From her diary to her heart

From her diary to her heart

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#8 in Romance (September 13 2016)
Expectations are something which truly mock you in the face.
When you expect more you get less.

Tiffany Devon was an orphaned girl who by a fate of chance happened to be adopted by the great influential family of Devon. 
An independent graduate who was looking forward to live freely.
However there was something else planned. A favor asked by her rich  foster father put her into a spot.

An arranged marriage.
Bounded by the conditions that could ruin the Devon family if not followed. She had to sell her heart 
to repay the kindness bestowed by the Devons.
Could she?
And who was her heart sold too?

Zylen Marc.
The notorious talented business man heir to the Marcs Company who known to have methods to reduce people to ashes. A tall devishly handsome man whose looks could hypnotize and scare both men and women. 
Feelings were not known to him and pride was his language. 

A battle would thoroughly engage with many parties participating.
Who would win? 
Read on to find out.