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The Two Fairies - Eng Ver ( Who Made Me A Princess Fanfiction)  by DiamondDush
The Two Fairies - Eng Ver ( Who Diamond Dush
Athanasia was born safely, and so was her mother, Diana. Two beautiful fairies were present at Obelia to accompany the Emperor. Every day there was always something tha...
The twins of Obelia by Raining_storm
The twins of Obeliaby Rain
Aeliana was always blessed by at least one god and was always at service to them as their huntress in the mortal plane. Now as she dies, the Fates told her they made a m...
Lovely Princess (What if) by Ilovenezukokamado
Lovely Princess (What if)by Nezuko
What if Lovely Princess Athanasia was reincarnated. What if this time Claude loves her. WARNING __________ 1) Cursing. 2 ) Bad Grammer. 3) Bad punctuation. 4) Lucathy. 5...
My Life Is Your Undoing |WMMAP| by morgemys
My Life Is Your Undoing |WMMAP|by Mora
A WMMAP fanfic where Diana is alive and Athanasia is also born safely... except Claude uses black magic involving the sacrifice of his emotions and memories to save Dian...
My Story [Who Made Me A Princess Fanfic] COMPLETED✔️ by Celestiasbooks
My Story [Who Made Me A Princess Celestiasbooks
This story is about a girl who got reincarnated into a grand dukes daughter who has a bloodline of powerful mages but she got sent to an arrange marriage by the neighbou...
~ The lovely Princess's ~ by Akira0180
~ The lovely Princess's ~by Akira <3
A young girl named Liah a popular singer in Japan got hit by truck kun and is reincarnated into her favourite manhwa...Who made me a princess. Luckily she had read both...
Suddenly I became a Mother by amey78
Suddenly I became a Motherby Amayarelis
(Remake of Who made a Mother) People stated that people get reincarnated due to a regret they had in their previous life. Diana Rose, the reincarnation of Diana of Siod...
The regretful father's only wish by starcotwilightlover
The regretful father's only wishby Athanasia’s crown
Claude only had one wish, save Diana from her fate, love her properly the way he couldn't in her short life, and create a family with her, with their daughter by their s...
Half angel-devil princess of Obelia by _Odette_14_
Half angel-devil princess of Obeliaby IG:_odette_14
Hello everyone I'm new here. This is my first story I ever wrote. Hope you like it. Lucathy 18+ " " emotions ( ) thinking // whispering * * doing something
The Two Fairies ( Who Made Me A Princess Fanfiction) by DiamondDush
The Two Fairies ( Who Made Me A Diamond Dush
Athanasia lahir dengan selamat, begitu pula Ibunya Diana. Dua peri cantik hadir di Obelia untuk menemani hari hari Sang Kaisar. Setiap hari selalu ada saja yang bisa me...
Claude x Diana Crossover Family by athynoore
Claude x Diana Crossover Familyby vixendows
This about the life, story, and events of the Imperial Family.
The Cue Of Our Love. - Who Made Me A Princess (wmmap) by theonenonlysara
The Cue Of Our Love. - Who Made Sara
Cue /kjuː/ 1. a thing said or done that serves as a signal to an actor or other performer to enter or to begin their speech or performance. An actor AU where the novel...
the last dance by SNJ7015
the last danceby ica
a fanfic about claude and diana's love story
Memories of the Beautiful Past (STORY COMPLETED, NOW MAKING SIDE STORIES) by Yueyoona
Memories of the Beautiful Past ( Kiki
My take on the backstory of how Claude and Diana's relationship started and progressed. This is my personal oneshot. I created this story because I have been waiting for...
Book Of Randomness by nyx403
Book Of Randomnessby Αναστασία Γκαρσία
Bored. Did it cause I'm bored. Just a book made by someone's who's bored. Photos are not mine. Credits to the original artist.
I've became Lady Diana? || WMMAP FanFiction || by EbibuHai
I've became Lady Diana? || WMMAP Haichu
Park Diana, who was just an ordinary College Student. Becomes Lady Diana of the Novel Book she read, and that Novel was "Who made me a princess" Diana was sh...
Princess of Siodonna and Obelia by amey78
Princess of Siodonna and Obeliaby Amayarelis
When Diana, a dancer of Siodonna and the beloved of the Emperor of the Obelian Empire, Claude de Alger Obelia, told him that she was pregnant with his child, they were e...
Untold Love Confession by ruysheka
Untold Love Confessionby Ruyshka
This story is drabble fanfiction about Claude de Alger Obelia and his lover, Diana from fandom Who made me a Princess or Suddenly, I became a Princess. I am not owned th...
Claude And Diana(FANFICTION) by euphoria_muse
Claude And Diana(FANFICTION)by 뮤스
A story of how Diana and Claude meet(based on Who made me a princess) Disclaimer:I do not own the characters and story and art used. All credits to Plutus(the writer)and...
The Beloved Daughter (WMMAP FANFIC) by Rinanana12
The Beloved Daughter (WMMAP FANFIC)by
Anastasia De Alger Obelia the beloved "only" daughter of Claude de Alger Obelia. Anastasia is the first princess of the Obelia Empire. She is the daughter of C...