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L-O-V-E, Love - [Smosh] Courtmien / Courtamien by littlebiggies
L-O-V-E, Love - [Smosh] kla
L-O-V-E, Love A deep feeling of affection for some one or some thing. It fills the air, but is not a gas. It's something that you may feel for yourself, and possibly eve...
Torn Love (Smosh story) by Smoshney_
Torn Love (Smosh story)by Jess✨
Join Courtney, Shayne and Damien as they travel through life dealing with strong feelings towards eachother. What will happen?
Sofia Haas by thats_swaggy_gay
Sofia Haasby Brianna
Adopted by Damien Haas and Courtney Miller because I am bored in quarantine.
Smosh It Up - Smosh Shorts by littlebiggies
Smosh It Up - Smosh Shortsby kla
welcome to smosh it up! a little collection of story ideas I had. they could possibly become true stories, but for the most part it'll just be stuff for fun. there may b...
Smosh One Shots by JustDivinity16
Smosh One Shotsby Divinity
I did it. I caved in and started writing fanfics. However, I could never commit to writing an actual book so we're doing one shots. So yeah, here's smosh one shots. I'...
Courage- A Courtamien/Dartney/Courtmien Story by DrawingClub
Courage- A Courtamien/Dartney/ Baguette
Courtney Miller has developed a crush on coworker Damien Haas. Will she tell him how she feels? Will he accept? Will Courtney die? Who knows
courtney miller oneshots ☁️ by wroxtobxhz
courtney miller oneshots ☁️by 𝒙𝒂𝒏𝒕𝒉𝒊 シ
a series of courtney miller oneshots! these are ship oneshots, so no reader x courtney, sorry!
[untitled] smosh one-shots by petrichor_plots
[untitled] smosh one-shotsby girl luvr
smosh one shots, requests taken always!
Who Would've Thought | SCREENPLAY VERS. by smoshfanfics2016
Who Would've Thought | SmoshFanfics2020
Courtney Miller is the most prepared student in the entire school. She plans for every part of her day in her agenda, and doesn't leave one part free. So when she sched...
*-More than friends-* (A Courtamien story) by ShortneyIsHot
*-More than friends-* (A *_Anika_*
Courtney and Damien are struggling to keep their relationship private from their office and the world. Will HQ find out? Will things get rough?
Courtmien by loveclevercore
Courtmienby loveclevercore
A fanfic of Courtney Miller and Damien haas
Over Time - Courtmien by multifandomXfiction
Over Time - Courtmienby jamierodríguez
Courtney slowly reveals details about her and Damien's relationship over the course of an interview.
The 2018 Smosh Wattys: Voting Book [CLOSED] by Smosh_FanficAwards
The 2018 Smosh Wattys: Voting Smosh Wattys
This is where you can vote for your favourite stories in the 2018 Smosh Wattys. Rules are inside.
With Fingers Intertwined // Courtamien // Smosh by HaileeChance
With Fingers Intertwined // Courtamien Fan-Fiction
Overshadowed by the more popular Shartney ship couple, Courtmien is a ship destined for reality. These co-workers find themselves willing falling into each others' arms...
Please Be Mine (Shourtmien) by melissajoyce08
Please Be Mine (Shourtmien)by Melissa Joyce Diego
This is my first ever fanfic and we're going bold with 3 main characters. Some details will be fictional since I'm still relatively new to the Smosh fandom. Hope you enj...