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My Heart Is Nuclear by shaynediamandis
My Heart Is Nuclearby thestereotypicalweeb
What happens when two guys who have had feelings for eachother for 2 years, are forced to share a tiny cabin for seven days? It happens to Shayne Topp and Damien Haas du...
Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare- Shaymien  by michael_bricky
Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare- kittenglasses
Truth or dare shenanigans Shaymien Ongoing story Disclaimer/Warning: this fan content contains sexual situations between two people who are just friends in real life. I...
Unsolicited - Shaymien FF by CatHaastrophe
Unsolicited - Shaymien FFby Hoe
Damien never declined friend requests on apps, especially from those higher in popularity like the Jocks, even the theatre kids. Damien was low in the standings and didn...
Why me? Shaymien [Complete] by WhyWhyWhy24
Why me? Shaymien [Complete]by Shaynes ToppHat
Damien Haas and Shayne Topp are best friends and work together at Smosh but do they want more? Just your basic fanfic, no need for trigger warning as its just basically...
Shaymien (Smosh Fanfic) by IsepTiplIerLUver
Shaymien (Smosh Fanfic)by BrädłēÏšHøt
Damien's girlfriend started to get jealous of how close Damien was to Shayne, she was afraid they'd be together and decides to break up with him....... what will He do...
Everything Changes  - A Smosh Fanfic by OliviaDyson6
Everything Changes - A Smosh Olivia Dyson
As Ian's little sister, you've been apart of smosh since it all began. Growing up you helped edit, produce and write for smosh. Growing close to everyone member of the c...
Beta || Iancorn (NaNoWriMo 2018) by Smosh_Fanfics
Beta || Iancorn (NaNoWriMo 2018)by ıllıllı ᴋᴀᴛᴇ ıllıllı
David Moss was a self-proclaimed video game expert. He felt like there was nothing anyone could do to beat him. He was overly cocky. That is, until he gets an email, inv...
shaymien ☔︎  friend, please by reqlity
shaymien ☔︎ friend, pleaseby lolleh
❝friend please remove your hands from over your eyes for me. . .❞
Visualize It (Shayne Topp & Damien Haas, boyxboy, Shaymien) by LouisBottomsDontLie
Visualize It (Shayne Topp & Trash
I am in quarantine so after years of not writing anything. I've reached the point of boredom that now I'm here. I can't write well, but I thought this would be fun. Dami...
Pause (Shaymien) by little_topphat
Pause (Shaymien)by Teeny topp
One boy with the ability to stop time. One boy who is able to stay unfrozen during it. What happens when they meet? Thank you so much @shipperson for making the amazing...
Behind A Mask - Shaymien by CatHaastrophe
Behind A Mask - Shaymienby Hoe
To cope with his parents divorce, Damien started recording anonymous YouTube videos to escape from the real world. Now, 3 years, 16 million subscribers and a secret iden...
It's Shayne, With a Y-N-E. [Shaymien] by SecretlyAPhan
It's Shayne, With a Y-N-E. [ Secretly A Phan
It was too easy to mess with Shayne- the small details of life get to him and let me tell you what a laugh that is. Despite the string of complaints, his favorite person...
shaymien (18+) by Shortwhistle123
shaymien (18+)by Shortwhistle123
two friends who loved each other for years explore how much and how far there love is and will go.
Torn Love (Smosh story) by Smoshney_
Torn Love (Smosh story)by Jess✨
Join Courtney, Shayne and Damien as they travel through life dealing with strong feelings towards eachother. What will happen?
Truth or Dare ✨ Shaymien✨ by cookies4lifez23
Truth or Dare ✨ Shaymien✨by Lovely~Kitt3n
I really just wanted to make a Shaymien fanfiction, so here we are! Hope you enjoy my book.
Shaymien's songs | One-shots by givemeshaymien
Shaymien's songs | One-shotsby givemeshaymien
One shots based on a song, don't judge me on my song choices. They will be shaymien oneshots. Thank you for 1,000 reads
Shaymien Text Posts Completed! ✔ by ameliaswain
Shaymien Text Posts Completed! ✔by ameliaswain
Some text posts of Shaymien that I founding Tumblr and a few extra non Shaymien ones The ordering is annoying me, I really appologise I've tried to fix it multiple times...
Smosh One-Shots! by miss_soupy
Smosh One-Shots!by soupy
Um... The title explains it all. Please give me requests! SMUT FREE ZONE probs won't include the og games crew sorry might include the crew though (Spencer, Tommy, Sarah...
Shaymien -✨my heart go WHOOOSH✨ by Wolfwilder13
Shaymien -✨my heart go WHOOOSH✨by wolfwilder_ bebeh
This is a story about shamien / Shayne and Damien from smosh!! They are the sweetest baby's and I've had a sudden urge that will probably go away soon. So I'm writing...