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The S Class I Raised , REACT by SeolinaLeticia2023
The S Class I Raised , REACTby Seolina Leticia
Impossible Achievement ! System Reward :) Difficulty : ??? Clear conditions: React to the given conditions. All chosen shall participate. All those who aren't chosen w...
For him by Mirai_fics
For himby Mirai_Fanfic
Yoo joonghyuk sat beside a bed inside a hospital room. There lay his one and only life and death companion. the next thing he knew is that a person who seems to know how...
The Hidden Pillar of Olympus (PJO Male Reader Insert) by DrNobodyMD
The Hidden Pillar of Olympus (PJO...by DrNobodyMD
When Y/N was an infant, he was found by Zeus. He was kept a secret from the other gods and raised to serve Olympus. For the last six years he's been serving Zeus and is...
spencer reid imagines by evilerspencerreid
spencer reid imaginesby mGubLerswh0re
imagines about everyone's favourite hot doctor with an iq of 187 <33 [ purposely in lowercase ]
eccendentesiast | spencer reid  by evilerspencerreid
eccendentesiast | spencer reid by mGubLerswh0re
eccedentesiast: someone who hides their pain behind a smile. enemies to lovers _ disclaimer: i do not own criminal minds and in no way am i trying to make it seem like...
Love Addict by Chloe0975
Love Addictby TxpHunchx
Nicki is a successful psychiatrist who lives in New York. Her life was always centered around her being successful and didn't dwell much in her inner fun side, but what...
Smile - Mpreg (Completed) by thousandtales
Smile - Mpreg (Completed)by thousandtales
"Tay, shall we get a kitten?" New asked during their dinner. "Why Hin? We both are busy. We can't take care of it" Tay replied. "But it is so...
Fifth Harmony smut  by Fccn_Vagina
Fifth Harmony smut by Wussupdawg
It's fifth Harmony smut. I can't really explain much further. Oh and I'm taking requests btw. I'm cool with G!P btw. There's gonna be daddy kinks and Bdsm btw. I'm nas...
The Birth of a  Hero reacts to Trash of the Counts family. by deepbluerougewave
The Birth of a Hero reacts to Tra...by deepbluerougewave
The characters from TBOAH ranging from the humans to dragons, and maybe... Gods. They will react to the Trash of the Counts Family universe, and our main character Cale...
The Girl With the Cross by summer_sunshine316
The Girl With the Crossby summer
Tyler James is your typical bad boy. He has some daddy issues and he thinks that God is dead, a false hope that only dumb people fall into. Sarah Williams is the exact...
Instagram [Holy Trinity] |✔️ by RaynDragneel16
Instagram [Holy Trinity] |✔️by RyanDragneel
A short Instagram styled story portraying the daily lives of our holy trinity; KristSingto , Offgun, Taynew and their kids. All of the events in here are purely fictiona...
At least, I Met You 1 : OffGun by Saiii_C
At least, I Met You 1 : OffGunby nanamyth
Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat, the naughty and jolly person who's totally inlove with Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn, foul-mouted, cold and harsh to everyone. How is it going to be...
ethma || best friend's brother  by ethmalovers
ethma || best friend's brother by ethmalovers
"Why are you being so nice" "Because you deserve it."
My love, Enlighten me. by Kitsing0062x0206
My love, Enlighten me.by Jaan
Hi Everyone..!!! I really hope you will like this book.. it is my first attempt where I am going to write as Kong top and Arthit bottom which also happens to be mpreg...
Lout/trash of the count's family meme's by Caleism_7
Lout/trash of the count's family m...by Yoojin’s axx
Just some weird memes. You guy can use it want.
A Not So Lonely Summer by tomholland1510
A Not So Lonely Summerby tomholland1510
Being in relationships for most of your life, no matter how toxic they were, you were always with someone. But when your relationship breaks down on the first day of you...
The Proposal  by simpforholytrinity
The Proposal by CateB’s stepstool
Debbie x Lou I got some of the inspiration for this from the movie of course. But I also have to credit @heistwife they wrote a story based on the movie as well. I was i...
Cate's Neighbor by simpforholytrinity
Cate's Neighborby CateB’s stepstool
Catalina Watson is not just your typical au pair, or rather not for the typical person. When Catalina realizes she's going to be working for Cate Blanchett things take a...