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Mafia dad by gaaradudesaire
Mafia dadby Kloe
Je me rendais à un rendez-vous mais en chemin je tombe sur un petit fille. Je décide de l'adopter et de faire d'elle ma fille.
-Be glad we are still keeping you with us and don't stay here doing nothing. You useless thing. -Where have you been? You slut, you were probably sleeping with all th...
Luna et le monde magique by tashirokogane
Luna et le monde magiqueby Kogane Tayo
Luna is a 16-year-old teenager passionate about fantasy stories and magical worlds. Inspired by her favorite anime series, "Mira The Right Magician," she secre...
The spinning Hero (Bnha x Jojo part 7 stand x Quirk reader) by Sansoboybot
The spinning Hero (Bnha x Jojo WritingIsPainNao
After the death of your best friend Gyro you desided to start à new life but becues you are now in Japan you where homeles for atleast 1 year you found out you had à ver...
9 ᴘᴍ II ᴍɪᴛꜱᴜʏᴀ ᴛᴀᴋᴀꜱʜɪ ꜰꜰ by soggysockk
9 ᴘᴍ II ᴍɪᴛꜱᴜʏᴀ ᴛᴀᴋᴀꜱʜɪ ꜰꜰby Y/N
- "9 PM, it's 9 PM, it's time for you to leave." We shouldn't be this kind of tired at our age, but here we are, what a surprise... - - - A Mitsuya Takashi X...
What am I doing with my life by AnnieMonthannie
What am I doing with my lifeby Ace
Just Some mha stuff idk what I'm doing enjoy anyway
A Stupid Fool by Bloomsparks123241
A Stupid Foolby Bloom Peter
A stupid fool day and so funny and Winx and specialist is living in a big house And there is also a very beautiful garden here or the meetings will be together
NECTAR  by SabrinaOurti
NECTAR by Sabrina Ourti
"The person you had a fight with this morning was die from die en grey !!!" _Die _Momo All rights reserved ©
Kidnapped ( A Harry Styles F.F ) Tradusa by SilvestruCristina
Kidnapped ( A Harry Styles F.F ) Silvestru Cristina
Ce ai face dacă ai văzut ceva ce nu ai vrut să vezi? Ce se întâmplă dacă cinci tipi Super Hot te-au rapit și nu te vor lăsa să pleci? Ce ai face dacă ai afla un secret î...
Spune-mi ce sa scriu by -Sterre
Spune-mi ce sa scriuby G. Anamaria
Voiam sa fac chestia asta de multa vreme, probabil fiindca imi place sa interactionez cu cititorii, in sine, cartea aceasta o sa fie un loc unde o sa va rog sa imi dati...
A notre futur (Tome 2 mauvaise proie) by KuroAoMidori
A notre futur (Tome 2 mauvaise Just_cha21
Retrouver Levy et gajeel et les autres deux ans apres le lycée , beaucoup de choses ont changer mais parfois pas comme on le pense. Voici le Tome2 de mauvaise proie
the oath by SaraLina030
the oathby Sa Ly
"The story of the series of the Covenant of the team selected Mukhtar of the strongest and most courageous in Turkey, was founded to capture the leader of the terro...
des drole de personage by oceanechatmanga
des drole de personageby oceane
lhitoire se passe dans notre monde et il ni a pas de montre il a juste des persone pas comme les autres une fille que tous va bien dans sa vie mais qui veut se faire écr...
Filme de  Crăciun by -_Winter_Girl_-
Filme de Crăciunby -_Winter_Girl_-
Vine perioada aia din an in care trebuie sa fim mai buni, de fapt mare parte este despre filmele acelea de Craciun ...Cele de comedie, drama,cele de dragoste...
Brothers bestfriend 💦 by tellmesumstorys
Brothers bestfriend 💦by tellmesumstorys
Hey, ich bin Kailey. Aber die meisten nennen mich Kail. ( keyli und keyl ausgesprochen). Daher, dass sich meine Eltern getrennt haben ( mein Dad hat mit seiner Chefin g...
Fake Quote Book BTS Ship by ShadowInMyLight
Fake Quote Book BTS Shipby 💅DeLuLuQueen💅
Fake Quote BTS franco/anglais ! ^o^ Juste un endroit de décompression, à lire quand vous n'avez rien à faire ^^ #5 dans la catégorie comedie #2 dans la catégorie comedie
A love of twin sister by Bloomsparks123241
A love of twin sisterby Bloom Peter
Valtor is back to attack iris and bloom . Winx have twin sister musa and Aisha have already from childhood stella got from in red fountain her name was star and tecna an...
Arrête imbécile ![Nalu] by Poupoullion
Arrête imbécile ![Nalu]by Poupoullion
Je m'appelle Lucy , et je suis une otaku , je n'ai aucune amie . Mais un jour le garçon le plus populaire du lycée va m'embrasser pour une raison personnel et depuis ce...
Un jaf reuşit... by Heziar
Un jaf reuş Heziar
Un jaf într-o zi liniştită se va termina bizar pentru banda de spărgători.
My intuition is never wrong. by i1ovehistory
My intuition is never i1ovehistory
Kendall, a young high school student, welcomes a new one to her class. For her, this boy is just nothing but the new one but she will discover that this same boy will ch...