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The Wife of the Wealthy Family is Fierce and Cute by Nisha_Inferno
The Wife of the Wealthy Family Nisha_Inferno
Title: The Wife of the Wealthy family is fierce and cute by Snowy Years A woman from ancient times falls in love with her soulmate. Chu Luo is the most powerful High Pri...
Married the Scum Gong's Villain Brother by AbbyKayeSabanilla
Married the Scum Gong's Villain HeartStruck
Title: 嫁给渣攻的反派哥哥[穿书] Author: 管紅衣 This story is not mine. This is for offline purposes only. This is just an MTL translation, I did not translate this on my own. The prot...
I Just Want To Freeload On Your Luck by wisteria707
I Just Want To Freeload On Your K
Not mine.(Completed) Author : Ming Gui Zai Jiu #Credit to author and translator. (This is my favorite all the time. My inner self : Male lead is too cute, makes me want...
The Rich Ex-Husband Cries and Begs to Remarry by jb4002
The Rich Ex-Husband Cries and JB
THIS ISN'T MY STORY! I POSTED THIS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES Also not my translation! Source: MTLNovel ~~~~~~~ Novel Summary Ruan Tian had been in love with Shen Shu...
I Am Not Fit to Be the Male Lead's First Love by readnovelsallday
I Am Not Fit to Be the Male Lead' GOGO
Only after Chu Yin died did she realize her character was the first love of the male lead in a novel. The stubborn male lead fell in love with her at first sight when he...
Vicious Male Counterpart Isn't Competing Anymore by Qwinesty
Vicious Male Counterpart Isn't Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
Before he was reborn, Yan Hao never understood why his parents always favoured his younger brother, giving him all the goodies and not getting any attention no matter wh...
System: Change the fate by Nisha_lucy
System: Change the fateby LUCY
Adria Campbell had everything in her life. Her family pampered her. She really had everything that she wanted except a BOYFRIEND.There were many proposals... BUT No one...
reborn to dominate the Entertainment industry bl by koukou1234567
reborn to dominate the koukou1234567
Cao Dingkun fought for half his life and won success at the expense of his youth. Unfortunately, he lost his love life when his lover cheated on him with his friend who...
Quick Transmigration: System Let's Attack! by xangel77
Quick Transmigration: System Let' Sunshines🌻
꧁Join Zavi and her system Xian ,as they travel the world of novels and change its stupid plot. As a certain guy keeps following her every world she goes to. --- Arc 1:H...
Eldest Sister, Why Haven't You Married Yet   by MarygraceDumasis
Eldest Sister, Why Haven't You MGMG
Once transmigrated she entered a fire pit. Yue You Jin as the eldest daughter of the second branch was adorned with a bunch of younger sisters. Her strong soul however d...
Hello, Wife! by Xxiant
Hello, Wife!by X
Photo and Story Not Mine - for offline reading purposes only. Credits to the rightful owner He was confused, so he asked, "I have a car, a house, good looks, and mo...
All-Round Mid Laner by mOOnLight_0129
All-Round Mid Lanerby Marjorie Mendoza
--- This is not my story nor translation. This is for my offline reading purposes only. PLEASE DON'T VOTE --- After waking from a car accident, professional e-sports pla...
The Job Of An Imperial Concubine  by MoumitaMouly
The Job Of An Imperial Concubine by Moumita Roy Mouly
credit: original author & translator. Hi guys, As you know this is not my own novel, so please don't vote . because I have recently learned that it can cause the nove...
I Matched 100% with Six Alphas by Azuusan
I Matched 100% with Six Alphasby 𝕬𝖟𝖚
The story and translations does not belong to me. I uploaded it for offline reading purposes only. Description: Qin Yi was born an omega, but his pheromones could not at...
Eight Treasures Trousseau by MissIcycel
Eight Treasures Trousseauby りムㅆ乇
Everyone in the City of Jing thinks that bestowment of marriage between Xian Junwang and the daughter of the Yi'an Marquis House is to insert a fresh flower into manure...
Reborn Into A Wealthy Family To Tease The Villain 书穿豪门逗反派 by djunstar
Reborn Into A Wealthy Family To djunstar
[English Translation] Update Every 3 days Chapter: 220 (complete) Author: 糖果麻麻 Summary: Lin Liangshu transmigrated into a sadomasochistic novel called "The Most Bea...
I Just Want to Divorce by httpsvrog
I Just Want to Divorceby bird
我就想离个婚[重生] status: 56 chapters ( complete ) author: Lian Shuo Before he was reborn, Ye Fei was conscientious and diligent, with only work in his eyes. After his rebirth...
I Only Like Your Character Settings by yeolbin_Elena
I Only Like Your Character Settingsby Elena
Angel မျက်နှာလေးနဲ့ Alphaဆန်သောပလေးဘွိုင်း(Shou ) Vs ဖြူစင်ရိုး‌သားပြီး အေးစက်သော (Gong) Author - Zhìchû ( 雉楚 ) Total - 94 Chapters+ 21 Extra {•ZhouZiheng +XiaXiqing•}...
Declaration of Extra Strike [KR] by mlilialili1
Declaration of Extra Strike [KR]by ytheai
Readhive translation Short Title : DOES Alternative Title : 엑스트라 파업 선언 Status : Completed Author : 여그니 Genre : Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi S-level master, Kang Eui...
The Book Eating Magician by meanytiny
The Book Eating Magicianby meanytiny
This story is not mine.... Credits to the real authors and translators... For offline purposes only... **** ['Lightning Magic Primer' has been consumed. Your understandi...