❥tordtom oneshots [slow updates] by clingy_tom
❥tordtom oneshots [slow updates]by annoying.
please note that i'll only do dom/tall tord here!! sorry for any inconveniences. i take requests (closed!) i kinda wanted to try this- i don't really like staying on one...
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Transformers One Shots [cuz I already let my fam down]  by Nacatu
Transformers One Shots [cuz I Toph the Giroffe
**Initial inspiration from Brownie-The-Hybrid** ~~Cover done by Samseaa~~ Gonna be honest here, I was not a fan of the Bayverse movies but I love the Franchise now Beca...
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ShIdDeD aNd farDed anD cAMed iNmy paNtS man.(Art/Rants/Updates Book 3.0) by Jursod
ShIdDeD aNd farDed anD cAMed suBtOrdDOmtOm
A mistake, just like me-
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Meme by -thrashershawn
Memeby Mads
a whole lotta memes Started September something Ended: never b #1 in- idk #1 in- idkanymore #1 in- kms #2 in- memes #2 in- stop
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Levi X Titan!reader {Completed} by BAKASRUS
Levi X Titan!reader {Completed}by BAKAS R US
~~~Well, lookie at you, wrapping Levi all around your pinky finger~~~ (Important: you're a titan s h i f t e r) After the tragic death of your family, discovering a hidd...
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A Big pile of Danvid by imjustgonnago
A Big pile of Danvidby Your local bitch
This is quotes, and pictures of Danvid. 18+ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Deviance [Brallon-ish] by imaginary-numbers
Deviance [Brallon-ish]by Kitty
"It's my mission to stop all deviants and determine the cause of their software malfunction, not to do a better job than you. That depends on the actions you take...
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Wild [multiship & a mess] by imaginary-numbers
Wild [multiship & a mess]by Kitty
This is the most misleading title I have ever decided on you know those rlly bad texting/kik fics yeah that's what this is I'm not even making a serious description for...
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GIGGLES AND SHITS  by --Silent_Screamer-
"Comedians aren't capitalist, capitalizing on the most animalistic impulses, they're being a hero! The world isn't sad, the world funny! I'm a SOCIOPATH!" dOn...
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i wanna hang myself  by lilsuaves
i wanna hang myself by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
you've changed
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Principal Of The Thing X Reader LEMON by illsmakuwitharuler
Principal Of The Thing X Reader John Laurens
Ah, yes, yes, grab your lemon or lemonade. Whatever you prefer.
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~Fake Feelings~ (TomTord) by Hentai_King_Milo
~Fake Feelings~ (TomTord)by Diccy Wiccy
Tord wants revenge for what Tom had done destroying his plans, ruining his reputation as a fearless and strong leader. His only plan, is to get them all to trust him. Th...
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A pile of Hannor by imjustgonnago
A pile of Hannorby Your local bitch
oof this is taking over me...
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Joker • brallon  by squatwat
Joker • brallon by 😤
Not everyone likes a joker card.
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I'm Not Okay (I Swear To God) - Spammy Spam Spam by frankhasoreos
I'm Not Okay (I Swear To God) - move, i’m gay
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my stupid thoughts  by xoxofrnki
my stupid thoughts by xoxofrnki
lol why
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❝ FEELIN' LIKE A PAPILLON ❞ in which your least fave gorlie cries over joji + winnie the pooh [SEASON EIGHT] © 2017-2018 VESCENTBAM [ ONGOING ]
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Accidental Text || KMS EXO FF || by kpopdog911
Accidental Text || KMS EXO FF ||by ♡Kpop Puppy♡
"Sehun!why did you let Chanyeol borrowed my jacket?!where is it now?" Message sent "Uhh,I'm sorry who's this?" A story between a girl who is full of...
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Reputation [Brallon] by imaginary-numbers
Reputation [Brallon]by Kitty
Nobody's going to ever make Brendon change who he is. Passing him on to some prissy private school and pairing him with some goodie-goodie is definitely not going to wor...
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Hospital For Souls|| Spam by LilMissAlphabetGirl
Hospital For Souls|| Spamby »Aïðëň«
well, my thoughts and stuff and basically spam since everybody else is doing it and I wanna be included. ???
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