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King's Heir (A Dadmare fic) by WeirdLookingCat
King's Heir (A Dadmare fic)by WeirdLookingCat
Nightmare is a god. Not only is he a god but a king as well. A fair and just king at that. Despite being the most feared being in the multiverse he is surprisingly the o...
The Two Fairies - Eng Ver ( Who Made Me A Princess Fanfiction)  by DiamondDush
The Two Fairies - Eng Ver ( Who Ma...by Diamond Dush
Athanasia was born safely, and so was her mother, Diana. Two beautiful fairies were present at Obelia to accompany the Emperor. Every day there was always something tha...
HOME  {Naruto Various x reader/Oc} by YOROSHI_G
HOME {Naruto Various x reader/Oc}by YOROSHI_G
Naruto Various x F!reader/oc 'You gave me a shitty first life. Let's see what more you can offer me on this second one' ...
Adopted By Sebastian Stan by dunkincc
Adopted By Sebastian Stanby Alina Giovanni
Inara is the oldest kid lived in the orphanage. Being in the orphanage is the best and the worst she could ever wanted. She's a bright girl once lost in the deep ocean b...
Relations...(Completed) by SnowySecret110
Relations...(Completed)by Anu❤️
Anika Singh Raizada, the only sister of 5 brothers treats her like their own daughter is living as a middle-class girl for 6 months..........and there she meets the one...
Love knows no boundaries ♥️ by misha_rajpoot
Love knows no boundaries ♥️by misha❤️
Well love has no boundaries..it doesn't see money ,fame ,class.. Just a pure heart and soul.. Same happened with our MANAN also.. Lets see what happens when an orphan an...
Riansh os and ts by Parita_2006
Riansh os and tsby Pari
One or two shots on Riansh Some depicting a beautiful journey of theirs and others.....Come in to check more of my stories 📖📖
HE IS MY HUSBAND 💣😎 by GFourteen
DADDY (S-1) HAPPY FAMILY (S-2) HE IS MY HUSBAND (S-3) ေယာက်္ားအားကိုးနဲ႕ အေမႊဇယားခင္းႀကမယ့္ အျမႊာသံုးေယာက္ ဘယ္လိုေတြေမႊႀကမွာလဲ ??? ယောက်ျားအားကိုးနဲ့ အမွှေဇယားခင်းကြမယ့...
Ncis New Orleans Book 2 Chris x Pride mpreg by SeanFastandFurious
Ncis New Orleans Book 2 Chris x Pr...by Hailee Fast and Furious
if you haven't read The first book Chris x Pride mpreg you can find it on the 2Fast2Furiousbrian account I'm writing the second book 2 years later after Chris had Neriss...
When a downfall makes to a villain by AbiahEstelleRosine
When a downfall makes to a villainby Zaccaryx
Ayuna Esmeray Praxidike Celestial, A famous person who is known to be a hero, After realizing everyone around her leaves, A daughter of a duke who protects the kingdom a...
Destiny by Skyyyyyyystar
Destinyby Sky Sinha
Life is never Easy, Everytime you cross a hurdle another is waiting for you. Sometimes you get some painful memories which could never be erased even if you want them to...
Safety Net by ashsbooks
Safety Netby ash
Elated to hear the news, Jo and Alex settle down to prepare, but the twists and turns take them on an adventure they weren't expecting.
MARRIED AGAIN ❤ ~ A TwiNj FF ❤  by PayalGupta2001
MARRIED AGAIN ❤ ~ A TwiNj FF ❤ by Payal Gupta
this is the story of PUNAR VIVAH of our Twinj...❤❤ #9- #tashaneishq on 26 August 2020 😘
Those that love us never really leave us by MoonyQueenofSass
Those that love us never really le...by Moony, Queen of Sass
Sirius Black was just beginning to think he had accepted the death of his best friend when suddenly a messy-haired, hazel eyed troublemaker came stumbling back into his...
Shivika's Happiness ✔(Completed) ✔ by shivika_herophine18
Shivika's Happiness ✔(Completed) ✔by Love Gazelle
This is a Shivika pregnancy scene were Shivaay Singh Oberoi takes care of his wife Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi during the pregnancy phase.
Ugly Paradise by I_MeTim3
Ugly Paradiseby Newkasy
Kailen is a common young boy taken in an orphanage in some unknown circumstances. After a few years longing for someone to care and love him as their own. He didnt expec...
SHOT GUN WEDDINGS2 Complete March26.June13.2021 by angeloyalties
SHOT GUN WEDDINGS2 Complete March2...by Angel Moko
Ang masayang pag sasama ay mapalitan ng pagtataksil mabibigay kaya ng (anotherchance?)
Todoroki Family and Another Shoto  by Aoudry
Todoroki Family and Another Shoto by Aoudry Ann Thien
Todoroki family suddenly really want to be together and live with their father again since they meet and see other Shoto live with their father. This happen because thei...
A Sage's Daughter (Complete) by Miokichi
A Sage's Daughter (Complete)by Mio
Meet Katsura Otsutsuki, the only daughter of the Sage of Six paths. She's very sickly, so she can't study Ninshu with her brothers, she can't play out in the sun, and sh...
A HAPPY FAMILY ❤️ by PatelBharvi
A HAPPY FAMILY ❤️by Bharvi ♥️
You want to know what is there then peep 👀 and know what is there 😉 Story started on 27th June 2021 and still continuing. Thank u @disha_mishra for beautiful 😍 cover.