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Couple for Hire [Shourtney] by GeneralEyes
Couple for Hire [Shourtney]by Amy ✨
You may know Shayne Topp and Courtney Miller from Smosh, as everyone who watches Smosh does. But to people of three certain qualities: 1) those who don't watch Smosh, 2)...
Shourtney Moments by -Flipswitch-
Shourtney Momentsby your friendly neighborhood id...
Compiling all the Shourtney moments I find in Smosh videos for the sake of the shipping community (Shourtney/Shartney/Shayney) (Shayne Topp and Courtney Miller)
The Switch / Shourtney by Kat_trix7
The Switch / Shourtneyby Kat_trix7
Shayne and Courtney have been co-workers and friends since they began working at Smosh about two years ago. But when circumstances change, feelings start to grow. Are th...
Binding Love//A Shourtney/Shartney Fanfic by MrGiraffe76
Binding Love//A Shourtney/ Kirin-san
Ever since they first met, Courtney's had a feeling deep inside of her that she didn't know anything about that got triggered after meeting one guy. Her callback partner...
Snowfall // Shourtney by MrGiraffe76
Snowfall // Shourtneyby Kirin-san
When Ian invites the squad out into the mountains for a week of fun everyone is immediately on board. The squad spends countless hours out there hanging out and just tal...
Just Classmates? ✔️ by redgreyhoodies
Just Classmates? ✔️by //C//
A story of emotion, friendship, and perhaps love. #shourtney -redgreyhoodies 🥀
Quarantine - [Shourtney] - by -Flipswitch-
Quarantine - [Shourtney] -by your friendly neighborhood id...
[I'm bad at writing descriptions. And also stories tbh. I'm sorry in advance.] A Shourtney story from quarantine. Idk man. Just read it ig. Also ignore the bad design of...
Happier {Shourtney} by skeith001
Happier {Shourtney}by Domskie
Courtney Miller was about to move out of the country due to her ex-boyfriend. But her best friend, Olivia, convinced her to stay and audition for a comedy-Youtube channe...
The Shy Girl//Short Story ✅ by sugarmommy4523
The Shy Girl//Short Story ✅by 1-800-EatMyAssBitch
What happens when the school fuckboy saves the school shy girl from taking her own life? Started: November 13, 2017 Ended: March 26, 2018 Edited: 12/29-31/2018 Cover mad...
say you love me | shayne + courtney by eatfresh_or_dieyoung
say you love me | shayne + courtneyby team peamup bubber
"She now remembered why she was so burned by last year's Games, and it wasn't because of the desert sun. For the past year, she had been tirelessly trying to erase...
Girl Stellar [Shourtney] by GeneralEyes
Girl Stellar [Shourtney]by Amy ✨
The Realm, provider of all the good things to humans on Earth, has a huge problem: they miscalculated and failed to assign a soulmate to the constantly devastated psycho...
Heart Eyes (Shartney One Shot) COMPLETE by swaggfangirl
Heart Eyes (Shartney One Shot) xoxo, gossip girl<3
Shayne and Courtney are the best of friends but they can't help but fall in love with each other slowly... Will their paths intertwine?
A very Shourtney Christmas  by ComfusedPenguin
A very Shourtney Christmas by ConfusedPenguin
A little Christmas treat for the festive readers out there :) Shourtney is coming to your page for Christmas :-)
Into You (Shourtney Fanfiction) by shourtneyxcrybaby
Into You (Shourtney Fanfiction)by ☆LifesAParty☆
Courtney and Shayne are just roomates. They live together, they're friends, and that's it. They have a rule: we can't fall in love. Because we don't have feelings for ea...
Shourtney One-Shots by -Flipswitch-
Shourtney One-Shotsby your friendly neighborhood id...
Because I don't wanna have to write a new book for every small idea I have
When the Clock Ticks [Shourtney] by GeneralEyes
When the Clock Ticks [Shourtney]by Amy ✨
He was given three months. She was given two months and 29 days. Nothing's ever certain, but when Smosh's very own Shayne Topp and Courtney Miller are given their end da...
Smugglers by ComfusedPenguin
Smugglersby ConfusedPenguin
Smugglers, a sequel to highwayman. Where we left off our couple Courtney and Shayne had been torn apart by Jonathan, Shayne left lifeless on the deck of a ship and Court...
'Hoo Hoo!' ~ A Collection of Shourtney / Shartney Oneshots by WebbyIsAStupidBitch
'Hoo Hoo!' ~ A Collection of kitty
I've seen a few of these around, so I may as well hop on this bandwagon and present to you... crappy Shourtney Oneshots, of Shayne Topp and Courtney Miller, duh. Enjoy!
Highwayman by ComfusedPenguin
Highwaymanby ConfusedPenguin
Set in 18th century America, this story follows the story of Courtney Miller a smart young woman trapped by her family and a lowly highwayman, Shayne topp, and their str...
Here's To Us [Shourtney] by GeneralEyes
Here's To Us [Shourtney]by Amy ✨
Finally free from Defy, and into Mythical's loving home. Shayne Robert Topp and Courtney Ruth Miller have been going through one heck of a rollercoaster ride ever since...