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Diva Princess (Laurmani / DC3) by Mr_Pibb
Diva Princess (Laurmani / DC3)by Mr_Pibb
When Normani is kicked out of her apartment for not paying her rent, her best friend, Dinah, lets her stay with her and her roommate, Lauren.
Love In Three Ways/Laurminah  by OhSnapLaurinah
Love In Three Ways/Laurminah by OhSnapLaurinah
Lauren is hopelessly and desperately in love with the school's power couple. Will she let her feelings be known or will she keep them to herself?
Poison by jigga1208
Poisonby Jigga_J
Highest rank # 1 in DC3 Second Highest Rank #5 in Laurinah Third highest rank #5 in Laurmani Fourth highest rank #1 in laurminah
Our Bandmate Is A Vampire • Laurminah  by OhSnapLaurinah
Our Bandmate Is A Vampire • Laurmi...by OhSnapLaurinah
Lauren has always been in love with her two bandmates, Dinah and Normani, and she was supple about her feelings towards the two. The two girls also have feelings for La...
Falling In Love In A Group Chat by OhSnapLaurinah
Falling In Love In A Group Chatby OhSnapLaurinah
Group chats are a great way to make friend but can you really falling in love in one? What happens when secrets are revealed? Can things still work out? Or will it be t...
Our Love, Forever • Laurminah  by OhSnapLaurinah
Our Love, Forever • Laurminah by OhSnapLaurinah
Book Three It's been a few years since everything has happened and they girls have been doing well. Lauren, Dinah and Normani couldn't be happier! They have a beautiful...
End Of The Day by FakingCamren
End Of The Dayby antonela
One shot based on One Direction song: End Of The Day. Lauren is in love with her best friend Normani who is dating Dinah. What happens when Lauren tells Normani her feel...
High-Def! Glitch x reader by Kats_drabbles
High-Def! Glitch x readerby Abbey Leis
First fan fiction I've made! Glitch from Dance Central x reader, will try to be updating weekly! Story: You have never danced before but find yourself at a dance party o...
I Pinkie Promise ✔️ by notissy
I Pinkie Promise ✔️by Sunshine
So excited!!! My 3rd Dance Central Fanfiction!!!! This is Amazing!!!! So what happens is something you are going to read about in the prologue. All I can tell you is tha...
Unrequited by storme11
Unrequitedby storme carson
To love someone so much but to be cursed to only love them from afar. Loving your best friend but knowing that they will never love you the same. A story of unrequited l...
The Serial Killer ➵  Laurmani by AllYoutuberZ
The Serial Killer ➵ Laurmaniby Z
How can the devil be pulling you towards someone who looks... so much like an angel when she smiles at you. Maybe she knew that, when she saw me.
aquí pondré cada una de las curiosidades que halla en libro. aunque algunos pueden que los hallan notado, o puede que no. pero simplemente las voy a poner para que sepan...
Like I would (Laurmani/Norminah)  by norminahskordei
Like I would (Laurmani/Norminah) by Imani🦄
cover by~korslay Normani is a well known teacher at North Bay High and is very happy with her life at the moment. She has the sweet girlfriend, the money, the fancy car...
Neglected by DinahsManibear
Neglectedby Q
(Age play) Its been about 1 month since Lauren asked Dinah and Normani to be her Mommies and she couldn't be happier. Dinah loves taking care of Lo Lo with her girlfrie...
Finding Her (Laurinah) by camrenisforreal
Finding Her (Laurinah)by Just A Fangirl
What would you do if you and your best friend were attacked, but your best friend risked her life so you could get away? How would you react if all missing persons in yo...
Text Messages Love • Laurminah by OhSnapLaurinah
Text Messages Love • Laurminahby OhSnapLaurinah
Being put into a group chat was probably the best thing that has ever happened to Dinah, Normani and Lauren. Book One.