The Forgotten Proxy.  by CrimsonBlood__
The Forgotten Proxy. by You’reInMyWorldNow
BOOK ONE IN THE PROXY SERIES. Book 2: the Rejected proxy #20 in creepy pasta and #4 in the slenderman category on 10/5/18 Cover by; @Liv_Da_Queen Y/N is the forgotten pr...
  • kagekao
  • trenderman
  • jasonthetoymaker
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Carved happiness ( Jeff the Killer x reader ) by officalemotrashcan
Carved happiness ( Jeff the Cringe with fringe
This is by no means a story of which a girl falls in love with this amazing, hot serial killer who is so protective of her in the slender mansion. This is twisted story...
  • slenderman
  • heartbreak
  • creepypastaxreader
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The fight for her            (Creepypastas x Reader) by WhereAngelsHide
The fight for her ( Kait the gr8
Creepypasta x reader This is my first story, so sorry if its not so great Y/n was a regular girl at least that's what it seemed. Her mom was a whore who brought guys ho...
  • eyelessjack
  • adventure
  • kagekao
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Black & White, and the color of BLOOD; Homicidal Liu x Reader by Caddance
Black & White, and the color of Hank is a mood tbh
There's a new boy in (Y/N) Arkensaw's neighborhood, who is the target of the bullies, Liu became her first friend, who fought for her. But what happens after Liu goes to...
  • jeff
  • creepypasta
  • homicidalliu
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Dega el pasado atrás (HOMICIDAL LIU Y TU ) by larisa876
Dega el pasado atrás (HOMICIDAL larisa876
Tn tan solo es la hija del joker y de harley quinn .Pero ella no era como ellos ,a ella le gustaba escuchar música , correr, mirar a películas , jugar a vidiojuegos . De...
  • liuwoods
  • homicidal
  • romance
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I hate pasta|MANGA| by senjulardan
I hate pasta|MANGA|by melo
Angel bir seri katıl oldu o artık temiz bir sayfadaydı ... onun adı VOMİTİNG ANGEL di . Ama slendy onu buldu ve proxy yaptı . Acaba onu nasıl maceralar bekliyordu ? mera...
  • ticcitoby
  • jeffthekiller
  • liuwoods
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In Love With A Psychopath (Jeff The Killer x Reader) by weir-DG-irl
In Love With A Psychopath (Jeff weirDGirl
(y/n) is a young girl who lives alone in her house and she got bored and feel lonely everyday... So she applied a Job to an asylum where crazy or psychopath people lives...
  • jeffthekiller
  • liu
  • jeff
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{EDITING} Love Me, Brother | Jeff X Liu by homicidal-psycho
{EDITING} Love Me, Brother | It's Liu y'all!
«I had said before that if something happened and I couldn't protect him, I would never forgive myself. Something tells me that I'm on that route right now.» Starting at...
  • jeffxliu
  • boys
  • fanfiction
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Nuestra Niña [Creepypastas Y Tu]  by Palomecus
Nuestra Niña [Creepypastas Y Tu] by Hato-Chan :3
TN es una niña que se escapo de su casa y se perdió en el bosque. Luego encontró una casa y afortunadamente era la casa de los Creepys.
  • sally
  • laughingjack
  • slenderman
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Bonded By Hatred /|\ A Homicidal Liu x Reader Fanfiction by Gryffindor_Alumni
Bonded By Hatred /|\ A Homicidal Sarai Frutos
(Y/N) (L/N) was an abused child from the age of 6. At the age of 19, (Y/N) killed her parents. She had been stalked by Slenderman since the age of 17, so on that fateful...
  • xreader
  • readerchan
  • creepypasta
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Destiny / Jeff the Killer by Snow192000
Destiny / Jeff the Killerby Snow192000
Comment aurais-je pu deviner, qu'en quelques mois d'absence, tout allait changer ? Mon nom est Kaya North, et ceci est mon histoire. Ou devrais-je plutôt dire, notre hi...
  • jeffwoods
  • liuwoods
  • gotosleep
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Creepypasta Rants and Stuff //complete by clownpasta
Creepypasta Rants and Stuff // you're angelic
People seem to like reading other people's ranting and I do that a lot. And I have a lot to say about the Creepypasta (and Slenderverse I guess) fandom. So here enjoy m...
  • jeffthekiller
  • creepypastaocs
  • janethekiller
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!preguntas¡ (oc's,FNAF,FNAFHS,creepypastas) by puppet2017
!preguntas¡ (oc's,FNAF,FNAFHS, Lynn kagami chan
preguntas de todo tipo humor
  • freddy
  • bloodypainter
  • bonnie
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Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios male reader by SpillTheTeaFam
Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios FlowerBoy
There's not many male reader creepypasta boyfriend scenarios, so I decided to write one myself. Feel free to request~ Enjoy
  • love
  • darklink
  • liuwoods
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siempre juntos ( jeff ; liu ; ben ; bloody x tu ) by lunayathekiller
siempre juntos ( jeff ; liu ; luna the killer
es la historia de una chica de 16 años y llegan chicos nuevos pero ella tiene una cosas roro que nunca parese normal le hacen bullyng y no tiene pero talvez algo ambie...
  • tn
  • liuwoods
  • jeffthekiller
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[Hiatus] Creepypasta In Wonderland || Creepypasta x Reader by LostKilljoy_
[Hiatus] Creepypasta In Levi
ON HOLD FOR THE TIME BEING "But my darling, this is not Wonderland, and you're not Alice." <><><><> Y/n L/n didn't know what to expect...
  • readerxcreepypasta
  • demon
  • wonderland
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CreepyPasta Roleplay by ImSammySeavey
CreepyPasta Roleplayby Chicken Nugget
welp I love creepy pasta
  • jeffthekiller
  • slenderman
  • sally
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La invocación sexual...(Jeff The Killer y tu) [50% hot y subiendo 7u7]  by Erinalvarezreyes
La invocación sexual...(Jeff The Erin Jackson
¿Y si hicieras una invocación solo por diversión? ¿Y si en serio pasara algo? Vamos, que _____ comprobó a la mala que Jeff The Killer si existe y que no solo la llevó a...
  • rayis
  • jeffreywoods
  • lágrimas
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Amor De Asesinos ( Jeff The Killer Y Tu ) by ESTEFANIALM4
Amor De Asesinos ( Jeff The ESTESKY SHOW
Hola Mi Nombre Es _____ (TN) _____(TA), mis amigas y yo tenemos un secreto que nadie sabe hasta que ellos llegaron a nuestras vidas y lo cambiaron todo ⚠Prohibido copiar...
  • ticcitoby
  • creepypasta
  • liuwoods
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Investigación Creepypasta. © by 0036x-
Investigación Creepypasta. ©by ☾ erwebo ☽
Aquí voy a publicar teorías, experiencias y muchas cosas más referente a los tan nombrados creepypastas. Sin más que decir... ... Dulces Sueños ... ...
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