Magical Sacred Academy: The Long Lost Princess ( ON-HOLD ) by Writers__Black
Magical Sacred Academy: The Long jervic__02
Meet Ayumi. An innocent, sweet, lovely girl. Have a rich family and a top model. She never have a friend because she's studying in their mansion. She was secretly train...
  • vampire
  • war
  • sacrifice
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READ THE DIFFERENT SHADES OF WHITE AND THE DARKER SHADES OF WHITE BEFORE READING THIS BOOK. With so much at loss and so much hopelessness, Khadijah and Shehzad find the...
  • romance
  • ganster
  • spiritual
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Worth Reading Stories✔ by Outstandy
Worth Reading Stories✔by Outstandy
These stories that I will post here is the best I read so far. Hope you like it!
  • recommended
  • complete
  • action
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The DARE 💙💙 by CiareskiePrincess
The DARE 💙💙by CiareskiePrincess
This is My First Story Sana magustuhan niyo ☺☺
  • brettjackson
  • danielpadilla
  • enriquegil
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The Unknown Girl(Completed) Under editing by ChristineKayeSebigan
The Unknown Girl(Completed) Christine Kaye
"THE UNKNOWN GIRL" Mysterious girl with the red eye,the brutal, the queen of all,dont try to mess with her or else.... You'll DIE Note:I'LL REPEAT! U.N.D.E.R...
  • unique
  • cold
  • wattys2017
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 New Beginnings (Book 2) by concieted_lyn
New Beginnings (Book 2)by Tyralyn
Trapper Nextdoor Book two ... you was left in shock after the last chapter well it all continues on this book .
  • yassthegreatest
  • ganster
  • algeesmith
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Mr Playboy and Mrs Gangster |j.jk ff by sitaraneo
Mr Playboy and Mrs Gangster | dinesh gopal
Jungkook you know the saying -- "Once a playboy always a playboy " "I will get my revenge "-Y/N What if the most powerful gangster in the world meets...
  • ganster
  • nerdy
  • vampire
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Gangxters Job | k.ji by jamjampanda
Gangxters Job | k.jiby Lil Monsta
Short Story of EXO's Hormone Kai *lol Read if your Interested
  • exo-m
  • ganster
  • exo-k
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On The Run by karie24_
On The Runby Karie24
Sinopsis: Adrián es un joven que es patrocinador de carreras clandestinas en Dark City y viaja a Bright City a buscar a un corredor famoso, llamado Darker, por cosas de...
  • romance
  • gay
  • 18
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The Four Gangster Nerd by fallofhearts258
The Four Gangster Nerdby Blakenike
Ito ay istorya ng apat na gangster disguise into a nerd upang banatayan ang apat na prinsipe ng phantom university na walang ginawa kundi ang sumabak sa gulo
  • past
  • ganster
  • secret
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Flames Of His Darkness by kathkiran
Flames Of His Darknessby Kiran Katherine
❝Then why did you save me, huh? All those times I was near death, you saved me. Why? Because you still care Lucifer! Because you still can't see me hurt, you still have...
  • corporate
  • seanopry
  • action
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Im in Love With My Best friend (On- Going) by angelica_yook16
Im in Love With My Best friend ( Angelica
Im in Love in My Bestfriend......
  • king
  • romance
  • kilig
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Downtown St.Louis by KitsuneDiamond
Downtown St.Louisby Kitsune Diamond
Est-ce raisonnable d'oser regarder le trône incertains de la rue? Est-ce raisonnable de vouloir entrer dans la cour des grands? Est-ce raisonnable de prendre un risque d...
  • rue
  • ganster
  • street
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Chasing You by DemonQueen9403
Chasing Youby Demon Nakahara
"One love, One heart, One destiny"
  • love
  • kpop
  • badboy
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Best Of Wattpad by JayCay
Best Of Wattpadby I am Carla
Welcome to my book of books!! If you're reading this it's because you're looking for something amazing to read but don't know what. Well you're in the right place! In he...
  • watty
  • bestfriends
  • emotional
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Can't Be Just Friends by badgalvi_
Can't Be Just Friendsby Davita
Amber lives a rough life with her abusive step father and her mother is never there for her. Her best friend Quincy is the only person she has. Quincy is the biggest Dru...
  • abuse
  • teen
  • ganster
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The Four bad boys meet Four bad girls by user48500561
The Four bad boys meet Four bad jungkook's wife
Paano kung ang mga bad boys at bad girls ay mag tagpo ang puro bangayan,at asaran ay mauuwi sa pag iibigan ano kaya mag yayari
  • wattys2018
  • ganster
  • playboy
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She's A Gangster by SiAteniyoJackie
She's A Gangsterby Jacker
First Story ko to kaya Wag kang umarteng kala mo alam mo ang nararamdaman ko because you dont know my pain (hihi kala mo talaga may pinaghuhugutan eh hihi)Isa lang ako s...
  • ganster
Bad Deal by xxhazyrelxx69
Bad Dealby AriakZyrelk_7
Stormy and Angel light is the leader of the baddest Female groups. The Rank 1 was the Dark Queens {Stormy's group} while the Demin Angels {Angel light's group} was Rank...
  • twicesana
  • ganster
  • yoona
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Tu me enamoraste -2- by Baddies_Milly
Tu me enamoraste -2-by Milly AA
En esta segunda parte sera un poco diferente ya lo verán ♥♥♥
  • amor
  • celos
  • ganster
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