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Obsessed with you (Reader x Central Cee) by iqzz_15
Obsessed with you (Reader x Iqzz_15
When their eyes meet for the first time, her heart flutters and she has no idea why. 'What a beauty!' He thought when he locks eyes with her... 'Damn! He's way sexier t...
There's two of us now!? (Sundrop x Moondrop or whatever ) by imfoodokay
There's two of us now!? (Sundrop imfoodokay
(Cover is not mine!) So I'll been seeing a lot of Sundrop x Moondrop stories and well I wanted to do my own...😗 btw this timeline Sun and Moon have their own bodies ( a...
falling for u - jeremiah fisher by nxbodyyxuknxw
falling for u - jeremiah fisherby wowzas 🤩
Cassidy Conklin has been going to Cousins beach ever since she could remember, with her little sister Belly, her twin brother Steven, and her mom. They stay at Susannah'...
monsters..are they real by missyyvonne13
monsters..are they realby missyyvonne13
there has been strange thing happening in LA. people dying with bite marks on there neck, and more sightings of wolf packs. Celeste flur, the normal high school, she fi...
Stuck In The Middle (Han And I. N Story)  by StrayMillie
Stuck In The Middle (Han And I. Millie
Y/N'S brother is seungmin from stray kids , will this effect her life ? She didnt realise the different meanings of love and lust as she meets the members , two stood o...
Royals. (Prince! Komaeda Nagito x Fem! Reader x Prince! Hajime Hinata) by anna--senpai
Royals. (Prince! Komaeda Nagito Anna
The time has come for Kibougamine Kingdom's two most eligible bachelors to settle down and find a potential queen to help them rule the kingdom. Prince Komaeda and his...
In Love With The Rich Guy (Completed) by MsHappy1428
In Love With The Rich Guy ( Happy
Hello everyone... This story is not show based. No references. No confusion. Not even the characters. The cast, however I chose according to my preferences. You can imag...
One String, Two Lovers ; sanhwa, atz by yoongivbts
One String, Two Lovers ; sanhwa, `~ em * +
(COMPLETED) In which fate brings two lovers back again.
City Nights | Colby Brock x Male Reader by childishxklown
City Nights | Colby Brock x Male childishxklown
"We could've had it all..." One story, Two people. A person who is confused about his feelings towards him while the other did...
The academy (of love) (lesbian)  by oliviaMJBC
The academy (of love) (lesbian) by Olivia🏳️‍🌈
August is a new student of the all girl academy Of gifted girls. Every single girl in the academy are some what special. There either musically talented, or with sport...
Open Marriage by melaninbee55
Open Marriageby feefee
Pov Nobody: With the thick tension between the three of them in the room. They slowly crept onto Damilola letting their eyes cast over her. Damilola's plump lips were ch...
𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐲 by Swyiyagi101
𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐲by Cupid’s Writer<3
Continuing this story from my tiktok @swyiyagi101 "So you're telling me your dating Chris's brother and Jennie's brother!?" #61 Stories
Heated Love by Sylvirfox21
Heated Loveby Solseeker
I push my lips against his not expecting anything to happen,but I was wrong. Horace kissed me back, and forced his tongue into my mouth. He was fierce in his movements...
Steamy short stories  by Charmedone38
Steamy short stories by Charmedone38
#1 in Two lovers in Jan 2021 and oct/nov 2020 🥰 This is a collection of steamy short stories. I tend to get so into writing that my one shots often end up more like min...
Inner Beauty by cupacakepower
Inner Beautyby cupacakepower
---- Seokjin: Are you crying? His face was etched with worry. Y/N: WHAT? NO! You say aggressively wiping away your tears. Seokjin: Ice cream? How'd he know? What to...
2-𝘞𝘢𝘺 𝐿𝑜𝑣𝑒✔︎ by Luzhalba
2-𝘞𝘢𝘺 𝐿𝑜𝑣𝑒✔︎by </3
꧁You meet two amazingly handsome guys when you first arrive at school and you fall for both, Who will you choose?꧂ 10 chapters total💕 Credits:ME!
The Cutie In Blue (Yoosung X Reader) by Shika-sheee
The Cutie In Blue (Yoosung X Shika Sheee~~
What if you were part of the mint eye? Placed in the apartment on your boyfriend (Saeran's) orders you spy on the RFA while pretending to be nice and kind, however as th...
A Wolf & His Deer by Tuptake
A Wolf & His Deerby Tuptake
"How could you do this to me? I gave you everything and you lied to me. Even when your brother was yelling at you about that alpha being your mate, I still stuck up...
First kiss.  by oliviaMJBC
First kiss. by Olivia🏳️‍🌈
Mai just moved to school and is a senior hug never been kissed searching for someone when Someone unexpected becomes her first kiss. Not a boy but.. a girl
SOS Trio of Hearts by raspberry_cheesecake
SOS Trio of Heartsby Raspberry Cheesecake
Violet has lived in Choco Farms for over 5 years now. She's built and expanded her farm to its fullest glory. Now that she's settled in, maybe she can settle down.... at...