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MY GANGSTER PROTECTOR ✔ by huntress2021
Dara's school, Bridge Rose University, was recently closed due to some stupid reason and the students had no choice but to transfer to the nearest university in the area...
Android 0327 by AuthorManoban
Android 0327by Z
[COMPLETED] Two brilliant engineers, Kwon Jiyong and Lucas, create the advanced Android 0327 Lalisa Manoban. As Lisa prepares to enter a society that forbids robots, her...
A book of imagines dedicated to the Netflix show The Witcher and the characters within the show. I own the work published in this book.
To Get Her by CuriousCatMe31
To Get Herby CuriousCatMe
5yrs after their break up, both Dara & Jiyong became pillars of KPop and everybody thought that they have finally moved on. But what happens when old feelings resurface...
✔ Book 1: The Other Miss Park by blinkingline
✔ Book 1: The Other Miss Parkby 👩‍💻
Sandara Park has to take over her best friend, Park Bom's class due to the latter's maternity leave. There she meets the infamous Kwon Twins, Kwon Jennie and Kwon Hanbin...
My deep soul by Tiyurin
My deep soulby Roseflower
"I've lost so many people I love. I can't loose you too." "I won't leave you. I promise." She is a kind hear-ted person who is so loved from others. ...
We Got Married - Daragon by sohyunieLover
We Got Married - Daragonby sohyunieLover
We Got Married is a South Korean reality variety show that pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples have assi...
MOBSTER FOR RENT (published by Bookware) by huntress2021
MOBSTER FOR RENT (published by Boo...by huntress
Jerk. He is a JERK. But Sara needs his services. If not for her stupid bestfriend who stupidly opened her big mouth during their conference meeting, she won't b...
KNOT THIS GUY  (Romance/Fantasy) ✔ by huntress2021
KNOT THIS GUY (Romance/Fantasy) ✔by huntress
When the red string of fate malfunctioned, Dara ended up being physically tied to the most stoic person in the planet. The string does not stretch and it is only visible...
I belong with you (vsoo) by jisooo_yaaa
I belong with you (vsoo)by Ishu
Taehyung who is well known doctor and jisoo who wanted be a doctor made path with each other and started thinking about each other. Start at: 22 October 2020 Ended at: 1...
𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝗹𝗲𝗲 group by WORSHIPRIO
𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝗹𝗲𝗲 groupby ‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎
๋ . ⁺ Love Lee ⎯ OC Group ㅤㅤㅤㅤ⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂ CAPRISONGS, is a four member co-ed group debuted under in.love Entertainment. The group cons...
Siblings (sookook) by jisooo_yaaa
Siblings (sookook)by Ishu
a sookook fanfiction where in jungkook and jisoo fell in love with each other while they are both siblings. Started at: 22nd October 2020 Ended at: 18th November 2020...
Book 2: THE Miss Park ▪︎▪︎▪︎ by blinkingline
Book 2: THE Miss Park ▪︎▪︎▪︎by 👩‍💻
Book 2 of The Other Miss Park
That Thing Called Destiny (a ChanBaek/ BaekYeol Fanfic) COMPLETED  by ladyelcric
That Thing Called Destiny (a ChanB...by Jungkook’s
This was done almost 3 years ago (2012) but after much consideration I decided to post it online. This is my very first YAOI fic and if you are not a fan of boyxboy stor...
The Perfect Boyfriend [Daragon] by Ikalsada
The Perfect Boyfriend [Daragon]by ikalsada
A story about a perfect relationship--and its consequences.
Be Mine by mbie07
Be Mineby mv
Description Love, fate, life and death will bind them together. In the world where everything you have is just borrowed, where everything has its own end. Will you have...
My Boyfriend's IQ <50 by FanficsCollection
My Boyfriend's IQ <50by Lady Fic
G-Dragon is a vicious; deadly, ruthless gang member, next in line for the leader position. Jiyong is a 23 year old man with a mental capacity of a five year old child. W...
Flower Despair by francinee04
Flower Despairby JAI
What does Flower Despair means to you? Dahil para sakin isa itong new beginnings at iba pa, tulad ng nangyari sa pamilya ko pagpatak ng bagong taon. Not until My Mom s...
The Fluctuating Couple by widestage
The Fluctuating Coupleby widestage
Jiyong being a mafia boss was never a problem for Dara; she accepted him as it is. She was happy with him beside her. Even when he would shut himself away from her and i...
MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE (Romantic Comedy) by huntress2021
MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE (Romantic Co...by huntress
Name: Sandara Park Status: No boyfriend since birth Weapons: Gigantic blouse and an ultra-long skirt that falls on her ankles, thick-rimmed glasses, messy hair that expl...