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So We Meet Again? (Discontinued) by love-sakura
So We Meet Again? (Discontinued)by 의 (Eui)
Some story deserves good ending....♥️💗♥️ warning: discontinued #1 in kamui (29.12.22)
Glitched Soul by depressowithtea
Glitched Soulby DootDootDepression
The internet is a great ever expanding place where behind the screen you could be anyone. What if what we consider to be just code that's a living breathing beaning...Wo...
Lady Mary by Jaya-Avendel
Lady Maryby Jaya Avendel
A short story written for the Red Feather Award Summer 2019 Writing Contest. Lady Mary is a young, charming, and beautiful Victorian woman standing at the door to her fu...
Part 1: To change your destiny; Part 2: 4 2 1(For you); Part 3: Second Chances by thehumblePencil
Part 1: To change your destiny; the humble Pencil
"If I was fated to repeat each life with you just to watch you perish, I would choose to put an end to this vicious cycle this time. Let me change your destiny for...
Mediocre Short Stories by Bowloffruit67
Mediocre Short Storiesby Chicken Noodle Soup
Fiction stories I wrote for my creative writing class. There's only ten, plus one I picked to polish. Stay tuned for, 'Celeste in Distress'
Brief Moments - Stories from Huntington by Fateblood
Brief Moments - Stories from Fateblood
Huntington. Eine kleine Stadt, irgendwo in England. Auf keiner Karte zu finden. Dort leben Menschen mit sehr speziellen Fähigkeiten und Geschichten... Erzählt aus den Ka...
Summerhill Asylum by 1MeganAnn
Summerhill Asylumby LivinDeadGhoul
Magnolia Quinn's world comes crashing down upon finding a long-lost postcard from the mother she never knew. What shocks her more than the appearance of the letter after...
Habit Co. by JermaneWolf
Habit JermaneWolf
A company that gets rid of any nasty habits, but is it dangerous?
In a Field of Flowers, I'd Pick You First by THEorange656
In a Field of Flowers, I'd Pick Orange
A short story I'm working on to help me learn more about writing. Hope you enjoy!
Eternity's Fallout by The_Simpful_Ghost
Eternity's Falloutby Lizzy
A world of Irradiated creatures after nuclear fallout Devastated the world can be a lot to handle. Ten years after the initial explosion and 26 year old Sydney Renferro...
Mirrors Are My Enemy by Jaya-Avendel
Mirrors Are My Enemyby Jaya Avendel
Alice is one with the rejected students of Carriage County High. She sits with the fat, stupid, plain girls in a lonely corner of Carriage County High School, knowing he...
Short Stories by user67144119
Short Storiesby @devinair
Hiya folks, here is a bunch of short stories from me. I have just started to write and would welcome any feedback you have on anything. They are not in series, so any pa...
Alcatraz by DraconisNocturne
Alcatrazby DraconisNocturne
The story of a girl, her pet, their friend, the desert, and what happens after.
An interview with Mr G by TheImossiblePlant
An interview with Mr Gby The Writing Plant
Mr G's daughter's disappearance had been unreported to the police until several weeks after she had allegedly gone missing. Following a brief interview with police, Mr...
Forgotten Echoes by therensue17
Forgotten Echoesby Christian Joseph Bernido
Luke Matthews is cursed to be forgotten. The novel follows protagonist Lucas "Luke" Matthews, a young man who, in order to escape his marriage in early eightee...
Urban Life by McDoForeverR
Urban Lifeby McDoLoVerR
Creative Writing Course Work
Train tracks  by iixxyc
Train tracks by iixxyC
I had a cool dream and decided to write it down so here is this :)
Many Stories High by NoShameIn
Many Stories Highby Tee Mee
Each chapter a different story! Delve in to the imagination brought forth through each short story. A combination of contest entries, writing prompts and random short st...
Untitled by emilybryson7
Untitledby emilybryson7
This story is something I started writing in English class. It's not quite finished yet but it's set in a dystopian world during the time of a war. So far the main chara...