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All Four Of Me by Stuckystuck
All Four Of Meby Stuckystuck
Kenzie Price has spent the majority of her life being bounced between foster homes, forgotten by the world and fed up with life. Unaware that she is living with Dissocia...
Ride or die |bxb| UNEDITED| by Alpha-black
Ride or die |bxb| UNEDITED|by Risha
They had only one thing in common. Running. It was their passion, it was their game, it was their thing. Maybe it was his intense stare or the loneliness in it and all...
System (Jacksepticeye!DID x Reader) by Mikey1lovesall
System (Jacksepticeye!DID x Reader)by Mikey
How can one person decide your life? Well one person can't. That's why there's seven. After quitting a crappy job there weren't many places to look for work. With some...
Naruto: Too Many Personality's by starlight_todoroki1
Naruto: Too Many Personality'sby starlight_todoroki1
Naruto was known for at one moment being serious, at one moment being happy,at one moment being angry,and at one moment being very energetic.Some people just thought tha...
Who Am I? - Tommyinnit Angst by sketchbooksyndicate
Who Am I? - Tommyinnit Angstby sketchbook
"Are any of us streaming right now?" "No Tommy, we all agreed not to. You alright, mate?" "Yeah, I'm fine. Must've just forgotten." Tomm...
EVERY PIECE | dorbyn by -auroric
EVERY PIECE | dorbynby — 𝐇𝐀𝐙𝐄𝐋 !
𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 ↳ daniel's there for every piece of corbyn started: february 1, 2021 finished:
The 13 of Us || A Harry Potter OC Story [GOING ON HIATUS FOR A BIT, SO SORRY] by SadlyMad_22
The 13 of Us || A Harry Potter OC...by Sadly :,)
** Cover made by @coolwhenurbatman ** Yikers, this book will be going on hiatus for a bit mainly because I'm going to be planning out more chapters before I post anymore...
adore || spencer reid by wynne_xoxo
adore || spencer reidby 𝔴𝔶𝔫𝔫𝔢
"be honest, do you like me?" "i adore you." |spencer reid x oc| |started 1/26/20| |finished ?/?/?|
Our System Is Family by KiraRuna
Our System Is Familyby KiraRuna
Izuku's head works diffrently from the rest, that wont stop them from achieving their goals together, as a family unit.
Me, Myself, and Us [MHA x Female OC] by PaperPushingPauper
Me, Myself, and Us [MHA x Female O...by Paper Pushing Pauper
June had a difficult start on life, with her mother and twin brother dying when she was born, leaving her alone with her abusive and neglectful pro-hero father. By the...
Which One Is He? by CocoCoomKie
Which One Is He?by CocoCoomKie
[COMPLETED] "Did you hear, we have a new transfer student" "Guys I heard he's rich like really rich!" "But haven you forgotten He's weird?"...
Destiny by OriJay
Destinyby j.
Forced to go to a private school, years after she hit the biggest bump in her life, Destiny has to set her priorities straight. And first on that list is keeping her con...
My Alternates by Shards0fGlass
My Alternatesby Lilli Knight
A short story about an ordinary girl with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Phoebe has 10 other people living inside of her head. They helped her survive a terrible past...
[OG] Putera Kayangan by HazzelEyyez
[OG] Putera Kayanganby AXEL
"eeeey!! tengoklah kejap lagi selipar jepun kau terputus pastu kau terpeleot jatuh longkang!" - Anayra Zaara Garang? itulah dia insan bernama Anayra Zaara. Ada...
Cruel Alter | VXBTS by sumin_luv
Cruel Alter | VXBTSby a confuse hooman
V is a cruel alter. He hates everyone and easily got mad. He takes little interest in love and he's very quiet and anti-sociable. He tries to avoid Taehyung, the host a...
သက္ကရာဇ်တစ်ခု၏ ချိုမြိန်သောရက်စွဲများ(Completed) by el_i_saeeee
သက္ကရာဇ်တစ်ခု၏ ချိုမြိန်သောရက်စွဲမ...by Eli
If you fall in love with a person with different personalities or he shows you dark side or something.........? Start date - 14 September 2021 End date -17 October 2021
Split - Banginho/MinChan by TuesdaysLeftovers
Split - Banginho/MinChanby nickel
Minho starts his 2nd year of college moving into a new dorm and getting a new roommate, but that means he will eventually have to tell his new roommate his biggest secre...
Rainbow System Introductions  by BTSLittleOne1
Rainbow System Introductions by Rainbow System
Hello we are the rainbow system and we wanted to make this to introduce all of us to you guys we are the Rainbow System we are a DID system of 200+ currently
Clouded Sensibility ☁️🦋 by warmedmilknhoney
Clouded Sensibility ☁️🦋by -g.g.
A book of poetry I'm not a pro But I do write some prose
Story of Kokoya by BCOWYT
Story of Kokoyaby ScentedCandleSystem
The book cover was drawn by me ig --Prince Luke found himself in Kokoya for a pair of twin princesses' birthday. But when he removes himself from the celebration to rela...