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Trust Me by korosenseisstan
Trust Meby korosensei
Uraraka and Midoriya are strangers until fate pulls them together as third years during a near fatal mission. During this supposedly snowy and cheerful season, will secr...
The Children an IzuOcho story by Deku_Mania
The Children an IzuOcho storyby Deku_Mania
This takes place after the rescue of eri. At the start she is still in the hospital. Also fair warning this is my first Fanfic so bare with me. Also there will be NO smu...
My Trainer Academia by Kindadepressedseal
My Trainer Academiaby Kindadepressedseal
The world of Pokemon, a spectacular spinning globe of wonder filled with hundreds maybe even thousands of Mysterious creatures known as Pokemon that live along side us...
Am I Cursed? (Discontinued but revamped) by Deku_Midoriya27
Am I Cursed? (Discontinued but Deku_Midoriya27
Izuku Midoriya has a very powerful quirk but his quirk has its roots in villainy and evil. Will he be able to achieve his dream while being prejudiced by society on some...
Deku's True Power by sgniviz
Deku's True Powerby sgniviz
Izuku Midorya, a quirkless loser who had nothing to live for. He took his childhood friends advice and jumped. When he didn't die, his life changed forever. #1 in izuoch...
Impossible  by gyro276
Impossible by Deku Stan
As Izuku Midoriya goes through his journey to become the greatest hero ever, he finds himself journeying through with an old friend. He soon realizes his feelings for he...
Another chance by ZombiEe-Nn
Another chanceby ZombiEe-Nn
A wolves determination deku x uraraka by qmandeans
A wolves determination deku x qmandeans
Werewolves are rare in this world of superheroes, they are typically watched closely and studied in my case I've lived in a lab all my life, I have no friends and the on...
Lover | Izuocha by usedeuphoxia
Lover | Izuochaby 🍙
DISCONTINUED. art by destiny-h. --- "Deku-kun?" "I've been meaning to tell you that-i'm sorry, but I cannot return it.."
I hate and love you.  by Author-kun77
I hate and love you. by Author-kun
An izuocha fanfiction where Deku and Uraraka had a fight in kindergarten which led to something worse. But maybe they can be friends or perhaps more? Non quirk au. Rated...
Izuocha OneShot Fun by UnderthePen
Izuocha OneShot Funby UnderthePen
Izuocha OneShots for ya to read and smile at.
Players Get Lonely Too -  A My Hero Academia Fanfic  by NelajRechtas15
Players Get Lonely Too - A My NelajRechtas15
A few nights after Izuku and Bakugo's fight, Ochako pays him a visit; one she soon will never forget...
Will by CapSpeed
Willby CapSpeed
During the second generation of quirks, a group of heroes combined their powers to defeat the number one villain All For One. Their success also came with a prophecy, th...
Deku the feline hero by Leonstage964
Deku the feline heroby Leonstage_964
Izuku Midoriya has a quirk that can allow him to fully or partially transform into a cat, and develop the senses and strenght of every feline. when the quirk first mani...
New Adventures [An IzuOcha Fanfiction][ON HIATUS] by Jsimmons8604
New Adventures [An IzuOcha Jsimmons8604
While in their second year of UA High, two of our favorite heroes-in-training begin to look towards other goals aside from being heroes, and the obstacles that come with...
Fem Deku au (Deku x Uraraka) by DekuShrine
Fem Deku au (Deku x Uraraka)by Deku_Fanfics
This is my first book and I hope you like it, I don't own My hero academia or the characters. I tried to add no sexual content and swears are blocked out with a *. Here'...
Rising to the Top - A My Hero Academia Alternate Universe by Ragnark517
Rising to the Top - A My Hero V
Izuku Midoriya - A quirkless, bullied child that spent his childhood being bullied by his classmates and hid childhood best friend. He wanted to be a hero but everyone t...
IT'S COMPLICATED (An Izuocha Story) by ZynneMan
Almost a month and a half since the defeat of the paranormal liberation army and the death of all for one, peace was once again achieved. Although the remnants of the wa...
My Hero Academia Untold: The Fafnir Knight (Izuocha) by ZXEmperor
My Hero Academia Untold: The ZXEmperor
The reboot of the story is back in full force. In another universe Izuku Midoriya wasn't born quirkless. Instead he inherited the quirk of his father Hisashi. The Pro He...
31 Days (My Hero Academia/Izuocha) -Fanfic- by Mairu2121
31 Days (My Hero Academia/Izuocha) Mairu
It's that time of year again and Class-1A is enjoying the holiday month, December. Ahh yes the festivity surrounds us all with Christmas galore and decor. But Ochaco mix...