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The Making of Michael Bishop by invisame
The Making of Michael Bishopby invisame
Keep your distance. Don't look him in the eye. Feed him and leave. Michael D'Augustino is a priest in the time of the Inquisition. Marked as weak for his refusal to tort...
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I'm Two Assassin's Child (Nikita Fan-Fiction) by Emmy-Here154
I'm Two Assassin's Child (Nikita F...by M&M
Audrey and her twin brother, Asher, were living the life of a rich kid in a happy home where they could do whatever they wanted. On a fun day out for the twins, well for...
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Tour Guide by garbygal
Tour Guideby JediFlyFOB
A new Op requires that Michael, Birkhoff, and new agent Julia go undercover as an opening act for a boyband. Can they survive the tour and get the mission accomplished b...
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Transformation by garbygal
Transformationby JediFlyFOB
Division has caught a break and they nab Amanda's right-hand girl. She won't talk, but nothing comes easy for them. Can they transform her into a double agent to take...
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It's Not Over Yet by garbygal
It's Not Over Yetby JediFlyFOB
Picking up where season 3 left off, showing the CW there is still plenty of stories left for Nikita. Taking any suggestions!
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Undercover In Plain View by garbygal
Undercover In Plain Viewby JediFlyFOB
When Amanda starts targeting Division agents trying to get the main players, they decide to do the best thing they can think of- hide in plain view where Amanda can't to...
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Captured by garbygal
Capturedby JediFlyFOB
They finally have Amanda and are finally safe to live somewhat normal lives- but they also have to decide what to do with Amanda? Can she pull anything over on them?
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Version 2.0 by garbygal
Version 2.0by JediFlyFOB
Michael and Birkhoff seek to secretly repeat Nikita's success with an agent undercover in Amanda's new organization. Will it work?
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Another: A General Hospital and Nikita Crossover by Gabp311
Another: A General Hospital and Ni...by Gabp311
Julian Jerome comes home to find his wife talking to a man she thinks is him. The truth brings out secrets and hardship. And when a threat comes against Julian's life, i...
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Undercover Doc by garbygal
Undercover Docby JediFlyFOB
When a major op is rolled out in Chicago, IL, Amanda and Percy want their top agent there. Michael goes undercover in the least likely place- a doctor at a failing coun...
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Survival by garbygal
Survivalby JediFlyFOB
Division has been attacked and everyone is forced out on the run. Is everyone going to survive? Can they find out who is responsible and bring them back down while rebui...
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Freedom by garbygal
Freedomby JediFlyFOB
The government has Amanda and the dirty thirty, and Division is free at last. What will they do when they become normal US citizens again?
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Anastasia Udinov by LeahForShort
Anastasia Udinovby LeahForShort
Anastasia Udinov Stasia for short is the older sister of Alexandra Udinov Alex for short.When Alex was thirteen and Stasia was fifteen their family home was raided her f...
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Behind Enemy Lines [Nikita] by Millie055
Behind Enemy Lines [Nikita]by Emily
Katherine Joni Quinn pulled strength from her traumas when she found herself in a dark place. Having killed one of Division's main providers, she has ended up inside Div...
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