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Envy : Shayne Topp by holyxcalum
Envy : Shayne Toppby Taylor
Working at Smosh has its perks like getting to see Shayne topp nearly everyday, but what happens when he gets a girlfriend.
Happiness || Shayne Topp by _DreamingInsomniac_
Happiness || Shayne Toppby kiara
In which Birdie Hanson is thrust into the limelight and finds her happiness.
shayne x reader. by ashleyyyyx
shayne x ashley 💗
your typical shayne love story i guess :))
The Sister (Shayne Topp x Reader) by MaeBelle3
The Sister (Shayne Topp x Reader)by MaeBelle
My name is Y/n L/n. I'm the younger sister of S/n, who currently dates one of the Smosh Games members, Damien Haas. She recently moved in with him due to the fact she lo...
Demons of Ours // D.H by Sin_of_Writing
Demons of Ours // D.Hby Sin of Writing
@BonnieClyde tweeted: Who has time for a relationship? I don't. Bonnie had gotten into the flow of things. She wrote, recorded, met with friends, occasionally landed in...
Company (Shaylivia) by PepperoniPlayboi
Company (Shaylivia)by PepperoniPlayboi
Shayne and Olivia get drunk at the Smosh party and sleep with each other. They spend time trying to figure out if it was a mistake or the beginning of something. Finishe...
BOYS // imagines | ✔️ by lunxrbella
BOYS // imagines | ✔️by lunxrbella
(COMPLETED) just a bunch of random imagines of my favourite boys (celebrities & fictional characters). • publish chapters when i have some spare time • enjoy reading! ...
I Got You by SputnikAC
I Got Youby May-Lee
Courtney has always been resilient and independent. But can she handle what life is about to throw at her?
The Smosh Squad Cabin Of Torture by smoshfanfics2016
The Smosh Squad Cabin Of Tortureby SmoshFanfics2020
Ian and Anthony of Smosh decide to give the Smosh Squad a break and invite them to a cabin for a vacation. What they didn't know was that the cabin was inhabited.
Just Friends? | Shaylivia by PepperoniPlayboi
Just Friends? | Shayliviaby PepperoniPlayboi
To the squad and the rest of Smosh, Shayne and Olivia just seem like friends. Their increased interactions and secrets make them start to wonder though. Are Shayne and O...
Wild Thoughts (Shaylivia) by PepperoniPlayboi
Wild Thoughts (Shaylivia)by PepperoniPlayboi
Olivia starts to develop feelings for Shayne, before learning that Courtney also likes him. They end up competing against each other to gain his affection. Meanwhile Sha...
Noah's lil sis! <Shayne topp x reader> by Mel_Connor555
Noah's lil sis! by Melani
You are Noah's sister and you are finally "old enough " to come to the smoffice. How does everything go? Read to find out! ⚠️Cursing involved ⚠️ *currently th...
Positions // Shaymien (Shayne Topp & Damien Haas) [boyxboy] by LouisBottomsDontLie
Positions // Shaymien (Shayne Trash
Just a thing I've been writing in quarantine 🥴😭 Positions, the album, but if it was this cute blond and this cute brunette that we love. Damien is an office worker who...
More Than Friends | Shaylivia by PepperoniPlayboi
More Than Friends | Shayliviaby PepperoniPlayboi
(Sequel to Just Friends?) Now that the secret is out, Shayne and Olivia finally embrace being out as a couple. They deal with the ups and downs of relationships and much...
Shaylivia Smut by PepperoniPlayboi
Shaylivia Smutby PepperoniPlayboi
Just straight Shayne and Olivia smut. Idk what else to say but yeah. Don't read if you're unconformtable with sexual content.
Soulmates | Shaylivia by PepperoniPlayboi
Soulmates | Shayliviaby PepperoniPlayboi
(Sequel to More than friends) Picking up where we left off. Olivia drops that bombshell announcement after Shayne asks for her hand in marriage. What will happen next?
You Got Me //Shourtney// Highschool// by smosh_something
You Got Me //Shourtney// 나딘❣️
Shayne,a horrible student Courtney,a great student They were friends but her being way smarter than him,just made him hate her. High school comes and they're the same. L...
Shaylivia | Instagram by PepperoniPlayboi
Shaylivia | Instagramby PepperoniPlayboi
Shayne, Olivia and others Instagram revolving around Shaylivia. Inspired by @shaliviaa
San Diego (Shaylivia) by PepperoniPlayboi
San Diego (Shaylivia)by PepperoniPlayboi
A new neighbor moves in next door to Shayne and his daughter.
Christmas Vacation (Shaylivia) by PepperoniPlayboi
Christmas Vacation (Shaylivia)by PepperoniPlayboi
The Smosh family stays in a cabin in the snowy mountains for Christmas. During the vacation feelings arise and secrets are revealed.