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Isolation [Erik Lehnsherr] by ChocoholicMoony
Isolation [Erik Lehnsherr]by Moved
Sometimes feeling isolated is better than actually getting along with other people. At least, that's the view Rory has when it comes to anyone else. It's going to be up...
  • love
  • erik
  • xavier
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X-Men Preferences/Scenarios by XXanimeseeker22XX
X-Men Preferences/Scenariosby XXanimeseekerXX
(Young)Charles Xavier(Professor X), (Young)Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto), (Young)Hank McCoy (Beast), Pietro "Peter" Maximoff(AoU, Quicksilver), James "Logan&qu...
  • pietro
  • logan
  • lehnsherr
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time eternal. by mikaylaTommo57
time eternal.by mik
" time is very slow for those who wait. very fast for those who are scared. very long for those who lament. very short for those who celebrate. but for those who lo...
  • future
  • lehnsherr
  • erik
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1962 - charles xavier by thebookmaven
1962 - charles xavierby 👼🏻
The year was 1962 when I met the man I would later call my husband. The man who sits at my bedside, holding my hand as I weakly gaze into the familiar blue eyes that cap...
  • mystique
  • mcavoy
  • xmen
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Erik Lehnsherr x Reader [[one shots/stories]] by ninjasbutterfly
Erik Lehnsherr x Reader [[one shot...by 𝔓𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔠𝔢𝔰𝔰 𝔖𝔲𝔷𝔞𝔫𝔫...
These are my Erik Lehnsherr x Reader one shots. English isn't my first language but I'm trying my best :) Enjoy!
  • michael
  • class
  • reader
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Out Of Time (X-Men First Class Love Stories) by zeldalove18
Out Of Time (X-Men First Class Lov...by zeldalove18
Elaine and Madison are mutants, a fact that makes them stand out enough. Not to mention the pasts that they try so hard to forget. But what happens to them when they fal...
  • first
  • xmenfirstclass
  • charles
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Molotov Heart {Alex Summers | X-Men} by artholomew_
Molotov Heart {Alex Summers | X-Me...by exceptional narcissist ✨
Aoibheal Cassidy didn't hesitate to follow her big brother, Sean, when he's recruited by Charles and Erik, even if she's not technically a mutant (yet). By his side, she...
  • sean
  • professor
  • banshee
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Mi Pequeño Charles//Mi Pequeño Erik by Veneno13
Mi Pequeño Charles//Mi Pequeño Erikby Danshy
Charles y Erik son atacados por un mutante que pensaban reclutar al equipo. Sin saber de qué se trata su mutación, vuelven a la mansión, donde descubren qué les ha ocurr...
  • romance
  • xavier
  • boyxboy
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Daemonium-Erik L/Magneto ( Editing ) by Annaannie2001
Daemonium-Erik L/Magneto ( Editing...by Annie M.
~Set during X-Men First Class~ Anna Maleshkova: a enigma, a being who can cause anyone to be rapt with awe and fear. Oh and she's currently a prisoner at the pentagon. C...
  • xmenfirstclass
  • banshee
  • comedy
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mutant and proud; charles xavier ✓ by irradiated
mutant and proud; charles xavier ✓by this is stupid
"i don't wanna buy what they're sellin' these days sayin' feelin' and fallin' is all a mistake no, no and why does everybody look at young hearts feelin' love, lik...
  • past
  • magneto
  • mutant
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A Moment in Time [X-Men First Class] by ___starrynight
A Moment in Time [X-Men First Clas...by ___starrynight
This story takes place during X-Men First Class. Mutants all over the world are being exposed and discovered. Sebastian Shaw is trying to start World War III. At the...
  • lehnsherr
  • class
  • erik
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Not About Angels by toribeth18
Not About Angelsby Tori
Heather Coleman loses many things on that beach in Cuba. And while she expected the grief that would follow, she never expected to gain anything. Especially something pr...
  • xmen
  • future
  • sequel
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Salem Witch (Erik Lehnsherr LS) by Queen_B_of_fanfics
Salem Witch (Erik Lehnsherr LS)by Isabell Clay
Jezalynn Connors has always been told to stop living in a fantasy world, that magic doesn't exist. But when she becomes the very thing her parents say is just fairytale...
  • scarletwitch
  • witches
  • ốc
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Guessing (Charles Xavier) by skylarzhai
Guessing (Charles Xavier)by Skylar
When a young Charles Xavier meets Haven Ellis, a green-eyed scholar who he meets by chance in a pub, he finds himself immediately attracted to not only her looks and per...
  • charles
  • xmenfirstclass
  • wolverine
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Seeing You  •Erik Lehnsherr• by fandom-united
Seeing You •Erik Lehnsherr•by fandom-united
Cover by: @kylierocksjenner - Marian Glenn was only a child when her powers began to develop. As time went by, and as Marian grew into a young adult, her powers free sub...
  • fanfic
  • mutant
  • love
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Let it be or be mine by Mariadks
Let it be or be mineby Mariadks
Adelyn is living the quite life with her family and taking care of the farm. But one day she meets a tall dark stranger and discover they have one or two things in comme...
  • lehnsherr
  • fassbender
  • michael
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Cherik Oneshots by ProtectiveErik
Cherik Oneshotsby Ten&Twelve
Yay Charles and Erik. Whenever I watch X-Men First Class I cannot help but feel these characters deserve a love story. (I mean c'mon the beach scene!!!!) And of course a...
  • lehnsherr
  • oneshots
  • x-men
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Only A Memory by shortfilipino
Only A Memoryby Bunbun
Agent Lacie Stevens becomes close to the things she never knew existed. Mutants. (Yep.. my second Charles Xavier Love Story, I had no idea how to explain this.)
  • xavier
  • mactaggert
  • hank
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CHLORIS by GhefiraK
CHLORISby Ghefira
The movie plot of X-Men: First Class retold with a new character added. Colleen MacLeod, also known as Chloris for her superpowers of plant manipulation. In this story...
  • fan
  • x-men
  • marvel
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Checkmate: Games of War » [Cherik] by professional_dreamer
Checkmate: Games of War » [Cherik]by professional_dreamer
Erik has disappeared into the unknown, vanished after he was exposed as a mutated tyrant on national television. The Whitehouse is in ruins and the world is in hysteria...
  • wanda
  • scarlet
  • cherik
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