Bleak December [REVISED✅] by Grace_ShadowWolf
Bleak December [REVISED✅]by I'm—so—FABULOUS
Jace Philis. An Ethiopian wolf in a timber wolf family. Hated by everyone. In fact, he is hated by his pack and family. They don't care for him. His friends have turned...
  • alpha
  • december
  • shortstory
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LOvE AnGLe !!!!! by griningablanks142000
LOvE AnGLe !!!!!by grininga blanks
YuRi LoVe StoRy Of TwO GiRlS.... No MoRe No LeSs
  • lonely
  • harem
  • romance
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Words I Wish I Could Say To You: A Poem Book by ElmWyckoff
Words I Wish I Could Say To You: ✨Space Buns✨
In this book you are about to read is the story of one person's life told through a series of poems. Regardless of how they are formatted, the author wishes you, the rea...
  • bleak
  • language
  • inspiration
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The Fox under the mask by Grace_ShadowWolf
The Fox under the maskby I'm—so—FABULOUS
After the death of Jace 8 years ago, Jack Coldstone - who is now the alpha of the Stone Frost Pack - goes to every pack around the globe in search of his second chance m...
  • butterfly
  • alpha
  • werewolf
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Shatter by lunar_demon
Shatterby Naoki
Kai Lee, bestselling thriller author, gets his inspirations and ideas from his morbid, recurrent dreams. He has given up trying to escape his fate, and lives an empty, f...
  • murderer
  • fantasy
  • volunteer
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<<Bastard : Poetry Book>> by Comicallyinclined
>by [don’t bother]
  • broken
  • bleak
  • poetry
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Love and Dark Magic | Klarion Bleak (Witch Boy) X Original Character  by PlasticStarPaperMoon
Love and Dark Magic | Klarion Jai
"We are so different! You are good, I am bad, yet I keep coming back, here. I have never done this," Klarion admitted. Tsukiko smiled as she placed her hand o...
  • witchboy
  • magic
  • dccomics
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Whispers of the Wounded by camjensen
Whispers of the Woundedby Cam
//Poetry written by the pained// I keep thinking That if I keep whispering These terrible thoughts to this wind Maybe I'd see the meaning in something again
  • suicide
  • feelings
  • poems
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My First Threesome by rabrown223
My First Threesomeby richard brown
It's all in the title, Bro!
  • nihilism
  • humor
  • dark
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Bleak by MorganDuffy10
Bleakby Anzac_Warrior
'Running through the endless halls, laughter echoing around me. I stumble with every step I take I desperately try to get away. My chances of surviving are looking bleak...
  • romance
  • bleak
  • creature
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The Unforgiven Mistake by otaku6465
The Unforgiven Mistakeby AnimeThings
With matt black screla eyes, man eating unamed demons begin to blend into society. The story behind it all.
  • oni
  • spirits
  • tragedy
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