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Smosh One Shots by Lilyfromdownunder
Smosh One Shotsby Lily 🦕
I have a main Smosh book series, but I still have a lot of mini ideas! So, I decided to write them down and put them in this book! Hope you enjoy :)
And Then She Showed Up / Smosh Squad! by smoshfanfics2016
And Then She Showed Up / Smosh Squ...by SmoshFanfics2020
Olivia Sui and her band of friends are just regular Juniors at a high school. Olivia is confident that she'll finally have a regular year. And then she showed up.
Smosh one shots {REQUESTS OPEN} by little_topphat
Smosh one shots {REQUESTS OPEN}by Teeny topp
My first one shots book and book in general. Sorry if there is bad gramar i try to check it before i post it but it might slip through sometimes whoops. Credit to @shipp...
Noah Grossman X Courtney Miller by ilikeunicornsyay
Noah Grossman X Courtney Millerby ilikeunicornsyay
Noah and Courtney are great friends along with the smosh squad. But what happens when Courtney drags him into a room and kisses him. Will they be more then friends? Wha...
Smosh One-Shots! by miss_soupy
Smosh One-Shots!by soupy
Um... The title explains it all. Please give me requests! SMUT FREE ZONE probs won't include the og games crew sorry might include the crew though (Spencer, Tommy, Sarah...
🧚🏻Smosh oneshots🧚‍♀️ON HOLD by shubblesimp
🧚🏻Smosh oneshots🧚‍♀️ON HOLDby request oneshots
Smosh oneshots! Angst🥀 Fluff🌸 NO SMUT PLEASE Will do Smosh main mostly! Please request!!! 🧚‍♀️🥰
Our little Secrets (Woze Fan-fiction) [Discontinue] by lilythegreatnight
Our little Secrets (Woze Fan-ficti...by Lily/Lucas aka lilythegreatni...
(I would turn back now if I were you) Warning: Cringe... If you don't know Smosh games go check them out if you do know who they are and don't know Boze and or Wes then...
One Kiss 💋 by Snow_White4321
One Kiss 💋by Mumu
One kiss started it all.
Smosh It Up - Smosh Shorts by littlebiggies
Smosh It Up - Smosh Shortsby kla
welcome to smosh it up! a little collection of story ideas I had. they could possibly become true stories, but for the most part it'll just be stuff for fun. there may b...
Time of Our Lives -Smosh High-  by writer1092
Time of Our Lives -Smosh High- by Writer1092
I DON'T OWN SMOSH! THIS IS ALL FICTION! WARNING: Contains some strong language Olivia has a huge crush on Anthony even though she's with Phil. But, Anthony happens t...
Counting Stars -Smosh High 2-  by writer1092
Counting Stars -Smosh High 2- by Writer1092
Sequel to Time of Our Lives -Smosh High- The gang is back and more complicated than ever. It's been about 6 months since the gang was in grade 9. There are new relations...
100 days to fall in love // Thiam by thiamxfanfic
100 days to fall in love // Thiamby ashie ♡︎
In which Liam Dunbar is in a happy relationship with Brax Myers, but his father wants him to get married to a lady because he thinks that Liam is just going through a ph...
smosh next generation  by Yuukannasenju
smosh next generation by Yuukannasenju
watch smosh next generation children adventure in life!!!
Smosh Highschool- A New Beggining  by Jabba1973
Smosh Highschool- A New Beggining by Jabba1973
This is my first fanfiction so sorry if it's badly written or grammer mistakes but I'll try my hardest. Ian just moved to a new school and is absolutely terrified will...
The 2018 Smosh Wattys: Voting Book [CLOSED] by Smosh_FanficAwards
The 2018 Smosh Wattys: Voting Book...by Smosh Wattys
This is where you can vote for your favourite stories in the 2018 Smosh Wattys. Rules are inside.
Into the Unknown (A Shortney Story) by Holywoodunderfed
Into the Unknown (A Shortney Story)by
A millenia ago, the Earth that we knew ceased to exist. With the advancement of technology, the human race gave itself a second chance. Those lucky enough to escape scat...
And Then She Left (Courtivia Book 2!) by smoshfanfics2016
And Then She Left (Courtivia Book...by SmoshFanfics2020
The squad each got accepted to college, outside from their town, they're on their own. They're free! Left to make their own adult decisions and grow in their own unrestr...
Koah love within by Bigboisalvage
Koah love withinby JT/ AJ Simpson
Keath and Noah are secretly in love but don't now it till today #Koah #love #gay #a little gaysmut