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Love Me For Real (Courtivia) by 11FavoriteWriter11
Love Me For Real (Courtivia)by Blue Carnage
Olivia and Courtney have always been close friends. They'd always flirt and do weird things to each other for fun. But that wasn't the case with Courtney, she wanted mor...
Crushes (OliviaXCourtney) by smosh_fanz
Crushes (OliviaXCourtney)by smosh_fanz
When Olivia's long term boyfriend breaks up with her,her crush for Courtney gets stronger and she doesn't know how to cope with falling for her best friend
Until My Last Breath by Girlisti
Until My Last Breathby AdaMaiiii
When falling in love isn't the hardest thing to deal with. Sometimes it's losing the one you love. I'm not the best at updating on time. Plus, just as a warning!! I need...
~Smosh One-Shots~ by LemonLimeLibby
~Smosh One-Shots~by LemonLimeLibby
Smosh One-Shots! *Requests open* Message or comment any Smosh ships or x reader's (romantic or platonic) you want to see and I'll do my best to write them! *This is a sm...
Secrets -Courtivia- by comillfan
Secrets -Courtivia-by comillfan
Join the emotional roller coaster that is Courtney and Olivia's relationship. Will it work out?
Courtivia ••• It Only Gets Better by Hay_Its_Emma_
Courtivia ••• It Only Gets Betterby Emma (Crystal) K.
Courtivia fanfic >>>>>>> Courtney and Olivia are going trough a lot and are struggling to keep their relationship intact and they will fight anyone...
Courtivia One Shots by smoshfanfics2016
Courtivia One Shotsby SmoshFanfics2020
Unlike my other one shots, this is purely Courtivia based and probably won't actually have a storyline. Probably used to just treat my storybugs. Probably just going to...
Our little Secrets (Woze Fan-fiction) [Discontinue] by lilythegreatnight
Our little Secrets (Woze Lily/Lucas aka lilythegreatni...
(I would turn back now if I were you) Warning: Cringe... If you don't know Smosh games go check them out if you do know who they are and don't know Boze and or Wes then...
Smosh One Shots by JustDivinity16
Smosh One Shotsby Divinity
I did it. I caved in and started writing fanfics. However, I could never commit to writing an actual book so we're doing one shots. So yeah, here's smosh one shots. I'...
Maybe by cocoanine
Maybeby cocoanine
Courtney never liked the word "maybe". It was a word filled with uncertainty. It was that moment she decided to persuade Olivia to change her answer.
smosh next generation  by Yuukannasenju
smosh next generation by Yuukannasenju
watch smosh next generation children adventure in life!!!
I still love you. -Courtivia-  by comillfan
I still love you. -Courtivia- by comillfan
Missing someone is the hardest part about life. Sequel to "Secrets" AMAZING COVER MADE BY: @girlisti
The 2018 Smosh Wattys: Voting Book [CLOSED] by Smosh_FanficAwards
The 2018 Smosh Wattys: Voting Smosh Wattys
This is where you can vote for your favourite stories in the 2018 Smosh Wattys. Rules are inside.
And Then She Left (Courtivia Book 2!) by smoshfanfics2016
And Then She Left (Courtivia SmoshFanfics2020
The squad each got accepted to college, outside from their town, they're on their own. They're free! Left to make their own adult decisions and grow in their own unrestr...
Courtivia - Ship Wars! by smoshfanfics2016
Courtivia - Ship Wars!by SmoshFanfics2020
I entered in the Smosh Wars, being held by @smoshcommunity !! Go check out their account if you haven't already and check out the rest of the competitors!
It Wouldn't Matter (A Courtivia Story) by cozeington
It Wouldn't Matter (A Courtivia cozeington
In the 1980's interracial couples aren't accepted but when you add same sex to it things get wild.
Leave your past behind  by SputnikAC
Leave your past behind by May-Lee
Courtney must make a big decision.
I love you from the 🌙 and back [CourtiviaOneshots] by tr_couthmiller
I love you from the 🌙 and back [ TRtoru
I just love Courtivia so muchh I will take request from everyone Just give me your favorite Courtivia scene in videos and choose SFW (Safe for Work) or NSFW ( Not safe...
DREAMER by Girlisti
DREAMERby AdaMaiiii
Boze, a 22 year old with her whole future ahead of her! But her life takes a dark turn when she's suddenly in dire need of money, how low will she stoop? Who will be the...