasy20
The Concealed worldby radhika gawande
Maria is lonely and full of despair when she is shifted to a new city. Her house is considered haunted and she considered weird. This life was nothing compared to her ea...
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Buried by entheosel
Buriedby April
Elle isn't like a usual person. Not because she is different, but because the time she lives in is evil. Her and her friends try to fight back against the wicked governm...
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The house in the hills by dexterdykrataigos
The house in the hillsby dexterdy Krataigos
An old man in the distance slowly walked over the small path in between two hills that was engraved into the green carpet over the years. His clothes were dirty and his...
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Odyssey: Black Dawn by ThatOneGuy98
Odyssey: Black Dawnby Brandon Lee Camacho
After an unexpected space trip goes horribly wrong, Tyler Scorch wakes up in an I know planet. His mission is to survive long enough to be rescued by an incoming mission...
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Guardian of Wolves by TessaReneeSue
Guardian of Wolvesby Graphics Artist - Ashley John...
"This needs to stay between us my brother and mate." I said. He nodded. "I don't know how to explain it very well but things have been happening to m...
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A Hidden World by Mixella_
A Hidden Worldby Mixella_
When Clara Josefina, a world known Cellist, finds out that she is the heir to the throne of Darneschowitskin, a hidden, magical country, she has to learn how to be prope...
EGORItH: Book 1 by lordkai1234
EGORItH: Book 1by Musa Twabi
Villa is a city like any other in Africa, or atleast it is till a certain boy discovers it is not. One day, fate plays the tricks it always does and Wez comes face to fa...
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Underground by BlackNWhitePolaroid
Undergroundby BlackNWhitePolaroid
Nobody said life would be easy, but least it can do is not bite me in the butt everytime I try and fight the odds. All wanted was to stay out of trouble, but certain cyn...
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