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Being in the wrong place at the wrong time was all it took for Adelasia's whole life to turn upside down. After being captured by the heathens raiding her city and taken...
truck x bike x me 😍❗️❗️ by Ac3_1s_s1lly
truck x bike x me 😍❗️❗️by °☆ ace ☆°
GRAPHIC PICTURES WILL BE IN THIS!!! anyways funny story abt me getting hit by a truck so my friends can see my injuries lol, have fun 😍 tw: blood, stitches, swearing, s...
Unordinary | The Old and New Cripple by Crasalty
Unordinary | The Old and New
John x Seraphina After being expelled from New Bostin High School, John comes to his new school, Wellston High. But his wish to live in his own house is rejected by the...
Under the Mask - An Unordinary Fanfiction by Red_Vermouth
Under the Mask - An Unordinary Vermouth
In episode 129, it isn't Elaine and Arlo who reach the kidnapped Seraphina first. Instead, it is John and Cecile! What will happen when Sera finds out that it is John un...
Ivar's secret admirer - Imagine by UltraaVioletSky
Ivar's secret admirer - Imagineby UltraaVioletSky
He is the sworn enemy of your kingdom, and yet you crave to meet the legend behind the infamous name Ivar the Boneless.
NIGHTMARE - unOrdinary by annalycheee
NIGHTMARE - unOrdinaryby anna
Nothing's changed. The hierarchy, intact. Seraphina still trusts him. He's still a "cripple". But for how long exactly? John wakes up from the worst nightmare...
henpat smut by henpatfanpage69420
henpat smutby lex!!!!!!!
this is short bc i dont care
My King by MysticForestWriter
My Kingby Møth
It's been almost a year and a half since John's old friend Ash had moved to america for her fathers job, she left at the wrong time as a week latter John was betrayed by...
Game Of Thrones Imagines/Oneshots by twigstick05
Game Of Thrones Imagines/Oneshotsby listening to jazz
*REQUESTS OPEN* I do Smut/Fluff/Angst and about anything in between. I will do any character you request! But I will tend to lean towards my own personal favorites. Thes...
Twisted Healer - UnOrdinary (John x Elaine) by Cipher_301
Twisted Healer - UnOrdinary ( CiphΞr
(Don't blame me lmfao, but I thought this would be a lowkey hilarious idea. I've always thought that if Elaine could change her views on lower tiers, she'd be an amazing...
Unwanted Marriage by Shadow_Widow
Unwanted Marriageby ShadowSilence
One day you found your sister in bed with your fiancé, Marcus Lancaster. She was supposed to marry Natasha Romanoff, the heartless and cruel millionaire businesswoman. I...
Pinpointing Powers by UtopianWonderbook
Pinpointing Powersby UtopianWonderbook
Who would have thought that I, Oliver Newman, would have ended up with a girl pushing me around and a crew. Of coarse, there was a story behind this nonsense...
Dysfunctional (ArloxJohn)  by starry_reads
Dysfunctional (ArloxJohn) by strawbabyy_
{HIATUS} Arlo has a heavy feeling of love in his heart but it's not for John. John has a heavy feeling of hate in his heart, and it's for Arlo. But we all know there's a...
Pandora's Box. by TLDWrites
Pandora's Ronnie (They/Them)
In a world where societal norms dictate beauty and limitations, enter the extraordinary love story of Pandora Chadwick and Oliver. Pandora, a woman whose girth defies co...
A Dark World  by YaoiFansOnly
A Dark World by YaoiFansOnly
"It's a dark world." That's what grandma said, but back then it didn't make much sense. It was probably some way for her to bring him comfort. Something said...
Cripple by Chimchimkookie_28
Crippleby Chimchimkookie_28
A world where people have superpowers. But some people still remained unlucky and didn't have any special abilities. And jimin happens to belong to that group of unlucky...
TAKEN FOR GRANTED by mikeburton52
Poem recounting a little family drama in the food court.
~Fraud~|Jarlo|UnOrdinaryFanfic| by scaracoochienomore
~Fraud~|Jarlo|UnOrdinaryFanfic|by Egg
It's been awhile since John and Arlo fought, and The dark haired boy notices that Arlo has a disguise on. He figures out about Arlo's aunt and the connection to EMBER. T...
INCONSUETUS Latin for Unordinary. She hates the Hierarchy system but her family is obsessed with it. This is the journey of Renee Lee, and her story in Wellston HS.
Crippled - 74th Hunger Games fan fiction by unluckyjoseph
Crippled - 74th Hunger Games fan unluckyjoseph
The boy with a crippled foot was a tribute in the 74th hunger games. The boy with the crippled foot was from district ten. The boy with the crippled foot never returned...