Always Been There / Theo Raeken by lolalolahey
Always Been There / Theo Raekenby Lola
Maisy Chambers has always been there. She was there when Scott got bit, when Peter Hale went on his murderous rampage, when Jackson became the Kanima, when the Alpha Pac...
  • maliatate
  • theo
  • dunbar
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The Chimeras by TheGhost1616
The Chimerasby The Ghost
Winter and her older sister Summer are Chimeras that have mean parents. One day they go to a store and finally get to escape their mean parents. Read to find out what ha...
  • werewolf
  • summonedtree
  • summoner
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Before Hades And Me by JeanangelieVazquez
Before Hades And Meby Ηαδεσ'σ ςιφε
Hades and my other five divine beings friends.
  • couple
  • chimera
  • me
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How Leon became a chimera/pure b.o.w. by Snowdragonhybrid
How Leon became a chimera/pure Snowdragonhybrid
Kidnapped by Umbrella and an unknown group and injected with a virus mixed with several different dnas including xenomorph and dragon dna. Leon is one of the only experi...
  • xenomorph
  • weyland-yutani
  • dragon
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broken boy ❀ stiles stilinski by yugbamz
broken boy ❀ stiles stilinskiby .
Stiles, an ADHD teenager who's life was turned upside down when his best friend Scott was turned into a werewolf and was then introduced to the supernatural world. He ha...
  • fanfiction
  • depressed
  • broken
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Salvation | Beautiful Sin Companion by mikkiandnackk
Salvation | Beautiful Sin Companionby isaac lahey
"You collect scars because you want proof you're paying for the sins you've committed." - Unknown Shorts of Theo Raeken and Kendall Argent that I never got a c...
  • scottmccall
  • allisonargent
  • kirayukimura
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The New Beta[TeenWolf] by outlovestyles2
The New Beta[TeenWolf]by Angel™
After everything that has happened; from Stiles being controlled by the Nogitsune, to Kira leaving, and now Hayden being Scott's new beta. Still Stiles feels like an out...
  • layden
  • stydia
  • chimera
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Battle Symphony by Stormi_faithhope
Battle Symphonyby Faith_Hope
The Beacon Hills pack has been faced with a crazy monstrous alpha, a kanima, an evil alpha pack and a Darach, the Oni and Nogitsune. But now the gang gets another thing...
  • teenwolf
  • stiles
  • benefactor
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Cronos: Athalon  by TheRoninXCVII
Cronos: Athalon by Nicholas Shy
Chimeras run amok unchecked and unchallenged. No living soul on the planet has the mindset, and the balls, to oppose them. Zenith, Atrium, and Carshire are divided and t...
  • chimera
  • cronos
  • saravalkyrie
Taken by Bobo199
Takenby Bobo199
Imagine if the creatures of children's nightmares did exist. Well in the small town of Beacon Hills it did. Meet Ember May, a young girl who grew up with a family of su...
  • mates
  • scottmccall
  • kirayukimura
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Male reader x Greed and the chimeras by AlexButu
Male reader x Greed and the Adnami
Set after Greed (fma) rescued the chimeras from the labs. The band of misfits have settled down in the Devil's Nest after an explosive exchange near the train yard. Eve...
  • fma
  • ulchi
  • 2018
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Pire (Teen Wolf) by AnnaMaggs16
Pire (Teen Wolf)by AnnaMaggs16
A classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, except in this version it's filled with werewolves, hunters, people who seem to never be who they say they really are, screams, blood...
  • banshee
  • forbiddenlove
  • chimera
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HALF BITTEN by LolaLove0
Sixteen year old Emily Fields and Scott McCall were both born into a wolf pack in Beacon Hills. But once Scott's parents are murdered in cold blood Pam and Wayne Fields...
  • emison
  • pll
  • chimera
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The Successful Chimera {Josh Diaz} by savwritesokay
The Successful Chimera {Josh Diaz}by Sav 💫
Malia Tate had lost both her mother and her sister due to a car accident, since then she wasn't able to drive because of it. But when Theo Raeken starts talking about a...
  • josh
  • theo
  • teen
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The Chimera no one expected by Teenwolfultimate
The Chimera no one expectedby Teenwolfultimate
The night Theo are waiting for Parrish in the car.Theo attacks Stiles before Parrish comes then takes him to the Dread Doctors.Who want him since he survived the nogitsu...
  • chimera
  • nogitsunekitsunewerewolfstiles
  • stiles
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Cody Christian / Theo Raeken → Imagines by Jasarella
Cody Christian / Theo Raeken → ˗ˏˋ JAS ˎˊ˗
━━ imagines of cody christian and his teen wolf character, theo raeken.
  • scottmccall
  • teen
  • teenwolf
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Banshee • Theo Raeken / boyxboy by aestheticpale
Banshee • Theo Raeken / boyxboyby 👼🏻
"You're afraid of my heart but not a gun?" Theo Raeken x (male) Harley Quinn
  • death
  • stilesstilisnki
  • mystery
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Teen Wolf: The Youngest Chimera by flyingchimera
Teen Wolf: The Youngest Chimeraby REBECCA
Still in progress. ☆ means I've recently edited the chapter. Few OC characters. Only Season 5a/b Teen Wolf characters.
  • kirayukimura
  • teenwolf
  • maliatate
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Chimera BxB by Shifting2wolf
Chimera BxBby Too much inspiration
Scottie is still trying to get out of his depression after his brother went missing. Three years of waiting and hoping hasn't done him any good but when one night of end...
  • bxb
  • chimera
  • cat
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Teen Wolf. Season 6A. Liam Dunbar. Theo Raeken. (COMPLETED). by TheoRaeken5696
Teen Wolf. Season 6A. Liam TheoRaeken5696
Three Months Pass Since Theo Was Dragged To Hell And They've Been Hard For Alex. Liam Officially Starts Dating Hayden And Alex's Father Leaves. Again. Just When Alex Sta...
  • chimera
  • teenwolf
  • werelion
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