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I Need You - A Sophitz Story by pastelaestheticboo
I Need You - A Sophitz Storyby Deck
Sophie had some secrets to hide from her dear cognate, Fitz Vacker. She didn't want to see his disappointment if they fail the test, will these feelings be let out or dw...
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A KOTLC and PJO/HoO Crossover by Mystarry1613
A KOTLC and PJO/HoO Crossoverby ~𝕟𝕒𝕠𝕞𝕚~
"𝒟𝑜𝓃'𝓉 𝒷𝑒 𝒶𝒻𝓇𝒶𝒾𝒹, 𝐼'𝓂 𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒." The elves have retreated to Camp Half Blood, but the Neverseen are still after them....and will do anything it t...
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KOTLC A Sokeefe story by bookworm6002
KOTLC A Sokeefe storyby bookworm6002
Sofitz fans you will not like this. This is the story of Sophie's personal life. Warning: may contain Spoilers. Also all credit for the characters go to Shannon Messenge...
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Foster Fan Book (KOTLC Rants & More!) by Team_Foster
Foster Fan Book (KOTLC Rants & TeamCap
This book will be everything Keeper of the Lost Cities! Quotes, favourite moments, ships, theories galore (who ARE Sophie's parents???), and so much more!
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Fanfiction tome 9 GDCP - La vie compliquée de Biana Vacker by LesJumeauxSong
Fanfiction tome 9 GDCP - La vie Tam & Linh
Le triangle amoureux de Sophie Foster est il le seul de GDCP ?? Et bien la réponse est non! Biana doit faire le choix entre la tendresse et le mystère Et ce n'est pas un...
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Not As Expected (Dexiana fanfic) by Alpaca_That_Writes
Not As Expected (Dexiana fanfic)by Alpaca_That_Writes
A Keeper of the Lost Cities (or KOTLC) Dexiana (Dex x Biana) fanfic. The story is written in the first person, switching from the views of the two main characters, Dex a...
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Rules Aren't Made to be Broken by Kennareadskotlc
Rules Aren't Made to be Brokenby Kenna
Sophie Foster has done many things wrong in the past. But nothing compares to what she's done now. When what Sophie keeps telling herself is a mere mistake gets her era...
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Comfort And Chaos by fancy-bitch
Comfort And Chaosby Grace
I ship it and no one writes these so I decided I would. Fitz is a little OOC in this because him being a jerk makes the whole thing make sense. They are at Candleshade...
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Meant to Be by angryechoesbeware
Meant to Beby Yeet
Biana realizes she has feelings for Dex, which leads to a series of awkward-and sweet-situations.
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The Second Keefe by linhsong23
The Second Keefeby ❤️Ellie foster ❤️
The Neverseen strike gain, this time more powerful than before. An astounding secret is revealed, causing the Blackswan to stumble back. Sophie, Keefe, and Fitz start...
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Sokeefe or Sophitz - I can't help it by Xx_CynthiaEmrys_xX
Sokeefe or Sophitz - I can't Cynthia Emrys
Sophie, Fitz, and Keefe struggle with their feelings at first then they add the drama along with it! (very sorry to the people who ship Sophie with some one else) BTW B...
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