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BLS #6 : Locking Her Heart by beyondlocks
BLS #6 : Locking Her Heartby Janice Martana
BLS #6 Sebastian Cesborn A billionare that has a really cold heart. He never cares about people's feelings except his friends and his family. He doesn't like to have a r...
  • years
  • chicklit
  • hate
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Johnlock Oneshots by watsoninthetardis
Johnlock Oneshotsby aaron burr
a collection of johnlock oneshots/song fics {beautiful cover by the beautiful @queen_mycroft}
  • sherlock
  • lock
  • love
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Mechs Collide (gen: Lock x titanfall) by Nukemd
Mechs Collide (gen: Lock x titanfa...by GhostKnight
When a squad of milita pilots were asigned on a task to discover a unkown soure their taken to earth where they find themselves in a different war. Join them as they mak...
  • yaz
  • kazu
  • action
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Key To My Heart by GreatPretender04
Key To My Heartby Jodie
Si Maerian Garduce ay isa lamang sa mga babaeng naniniwala sa forever, noon. Naniwala siya at hinanap ang ka-forever gamit ang susi na simbolo ng isang pangako. Ngunit s...
  • forever
  • yerin
  • key
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My Children (Lock, Shock, and Barrel X Motherly! Reader) //ON HOLD\\ by Dorky_Trashcan101
My Children (Lock, Shock, and Barr...by Dorky_Trashcan101
Started: June 29, 2018 Ended:_______ ____ I still working on the Bio!!
  • timburton
  • shock
  • barrel
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Keysmith [NOT FANFICTION] by EvanlynTheAuthor
Keysmith [NOT FANFICTION]by Evanlyn
Lex London, desperate to change his ways after a lifetime of crime, is living undercover in a small apartment. His already crazy life is thrown upside down when an old f...
  • hacker
  • secretidentity
  • bliss
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Creation (SuperWhoLock) by heyitssatan
Creation (SuperWhoLock)by Clementine
When it is discovered that some of the most threatening forces in not only the world- but universe, and perhaps even other realms- are working together, the Winchester b...
  • lock
  • dean
  • sherlock
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Sherlock: The Next Generation by FernStone
Sherlock: The Next Generationby FernStone
Sherlock had never expected to fall in love. Emotion, sentiment, had never really been a thing that had affected him. The last thing he expected was to have children. Le...
  • parent
  • parentlock
  • sherlock
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Where it all began by illustratedauthor
Where it all beganby illustratedauthor
Mycroft is not happy: growing up with Sherlock and Eurus is definitely tedious and brings its fair share of issues. When Eurus does the most dreadful thing, even Mycroft...
  • sherlock
  • modernsherlock
  • lockstories
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New life by DylanBadier
New lifeby Green phoenix
A new seeker has been found by the organisation but is saved by the huntik foundation number 1 team Lock and his friends
  • lock
  • huntik
  • soife
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tnbc story by samtheco28
tnbc storyby Barrel
this is a story of my own and it will have my OC in it and it about mock with lock shock and barrel
  • shock
  • tnbc
  • ốc
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Kidnapping the Prince by CirieQuinn
Kidnapping the Princeby Cirie
Lynn Knite is a happy-go-lucky thief-for-hire. She and her partner, Ryan Freymor, live in the Third Quarter of Pentedwell. One fateful night, Marse Thorne, their trusty...
  • stranger
  • thief
  • money
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Why Don't We // LockScreens by JonahHisCoffee
Why Don't We // LockScreensby 💛 Maureen Marais 💛
You can also find these lockscreens on my highlight @JonahHisCoffee on instagram Why Don't We Lockscreens Best rankings #1 Lockscreen { 17.06.18 } # 1 Lockscreen{ 26.06...
  • beautychickee
  • roleplay
  • screen
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The Nightmare Before Christmas x reader by lol_gangsta
The Nightmare Before Christmas x r...by lol_gangsta
NTBC x reader story. This is my halloween special story So, I hope you like it :D Drawings and pictures are not mine
  • halloweenspecial
  • oogieschildren
  • lock
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Troublesome Trio at Skellington Manor by Darkwolves007
Troublesome Trio at Skellington Ma...by Darkwolves007
Lock Shock and Barrel's tree-house blew up due to preparing one of their pranks and now they must stay with Jack and Sally until it is rebuilt. However the trio aren't...
  • shock
  • barrel
  • lock
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Stolen Secrets by cheesydancer
Stolen Secretsby cheesydancer
Natalie Taress is left broken after the sudden death of her mother who was killed by a drunk driver. The small threads holding her life together fall apart and she becom...
  • locker
  • arrest
  • study
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Daddy's Little Girl by eryn32
Daddy's Little Girlby Eryn
A dark figure is walking towards us through the haze. I ignore it and let Ryan pull me to the ocean. As the figure gets closer, I can tell its a grown man. I stop abrupt...
  • hanger
  • sigh
  • mass
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2041- access granted by Amywritsfanfic
2041- access grantedby Amy writs
a story taking place in 2041, where tec is on the rise but poverty and population are rising fast.
  • characterdevelopment
  • friendship
  • future
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Polygon by smearwrites
Polygonby smearwrites
Doctor Rufus Weller has done it - he's brought a new cluster into the world, on the verge of war and change. Five radically different people must now learn to live toget...
  • gen
  • genlock
  • scifi
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Another Wrong Turn? by bellaPiiink
Another Wrong Turn?by Lovella
Victoria Strauss’ life is perfect. She has her adventurous friends, her pain-in-the-butt brother and of course, her loving boyfriend. But when she learns that her boyfri...
  • morning
  • dress
  • elizabeth
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